Hawaii Five-0

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 25, 2010 on CBS

Episode Recap

At the Pipeline, the Coral Prince Surfing Championship on Ehukai Beach in Oahu is in full swing. The announcer announces Kono is up next, in the water on a surfboard next to an elderly gentlemen. He tells Kono he's missed this, being out here with the people who mean the most to him. Kono tells him the fans couldn't agree more as lots of beachgoers cheer on land. The man, Ian Adams, says to Kono, "Let's give em a show". Kono cheers as Ian surfs through waves when suddenly he falls facedown into the water. Everyone is shocked as Kono paddles over to him where he is laying facedown. Two lifeguards come out and bring him to land. Once Kono reaches land, she runs over to Ian, where a lifeguard says he's been shot and is dead.

Kono sadly watches as they zip up Ian's body bag. Steve is telling another officer he wants the entire beach on lockdown, nobody leaves until they give the order. The officer nods and walks off. Danny remarks that there are a lot of people, you'd think it was the Superbowl. Steve says in Hawaii, this is their Superbowl. Danny says Grace keeps asking for surfing lessons and he keeps telling her no. Steve asks if he has something against surfing, and Danny says he has something against sharks, skin cancer and his daughter in a bikini. Chin comes along and tells them Ian is, or was a CEO of Coral Prince, the biggest surf brand in the world. While riding a wave, he took a shot to the chest. So far, no one has heard or seen where the shot came from. Danny points out since it is a nationally televised event wouldn't there be cameras on it. Chin says all the cameras are pointed to the water for the competition. They interview the other surfers in case Ian wasn't the target and to find out what they may have seen or heard. Steve asks Chin if he caught the surf report this morning and Chin says it was 5 to 8 swells from the west. Based on this information, Steve determines that would put the peak about fifty yards out, with a moving target, stating it was no lucky shot. Danny asks if he thinks it was a trained sharpshooter and Steve says it could be, but Ian was definitely the mark. Chin says this will be hard on Kono because Ian signed her to a contract when she was 15 and he was like a second father to her. She was riding for that same team when she blew out her knee. Chin continues after that instead of dumping her, Ian covered everything, surgery, rehab, all of it. Even though he knew she would never compete again. Kono joins them and Steve asks if she's okay. She says she wants to go Coral Prince's house and get statements. Danny tells her they can do that but Kono insists and walks away. Danny laments he hates it when rich people get killed, because they got something everybody wants. Steve states, "money", and Chin adds that it means plenty of suspects.

At the Coral Prince Surfing headquarters, Danny is beating sand out of his shoes. Chin advises him to wear flip flops and Danny says he's gonna pretend he didn't hear him. Steve says they should try and figure out who's in charge and Chin goes off. Danny looks around at the all the sad surfers and asks Steve if they all live there. Steve tells him the Coral Prince surfers and their coaches live here from October to January. Danny doesn't understand why in surfing you'd need a coach. A surfer passes and starts talking to Danny who can't understand him. Steve tells him he caught it on land and "Danno doesn't surf". The surfer mutters something and walks away. Danny dares Steve to tell him what the surfer just said.

Downstairs, Chin meets Linda Leone, Ian's executive assistant. Chin asks for a schedule, phone log, emails, and financial transactions from the last week. Linda says she can get it and Chin asks if there was anything out of the ordinary, like stalkers or threats, but Linda says there was nothing like that, all Ian had talked about was this event and getting back on his board.

Kono asks Carlton Bass if Ian seemed nervous about today and he tells her Ian was happier than he'd been in a long time. He tells Kono it meant a lot to Ian that she came out today, because he wanted the entire Coral Prince team there. Kono looks at a wall, where there is a poster with her name on it next to one with the name Ben on it. She asks why Ben wasn't there and Carlton tells her she'd have to ask him that as Ben, his son no longer talks to him. He tried to talk to him last year at Ben's mother's funeral but Ben wanted nothing to do with him. He thinks Ian tried to reach out to Ben too, but nothing ever came of it. He then asks Kono when the last time she saw Ben was and she says years ago. Steve & Danny join them and Kono introduces Carlton and Ian stating they grew up surfing together. Carlton tells them he had a real estate company while Ian had this but they never thought their businesses would take off. Danny asks why a real estate company would be at a surfing competition, and Kono tells them Carlton owns about thirty malls that have Coral Prince stores. Carlton says it was a good partnership when a man named Randall comes and tells him the press would like a statement. Carlton starts to go with him, but Steve stops him to ask why someone would want to kill Ian. Carlton says he marketed the Northshore surfing lifestyle to the masses. He continued by stating it profited wildly, but a lot of people resented that. Kono says only one pulled the trigger.

At headquarters, Chin pauses a video of Ian surfing on a monitor and says it is a view from the beach, the angle the spectators were watching. Ian falls back and to the left, Steve states that there is no way that the shot could have come from the beach, the bullet came from above. Danny suggests it could have come from one of the houses. Kono comes in and tells them the angle of entry was about thirty degrees. Steve tells Kono she can sit this one out and take the day, but Kono states that she is fine. Chin also tells her to take the day but Kono says she can't. Chin says, "Part of doing this job is knowing when you're not the one to do the job." Kono silently walks away and Chin says she is good. On the monitor, Chin says the bullet trajectory would be from the Pupukea ridge line by houses. Chin says there are no roads going in or out of there. Steve tells him they don't need roads. Steve and Chin ride motorcycles through the Pupukea North Shore grassy mountains, looking for the area the shot came from.

Back at headquarters, Danny finds Kono in an office looking at a necklace. He asks what she is doing there and says he doesn't want see Steve's "constipated look", describing the look he gets when they don't do what he tells them to do. Kono smiles for a moment. Danny tells her she can't blame herself and she says she felt helpless. Danny says cops are supposed to come in and save the day but sometimes they can't. Kono asks if he ever had someone that made him look at everything in a whole new way. He says it was Mrs. Slojak, his sixth grade history teacher, who until he had her, he thought the cold war took place in Alaska. Kono says that's what Ian was to her and that surfing was more than a sport, it was literally everything to him. He passed it on to his surfers and it made them better people. She needs to pay him back for that, but can't do it sitting there. Danny states he understands.

On the ridge, Steve and Chin are looking at the beach and realize that making the shot took skill. Chin says guys who grew up there hunting could make that shot and Steve says with the military personnel on the island, their suspect pool is only a couple thousand. Steve says the bullet's trajectory puts the shooter somewhere along this ridge line. The two set off to see if he left anything behind.

In Waimea Bay, a blonde man is taking water and putting it into a vial. Kono comes up and asks if he has seen Ben Bass. Upon turning around, she realizes that he is Ben Bass and they hug. She asks where his hair is and he asks where her retainer is. He works for Ocean Protector now. He asks Kono how she has been and she tells him she's a cop. He asks if she is there as a cop, she tells him yes, but also as a friend. She wants to talk to him about Ian. Ben says he's sorry, and Kono asks if he knew anybody who would've wanted to hurt Ian. Ben says he and Ian were close a long time ago, before the money. They didn't have much in common once Ian became like Ben's father. Kono says he sounds pretty angry with him and Ben clarifies he was disappointed. Kono asks if a lot of people were disappointed and Ben says there were, but doesn't know if that got him killed. He continues by stating that he couldn't stand to be around him anymore. Kono asks if that's why he wasn't at the Coral Prince House today and Ben says it's not his scene anymore. Ben states that his dad was there, so when he heard Ian died, he wanted to remember him in his own way, which is why he came out here.

Back on the ridge, Steve says whoever killed Ian came prepared, as he's found indentations for the shooter's body marks on the grass, powder burns from the muzzle flash and the 7 mil. shell. Chin tells Steve there is something he should see. He brings him to a spot that's a hunting ground for wild boar. Steve looks at bloody patch in the grass and says someone bled one out recently. Chin says whoever it was tagged his turf and shows Steve a carving of a little man on a tree. Steve states that it is a Kapu hunting area.

Back at headquarters, Danny asks who the Kapu are and Chin explains their part lifeguard and part unofficial security forces on the North Shore, kind of protecting the island. Danny asks who they are protecting the island from and after seeing Steve's face guesses it's protection from the Hoalies. Steve explains they look after the North Shore and the Hawaiian way of life. Danny doesn't get what that means, asking if they give tickets for surfing too fast? Adding they sound like Hawaiian boy scouts and Steve amends that there are the ones who beat you to a pulp if you disrespect their land. Chin pulls up every member of the group on the monitor. He explains that in the 70's & 80's they sold drugs, but once surfing went legit, they helped companies like Coral Prince get established in the North Shore. Danny tells him to narrow it down to guys with criminal records and ties to Ian. Two names fit the bill, Levi Parker and Diego Stone. They have multiple weapons charges, a breaking & entry and just got out of Halawa Correctional Facility on assault charges. Chin says Ian was their prosecution's main witness.

As they come up on a restaurant, Danny asks Steve what they are doing there. Steve tells him he'll shoot him if he asks one more time, which Danny stops and states he won't budge until Steve explains it. Steve relents that he has and Danny points out makes how this is a ridiculous detour. Steve says it's not a detour it's a "strategic op." Danny tells he is impressed he said that with a straight face. Danny continues saying Levi and Diego are the problem, yet they are going to a Tropics Bar at the Hawaiian Hilton to talk to the president of a surf club. Steve tells him on the island, there's an easy way to do things and a hard way. Talking to Kapu before going after Levi and Diego would be the easy way. Danny retorts, so what would be throwing a guy into a shark tank and hanging another off a roof? Steve thinks about it and comes up with those guys were from out of town. Danny tells him he's a sick person which Steve takes in the best possible way, while Danny corrects him stating it is not a complement.

In the Tropics Bar, the president tells them that half of the club was employed by Coral Prince. A waitress brings him a fruity blue drink and Danny asks what it is. The guy tells him it's called a Blue Hawaii. He asks if he has a problem with it, which Danny doesn't and Steve orders two more. Steve tells the guy, Ka Wika, they need his help. The shooter that killed Ian was on his turf. He shows them Levi and Diego's pictures. Ka Wika says they are no longer in the Kapu because they became too violent and never let it go. He knows where they are but won't tell them. They are getting anywhere with him so Steve tells him that both of his parents are buried there and his grandfather died at Pearl Harbor defending the island. He tells him that he wants his help, but he can catch Levi and Diego themselves and come back later and arrest him for obstruction of justice. Both Ka Wika and Steve get to their feet as other people in the restaurant turn to see what's going on. Steve tells Ka Wika he came there out of respect. Ka Wika clarified Steve's grandfather died at Pearl Harbor and tells him to consider this a favor for him. He gives him his word he will bring him Levi and Diego and they shake hands. Their drinks come and Ka Wika tells Danny to pay.

In Tent City in Kawela Bay, Kono asks Ben when the last time he talked to Ian was. He says a couple nights ago he stopped by and said he wanted them to be friends again, that he'd changed. Kono asks what Ben said, and he says he told him to put his money where his mouth was. Two little boys run by, chanting "Ben's got a girlfriend!" Kono asks Ben if he lives here, on the beach and Ben says he has lived here for a year now. Kono says she's gone by this place so many times and never stopped, and Ben says most people speed past. They think they are a bunch of homeless meth addicts, which couldn't be further from the truth. A little girl runs up to Ben and says she made him a bracelet. Ben thanks the girl, Kaila, but suggests she give it to Kono. Kyla obliges and puts the bracelet on Kono's wrist. Kyla tells Kono she has pretty hair and runs off. Ben tells her Kyla's mom owns a clothing store in Waikiki and points out another guy who works at the bank of Hawaii. He tells her most of the people have jobs and cars and families and it cost millions of dollars to have a house, so instead of living off the land of their ancestors, they live this way. Kono asks who owns the land and Ben says the neighbors are trying to get rid of them. He says there have been some threats and damage and points a tarp with "get out" spray painted on it. Kono asks what they can do. Ben says, "We? I like that".

At the meeting place, Danny notes that his tongue matches his blue shirt. Steve tells him he didn't have to drink it. Danny says he is not familiar with the rules of "strategic ops" and drinking a 24 ounce cocktail was standard operating procedure. Steve says it worked, as Ka Wika said he'd get them Levi and Diego. Danny says he's standing there while two murder suspects could be flying back to the mainland. Steve tells him to trust him and Danny points out they were supposed to be there an hour ago. Steve says it is island time and nods as a blue van enters the parking lot. A guy opens the door, throws Levi and Diego out, and they drive away. Steve tells them they found out they hang out on the ridge and there's a clear view of the pipeline from there. Levi says it wasn't them as they wouldn't get away with it. They explain that Ian was protected by the Kapu. He says during the competition, they were with their parole officer. Danny sets out to call him and says if their parole officer doesn't vouch for them, they'll become a lot less friendly and then amends Steve will, as he's always cordial. Diego tells Steve they never do nothing as Danny talks to the parole officer on the phone. After he hangs up, Danny says their story checks out. Steve tells them they can go and they get up and walk away. Steve says they're back to square one with no leads.

As a little boy strums "Hey Soul Sister" on a ukulele in the background, as Kono tells Ben he's comes a long way since his Coral Prince swag. Ben says the only thing he misses from that time is his mom. Kono says she's sorry and she wanted to come to the service, but heard it was family only. Ben says that was his dad's idea and Kono asks what happened between them. Ben says they were on a boat trip, surfing Bali as Coral Prince had a factory down there. One day he went down there and found it was built on wetlands and poured pollution into the water. His dad told him that was the cost of doing big business. He tells Kono Ian was the same way, that he and Ben's dad were gonna rule the world together. After being in Bali for a year, he got a call that his mom was sick and he came back. Kono notes he stayed. Ben looks around and says this place is his home now. He tells Kono he wants to show her something and takes her hand and leads her into his tent. He shows her a picture of the two of them and she says it was taken the day he won the championship. Ben says everything changed after Kono blew out her knee. But life was good at that moment in the picture. Kono says he got all the girls back then, and Ben says except for the one he really wanted. They look at each other for a moment, and then start to kiss. They kiss until they hear screaming outside the tent. They run outside and two people riding around on motorcycles, destroying the tented community by throwing flamed sticks at things and causing chaos. Kono runs and saves Kaila from being hit by a motorcycle, then kicks on the riders in the head and he falls off. Kono leaps at him, but he flips her off and runs away. Kono runs and hugs Kyla as Ben comes out with a rifle and the troublemakers ride away.

At headquarters, Steve and Danny ask Kono if she's okay. She is and has a partial license plate number off one of the bikes. Steve says he's going to have an HPD squad on that beach until they find who attacked him. Kono asks what the point of burning a place like that down is. Steve tells her it's all the land as Chin comes in and says there has been some heavy lobbying to make that land private for commercial use. One company, Short Fin International, had money in escrow and was owned by Ian. Danny asks what if Ben found out Ian was trying to buy the land he's trying to protect. Kono tells them Ben has a rifle but says it couldn't be him. Danny says he has motive and means and is a person of interest. Steve states that they need to talk to him, but Kono insists telling Ben that they need to talk, as Chin looks deeper into the land deal.

Chin goes to see Linda, Ian's assistant and asks why she didn't tell him his company was trying to buy land where the beach village is located. She tells him that she didn't know about it; Ian kept things private. She shows Chin Ian's expenditures for the last six months, including land projects, donations and payroll. Chin looks at her list and asks who the Gillis Brothers are. Linda states she doesn't know, even though Ian paid them twice in the two weeks before he died. Chin discovers that it is a law firm and that Ian was changing his will. He calls Kono and tells him Ian changed his will before he died to make Ben his beneficiary and he inherits everything. Kono hangs up with Chin just as Ben walks into her office. He states that he doesn't know why he's there and Kono asks if he knows that Ian's will was recently changed to make him the primary beneficiary. He states he didn't know that or that Ian was trying to purchase the land which the beach village is located. Ben continues stating that Ian came around the village the last few weeks saying he was a changed man. Kono starts asking him questions and Ben realizes she thinks he's a suspect. Kono says no one can confirm his alibi and he reminds her she saw him at the beach. He tells her most guys on the island have hunting lessons, as they hunt. Kono tells Ben she needs his rifle. He sighs and asks if he needs a lawyer. Kono says yes.

Steve enters the office and Danny informs him that Ben is being held by HPD and will walk in 48 hours unless they find something. Kono says the test from his rifle was inconclusive and Steve says Ben has no alibi. Kono points out it doesn't he mean he did it and Steve says it doesn't mean he didn't either. Chin comes in, having traced the partial license plate on the motorcycle to Katong Jeep and Bike Rentals. Chin continues stating that Levi and Diego work there and Steve says it's a little coincidental that they are trying to destroy the land Ian was trying to buy. Danny says, "It warrants another conversation at the very least".

When Levi sees Steve and Danny pull up, he alerts Diego and the two grab a jeep and drive away. Steve drives after them, passing a sign that reads "Go slow, enjoy the ride." They speed after the jeep on a path and Steve tells Danny he knows these roads. Danny adamantly states that this is not a road, roads have asphalt; this is dirt on a cliff and it's a long way down. Steve asks if he's scared and Danny says he's "rationally concerned." The jeep makes a sharp turn and Steve veers their car to cut them off. They end up right behind them until they speed up and pull in front of them as Danny sits up in the car window, pointing his gun at them.

Levi is handcuffed to the jeep along with Diego and states that they didn't do nothing. Danny asks what happened to his eye and Levi says his girlfriend got a little rough last night. Steve states that it was their partner and he was lucky to get out of the beach village with just that. Diego says they can't do nothing noting that they are not scared of them. Danny tells them that's hurtful as another car pulls up. Levi asks who it is, and Steve says it's someone they are scared of. Ka Wika gets out and orders them to tell the cops everything they want to know. Danny asks who paid them to burn the village, and Levi says it was a man named Randall Barrett, the guy who drives Carlton Bass around. Steve asks how they met him, and he says they met him a rifle range. Levi tells them they took Randall to the Pupukea ridge as he wanted a clear shot of the pipeline.

In their car, Steve calls Chin and says they're going to box Randall in from the west. Randall is cornered by Steve and Chin who get out with guns drawn. As Steve puts handcuffs on Randall, Danny finds the murder weapon, a gun in the trunk. Randall tells them it's not that black and white.

Carlton Bass enters the Coral Prince house and asks Ben why he called him. Ben doesn't answer and Carlton calls him, son. Ben turns to him, livid and says "Don't you ever call me that again" and walks away. Carlton calls after him as Kono enters. She tells Carlton that Ben knows he had Ian killed. Carlton says that's insane as Steve comes in and arrests him for the contract murder of Ian Adams. Danny and Chin come in as Carlton scoffs at the proposition. Danny tells him they have Randall, Levi and Diego, as Chin adds he hired them to torch the village and was setting them up knowing they had a beef with Ian. Danny notes that he probably won't walk away, but Carlton sees it as his word against his driver and two ex-cons. But there's something else. Steve pulls out Ian's will and reads that he left everything to "my only living relative, my son, Bennett Bass." Steve asks when Carlton found out Ian was Ben's father and Kono adds Ben told her Ian had been coming around, trying to get back into his life. Kono asks if Ben's mom confessed to Carlton and Ian. Steve says Carlton had a plan to build a resort on the beach village land, but Ian got there first. Ian was going to give the land to Ben. Carlton had him killed before he could finalize the deal. Kono puts handcuffs on Carlton and Steve tells her to book him. As Kono leads Carlton away, Danny mutters "thank you" and Steve tells him he heard that. Steve tells him when he says "Book em, Danno" it is a term of endearment. Danny tells him that it is okay and in that way he likes it.

A large crowd of surfers are paddling out into the water, among them Ben and Kono. Kono tells Ben she should've known better than to suspect him. Ben says she was only doing her job. He says he forgives her in Hawaiian and she says it means a lot and thanks him. She tells Ben it's now up to him to manage the team and run Coral Prince. She tells him he can do it the way he always wanted to and that's what Ian wanted. Ben says Ian should be there. Kono says he loved Ben and "he's home now and that's all that matters".

The surfers all sit in a circle as one surfer gives a eulogy in Hawaiian. The surfers join hands and Ben releases Ian's ashes into the water. He and Kono feel the ashes and the water between their fingers and then rejoin hands.