Hawaii Five-0

Season 3 Episode 3

Lana I Ka Moana

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2012 on CBS

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  • Who's doing the military advising?

    This show had a CG Captain commanding a small CG vessel. A CG Captain is equivalent to a Full Colonel in the army and is one rank below an Admiral. No way would that vessel be commanded by an officer the rank of a Captain, a Lieutenant or a Lieutenant Commander is more likely. I am tired of all the errors this program has went it comes to portraying the military. Where's the attention to detail?
  • Most annoying episode ever

    Danny was an annoying little piece of *** the whole episode. I actually stopped it and didn't watch till the end the first time I tried. Second time i opened it, I just forwarded through all the parts he was being a whiny little girl. The premise of the episode was good but Danny and some unrealistic scenes made this episode really stand out as one of the worst.
  • Danny reluctantly joins McGarrett on a fishing trip for a nice quiet day. Things soon take a turn for the worse. Who would have thought?

    When I saw the trailer for this episode I thought the writers of this episode were just going to give us a ripoff of the film "Open Water". Fortunately I was wrong. I'm glad the whole stranded st sea thing was resolved quickly. As for the rest of the episode, I found myself liking it quite a bit. Once things moved back to the main land the episode got into its stride. I like where the story eventually ended up. The twists in the story were plausible and made the episode worth seeing. Hopefully the people behind the show will keep up the good work for the laong haul.
  • Steve and Danny on a boat...

    Steve and Danny on a boat - that was a classic and hilarious opener. Love their banter and bickering and their sometimes awkward attempts at serious conversation. And then of course their boat gets stolen and they are stranded at sea with sharks surrounding them - the situation they get themselves in are ridiculous yet highly entertaining :).

    I liked the glimpses into Danny's childhood and the reason why he doesn't like the ocean as well as the famous McDanno bantering. Plus Kono is such a badass, liked her kickboxing and cuffing that guy to the railing.

    It was a fantastic and entertaining episode, let's hope there are more like this to come!