Hawaii Five-0

Season 3 Episode 1

La O Na Makuahine

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 2012 on CBS

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  • Wo Fat had an amazing plastic surgery!

    In Season 3 episode 1, McGarrett goes to see Wo Fat in prison, and we find a Wo Fat who must have suffered horrendous burns on his face, which is completely scarred on the left side. McGarrett then kills some attackers who come to try to kill Wo Fat, who is subsequently transferred to a transport airplane to be taken to the mainland. When McGarrett goes to see him on the plane, Wo Fat's face is perfectly whole, not a scar in sight! I don't think I've ever seen such a bad continuity slip-up before !
  • The third season begins with Five-0 struggling with personal matters as they attempt to hunt down Wo-Fat and Frank Dellano.

    I did enjoy "La O Na Makuahine". However I did have a few problems with the episode. First, how many more times can Wo-Fat escape every predicament he is in unharmed? It's getting to the point of absurdity. Though the method of escape from the police convoy was clever I will admit, it's starting to get old. Also, the climactic shootout on a highway was a problem for me. It was certainly thrilling, but the fact that there were no civilian casualties made the scene a little too implausible. However there are some positive points of the episode as well. Though it's nothing personal, I like that fact that Chin Ho's wife died. It helped make the episode more realistic. Speaking of which I like that for a brief moment Chin Ho became, as Dellano out it, "a dirty cop". I probably would have done the same. Plus, I like the fact that Dellano is gone for good. Now the show can move on. As far as the story concerning McGarrett's mother goes, I am interested to see how it turns out so it's safe to say the episdoe served its purpose.
  • thrilling

    I loved this episode. It was action filled, lots of stuff blowind up^^ but interesting twists too.

    Though the shooting in the middle of the street with so many people around felt a bit too much.

    I also agree that the attack of the convoy was predictible but I give them credit for the creativity.

    I also like how they portrayed Steve and his mother' relationship.

    This episode was very emotional on Chin's part and I'm glad they didn't go with a plot where he could magically save everyone and that's over.

    Adam and Kono look great together and it was a good idea to have him save her.

    As for the confrontation between Delano and Chin, this is the only way it could have ended I beliieve, but I think we'll see more about it in future episodes, especially after Delano's last sentence.

    It's always nice to see Catherine but I'd like the writers to develop her relationship with Steve a bit more, though she get's to "meet the mom" in that episode^^

    Finally, the confrontation between Wo Fat and Steve's mom was weird to say the least. So the guy gets into so much troubles to find her and kill her then when he is in front of her he doesn't do anything. And on top of that it seems that Doris didn't do anything either. That go me thinking: why would she not kill or at least try to shout a guy who wants to kill her? so here is my theory, what if she's his mother? ok long shot but she said that everything with Wo Fat's father happened way before she got with Steve's father. So are we gonna discover that Steve is Wo Fat's half-brother? that could be interesting^^

    Anyway, that's a great start for the season :)
  • Worth the wait

    It was a very intense episode filled with some pretty dramatic moments. We had some light hearted moments to balance the drama, but overall it was a fast-paced episode packed with action. It was well worth the wait and the anticipation for the new season.

    I felt so sorry for poor Chin and that scene when he comes home to his empty house and sees the dinner Malia prepared for him still in the oven - nearly made me cry. Also, we had a intriguing scene at the end after Mama McGarrett left - keeps the mystery still open and I hope we get some more information over the season. All in all a very enjoyable episode and one of the reasons why Hawaii Five-0 is one of my favorite shows.
  • another typical hijack

    when "wo fat" being transferred and loaded inside armored truck, i know the convoy will be hijack. it is typical in every armored convoy scene.
  • OMG Season 3 opener

    OMG!!! This season's opener is incredible! I think Alex did an amazing job at the start interacting with his Mum. It was a good touch and showed the mistrust when he didn't call her 'Mum'. I was so shocked at the end, did not expect her to leave so soon! I'm trying to figure out how they will bring her back in. Also love how she tells Danno off in the car lol! That made me giggle haha

    All in all an awesome episode!!!!
  • Her name was Doris...

    Well, it's September and the season premiere is out. Question is, was this episode worth the anticipation? Answer: Yes. But just because it's a good episode, that doesn't make it a happy one.

    The writers slammed a lot of doors shut in this one. One of the most painful of those happens to Chin, though that's not entirely unexpected. His two most precious family memebrs in trouble, both on the brink of death...it wasn't hard to see this coming.Those who expected Kono to have a soured relationship with Chin due to the choice he made (like me) were proven wrong, which is lie putting a band-aid on a bloody stump.

    Putting Kamekona in the smack dab middle of this episode was a great thing; it was getting a bit too tense, too dreary, and frankly, a little predictable. There's always a reason for him to show up, though personally I hope they start to mix things up with him. There has to be a better way to use a character that shows up in 90% of the episodes, other than...y'know, shrimp. Though shrimp is tasty.

    The second half of the episode kept blaring; gunfire, panicking citizens, dying bad guys. The shootout scene was the only one I had trouble getting through. A shootout in the middle of a crowded traffic jam? The only thing that saved this from an historic facepalm was the fact the bad guys began shooting first. And I'll agree with it because I'm not able to think of another way they could have apprehended Delano's gang.

    And the twist at the end; of course we weren't expecting something horrible to happen to Shelburne. She just got here. You don't cut a plot where it gets the thickest and juiciest. You need to keep some mystery alive, and it was delivered in the last 2 minutes of the episode. Shelburne herself was portrayed wonderfully, especially during the scene in the car, where she verbally outmatched Danny's normally unmatchable wit. It spoke volumes about how much effort went into the preparation for her introduction.

    In short, the only thing that could have made this bittersweet premiere better would have been a bigger twist. We've been given a spoonful to sate a hunger that fans must now endure until next week, when we were expecting a feast. Now the Wo Fat storyline will fade out for a while while we're given some oneshot episodes to gnaw on, and we're all wondering just how long that storyline will last before it spoils in the fridge.