Hawaii Five-0

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 21, 2011 on CBS

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  • Good episode

    Overall the episode was pretty entertaining, the only flaw is the interrogation scene. McGarrett gets punched in the face hard 2-3 times, yet only a little blood flows from his mouth, no broken nose, no bruised eye, the directors make it SOOO believable. Most fake scene ever
  • Homage to old Vietnam movies, saving the American POW

    Overall, just watching and not thinking about the details, it is entertaining, and at the end, when they are flying out, it was great with the music in the background. In actuality, Korea is not Vietnam. It's not the 1970's. Seoul is a modern metropolis. Samsung and LG are very high tech. People in the bar should be surfing on the Internet with their Galaxy Nexus Android phones. iPhones are not popular in Korea.

    The Korean DMZ is the most militarized zone in the world. It's heavy fenced off on both sides with guard posts everywhere. Technically, the North and South are still at war. You can't drive a truck or helicopter through it undeteced like its the Mexican border. They could have written the story taking place in Vietnam, but the US and Vietnam are friends now.

    It's too bad that the Lost Korean and Cylon Korean did not speak a word of Korean in the episode. Maybe the actors were technical advisors to Alex O'Loughlin when he spoke a few lines in Korean.

    Oh, the kidnapping could have taken place in Hawaii. Getting a team member to betray him and tricking him to go to North Korea is a complex plan for a simple problem. Just point a gun at him and say come with me, ok, he's kidnapped.

    The bridge is blown up by the helicopter above us, let's turn back. Hey, a burning car on the road, looks like a trap, let's keep driving until we reach it instead of stopping.

    Well, at the end, when they are flying out, it was great with the music in the background.

  • Love the show, love the pretty locals and beautiful people. Try to suspend disbelief and am usually successful on most episodes....


    ...But come on! This was one of those episodes that was so stupid and over the top that very shortly into the episode I was unable to see it as anything more than a cartoon.

    I'm watching the scene where Woefat beats the crap out of Steve and I'm marveling at how many hit's he's taken to the face and yet not one tooth broken loose and I can't get over how perfecty white each one is. Then after all this beating he locks and loads in the the helicopter: We know Steve's a superman but come on!

    And what's with the stunt casting of Jimmy Buffet as Vietnam vet, helicopter pilot: Isn't he in the wrong country?

    And what do any of the cops know about fighting in jungle combat?

    I could go on....

    If they keep this up I'm going to have to start calling the show Mc - Hawaii-Five-O -giver. When will Danno get his talking car. Jack Lord would turn over in his grave after this episode!

  • Jenna asks for McGarrett's help in recovering her kidnapped fiancee in North Korea. Meanwhile Five-0 investigates the murder of a journalist that may in some way be connected to the kidnapping. McGarrett risks his life to help, but things soon go awry.


    "Ki'ilua" is for all intents and purposes a by the numbers formulaic action thriller. However I am giving the episode a high score because you just can't deny the fact that the episode was very entertaining. The cast does a very good job here. Though I must point out that there are some problems with the dialogue. Jenna's plea for McGarrett's help seemed way too contrived to be believed. I found it hard to believe that a Navy SEAL would fall for such a contrived cornball speech so easily. Also it was painfully obvious that Wo Fat would escape uninjured. Please. What helps make this episode worth your while is the terrific rescue scene and the final scene of everybody on the helicopter celebrating McGarrett's successful rescue. "Ki'ilua" misses the bullseye, but it hits the target.

  • One of the best episodes ever after the pilot !!


    O.MG. !!!! My Heart was beating so fast when steve wa being tortured !! I felt even somthin' in my stomach !! And then the last scene !! I felt so happy for them they were Jockin' and laughing !! I just couldn't stop myself from smilin' seriously !! Don't care if Wo Fat escaped , If he killed Jenna !! All I care about is that steve was fine and was goin home !!!

    Anyway I looooooooooooooved it !! And anyone who didn't is either not a fan of the show or just dump or maybe I'm overreacting ! But seriousy !! Seriously !!!

  • come on, release the episode 11!


    episode 10; one of the best episode. they team up to rescue "steve". glad "jenna" finally "die" because she's a "traitor"! can't wait to watch episode 11 although that there is no release date set yet. "wo fat" supposed to be captured in this episode but of course he need to live so that the "thriller" become more fun!

  • Loved the show


    1st - Why can't they come up with shows with NEW names instead of using an old favorite????????????????????????????? - Can't the writer's come up with something.

    Well, despite the lack of imagination on titles - and this is the first time I've watched this show. - Was really good. Kind of unbelievable to get to N. K. so quickly but it is TV.

    Was interesting & well done.

    BUT nothing like the ORIGINAL HAWAII FIVE-O. so why give it this name??????????? - is an entirely different show just based in Hawaii.

  • Racist episode...again!


    I'm amazed at the lack of knowledge of the director of this show when setting up a scene that is supposed to take place in Seoul. A lot of Korean was spoken in this episode and I am sure that each person there scoffed at the setting of the Korean bar that is supposed to be in Seoul. I know the show is shot in Hawaii, but putting up a Korean flag at a local establishment is just insulting. It's fall already and somehow North Korea looks like a tropical jungle and South Korea looks like a dirty mess.

    Right now, it's cold in North Korea and Seoul bars are a lot cleaner. Even the bars in Itaewon, where all the expats tend to be are cleaner than the one in this episode. If they're going to be this ignorant, they might as well just have everyone speak English and just make up a fake country's name. All they are doing is keeping Americans ignorant about places they have never been to.

    I also doubt that they would make the same bar setting if they set the scene in New York or Tokyo. Both of which have a similar urban environment to Seoul.

  • is it sign language or what


    I like the show but a do get irritated with the way Scott Caan or should i say Caan,t ,Say a single line without waving his bloody hands about.He seems to have taken a bit from his Dads acting and turned it into a comedy act .Some one tie his arms down and i bet he can,t speak..

  • AWESOME EPISODE! and Great cast.....but I was ready to jump through the screen and kick WoFat back to the Food Network


    This episode was so good....but very hard to watch Steve in that situation...Even though I knew he was gonna make it out, it was still hard to watch him being tortured....Loved the look on his face when Danny was there to rescue him


    bye bye Alex Mac....you wont be missed