Hawaii Five-0

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 17, 2012 on CBS

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  • Talk about getting feminist and stupid...

    Between superspy, marie-sue mom, a navy inteligence LT that wouldn't normally even carry a weapon (much less know martial arts) and 110-pound Kono beating an ex-Special Forces guy in combat after falling from a 35 mph vehicle...

    This show is getting ridiculously stupid and I loved the first two seasons (god, I miss Lori).

    It is like some bitches complained about having a Navy SEAL with no apparent love interest and made it customary to have a slut as one. Let's not even get into the plots themselves. If I see one more suspect start a foot chase because Five-0 are stupid enough to not change their approaches by making them less obvious...

    In short, get rid of Catherine: she was nothing more than a booty call (that goes bothways) and she adds nothing to the plot. The mom? Useless. I can see a plot in which she and Wo Fat slept together and Steve happens to be the son of Wo Fat as a result of infidelity. It will also explain why the mom let Wo Fat go. Seeing her mom reeks of whore, that might be the case. As I have said, plot recycling is killing this show and this last example is one of them (X-Files, anyone?).

    The kid? I would have gotten a belt and whipped the character good so he would stay still. He was worse than the episode himself. Can we go back to Steve, Danno, Chin and Kono with the occasional Grace, Rachel, Cath, etc? That formula was golden and adding all of these tramp characters is making this show suck.