Hawaii Five-0

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 11, 2010 on CBS

Episode Recap

At the Hawaii Correctional Facility in Oahu, the prisoners are cheering as one of them is dragging a guard by gunpoint through the place. He demands the door be opened shooting the man who opened it and drags the guard through. In another room, the prisoner is rummaging through files while standing on the guard who begs him not to do this, as he has three kids. But the prisoner knows the guard he shot tripped the silent alarm and the place is surrounded. The guard asks him how he plans to get out and he responds, 'Out the front door".

Outside, police cars have surrounded the prison. A man on a bullhorn tells him to come out with his hands up. A man in a prison jumpsuit walks out of the doors holding a gun. He is ordered to drop the weapon or be shot. After several warnings, the police fire their weapons, killing the man. As they approach the suspect, they find the gun is taped to his hands and his mouth has been glued shut. The prisoner has escaped wearing a guard's uniform.

At the Honolulu National Airport, Steve is waiting by the luggage carousel. He is looking around at all the people for someone. As time goes by there are less and less people at the carousel until he is the only one there. He sees one last suitcase come around as an officer comes up to him. Steve asks the officer if it is about his sister. The officer tells him that his sister disabled the smoke alarm on the plane's bathroom, so they arrested her, as it is a federal offense. Steve follows the officer into an interrogation room where another officer is with a blonde woman, Mary. Steve says she can be released into his custody and they tell him that they will check with their supervisor. The two officers leave. She apologizes for messing up and Steve says he missed her at their father's funeral. Mary reminds Steve that they have not seen each other since their mother's funeral. She wants to know why they can't just have picnics like "normal" families do.

At the Hawaii Medical Center, Danny is looking at the results of his knee x-ray. He tells the doctor he originally hurt it playing high school baseball but more recently the injury has been aggravated by his new partner. The doctor is more interested in a physical injury and Danny explains that his partner is like a physical injury. He tells the doctor that ten minutes after meeting his partner, he was shot and blasted through a window. He continues stating, "A few hours after that he drove a car onto the deck of a Chinese freighter. And, yes, I was in it". The doctor says he should get a new partner, but Danny states that is not an option. Danny has a slight tear on the ACL, so he'll need to stay off his knee for a couple of weeks and take anti-inflammatory. Danny gets a call from Steve telling him to meet him at a crime scene.

Steve arrives at the prison with his sister and he orders her to stay. Mary responds that she's not a dog and promptly starts to bark. Danny walks up to Steve, who asks about his cane. Danny explains that it is all his fault. Steve states, 'Well, once your done bitchin' about you boo-boo, I'd love to know what happened here". Danny tells him that a prisoner broke out and three of the guards were killed. Danny notices the woman in the car and asks if that is his sister. Steve tells him yes and Danny says if she were a dog, he could get a ticket for leaving her in the car by herself. Steve tells him to focus but Danny asks Steve about his "aneurysm face". Steve denies that he has this kind of face only Danny insists that he does and it is from his sister. Steve tells Danny that he will pay him to stop talking. Steve then flags down an officer and tells him to take his sister back to his office. Chin and Kono join them with some info about the prisoner. Chin states that the prisoner's name is Walton Dawkins and he was originally from the main lands. He served ten years in Cleveland for multiple home invasions, as he likes to hit up families with money. He violated his parole by coming to Hawaii six years ago. Kono adds that he killed a young couple during one of his burglaries. She also reports that up until now he had been a model prisoner. They question why he decided to escape now.

They pull up the surveillance video of the incident, a prisoner collapses and Dawkins calls for help. Danny reports that the prisoner was complaining about shortness of breath and chest pain, which are signs of a cardiac arrest. Steve points out that he's pretty young for cardiac arrest, but Chin and Kono suggests he was poisoned since they found nutmeg in he cell, which a component that can be extracted from it has psychoactive tendencies and works like a drug. Danny says Dawkins used the distraction to get the guard's gun and shoots him. In the video, Dawkins elbows down the guard and starts shooting, leaving in a uniform. Kono states that they have video from the parking area, showing Dawkins stole a car. One of the prison's maintenance man's car is missing and Steve tells them to put out an APB. Steve runs the video back, pausing it on the guard bending down to help the poisoned guy and sees Dawkins reaching for his holster. Danny states that the guard's safety strap is unfastened and points out that guns are for towers, gates & transports only. Danny is sure that the guard's in on it and wonder what was worth putting an armed and dangerous fugitive back on the street.

In the locker room, Steve and Danny find the guard from the video. Steve tosses him orange prison scrubs and tells him to put them on. The guard plays dumb and Steve tells him that he will drop him into general population. The guard admits Dawkins offered him fifty grand to help him escape. Danny is surprised he believed him, but the guard says he arranged for ten thousand to be wired into his account. He stated that Dawkins told him it was everything he had and he'd get the rest when after the escape. Steve asks where the rest of it was coming from, but all the guard knows was that in order to get it, Dawkins had to escape today.

On the prison's basketball courts, Steve and Danny find a prisoner, Skeet, who Dawkins was neighbors with for four and a half years. He states that until recently that they were tight "in the non-biblical sense." Danny asks what happened and Skeet tells him that Dawkins tried to shank him the week before for asking too many questions. Danny asks if the shanking had anything to do with the escape and Skeet says he might have some information. He tells them that Steve will have to play him basketball and if he wins, he'll tell him everything he knows. Steve says he could take the basketball and beat it out of him and Skeet replies that they have better food at the hospital. Danny says they could get his sentence shortened, but Skeet explains he is serving a double life sentence. He tells them that either "tall, dark and uptight" plays ball with him or he does not talk. Steve asks Skeet what he gets if he wins and he states the pleasure of beating the cop in front of everybody. The other prisoners cheer and he tosses Steve the ball stating he is a guest. They agree to play to ten, beginning to play, Skeet scores twice before Danny intervenes. Skeet laughingly asks if they want to quit and Danny says yes but Steve says no. Danny tells Steve, "Your not gonna out shoot him, so out-d him. Play it like it's football. Put body on him, steal the ball away from him and put it in the hoop. What's he gonna do, call a foul? We're in jail". Steve says, "Aright", shoulders and chest bumps Skeet out of the way, managing to win. Skeet tells them a few weeks ago he & Dawkins were watching TV when a guy tried to change the channel. Dawkins went off, but he doesn't know why.
Back at the office, the team is viewing the game show that Dawkins was watching. On a game show, a young woman, Dana, won a million dollars and a trip to Hawaii. They showed her and her fiancé on the show. Danny is confused on why Dana winning would set Dawkins off to the point to break out of jail. Steve states that she would be an easy target away from home and tells Danny to run a full search on Dana Thorpe.

At the Kaka'Ako Beach Park, Chin and Kono have found the car Dawkins used to escape. Chin doesn't find anything in the car, but the surmise that the first thing Dawkins would do would be change his appearance. Chin heads to the closest bathroom and walks in, noticing Kono did not follow. She tells him that it is the men's room and he states that she is a cop; she gets to go into places like this now. The find an empty jar of mayonnaise and packet of lemonade. Chin explains that when mixed together dying hair it will dye hair blond, noting it is a prison trick. Also, in the trash is the receipt for these items which show he bought them about fifteen minutes ago at a shop up the street. As they exit the bathroom, Chin looks around and sees a homeless man wearing a police shirt and head over to him. He states some guy traded him a phone and the shirt for his shirt. Chin asks him for the phone and the guy ask, 'What are you going to give me?" Chin holds up his handcuffs.

In the office, Danny finds out Dana Thorpe and her fiancé, Craig Ellers got in from Honolulu International that morning and they checked into the Kaka'Ako Beach hotel ten minutes ago. Chin calls and tells them they found the car, three blocks away from where from the hotel.

Dana and Craig enter their spacious hotel room; Craig takes Dana over to the bed kissing. He lays down on the bed watching as Dana starts to undress. Dawkins steps out from the other room and grabs Dana, pointing the gun at Craig.

Steve meets up with Chin and Kono outside and they head upstairs with guns drawn. They find the door to the room open and enter cautiously. Steve finds Dana laying the floor bleeding in the bedroom. She has been shot and Steve kneels next to her to stop the bleeding. Dana grabs his arm with her bloody hand, calling him Craig. Dana stops breathing and Steve performs CPR as Chin calls for an ambulance.

Steve goes to the hospital in the ambulance with Dana and tells her that she'll be okay and they'll find Craig. As he gets back to the office, Steve reports that Dana's in surgery and was not able to give him much in the ambulance. Chin shows them a surveillance picture from the hotel of Dawkins with Craig at gunpoint. They brainstorm why Dawkins would take Craig since Dana won the money. Kono suggests they could have joint bank accounts. Steve thinks he could want Craig for something else and orders a background check on Craig, Dawkins and Dana. Chin says Dawkins got the phone from the car he stole at the prison. He made two calls; one was to a woman named Sophia Archuleta. Danny adds that the warden reported that she is Dawkins' girlfriend and a regular visitor. The other call was to an ex-con named Makhauni Huku. Kono is sent to find Makhauni, Chin is assigned to find more information on the people. Steve tells Danny to find an address on Sophia. Danny advises Steve to change his bloody shirt and reminds him his sister has been in the office for five hours.

In his office, Steve tells the officer he can go and apologizes to Mary. She asks if his welcome plan was to pin her to some guy with a badge. He says he's trying to keep her out of jail. She stands up and fixes the collar on his shirt. He doesn't get why she came back now, since she missed the funeral. She says she felt invisible to their father and Steve explains that their father loved them but didn't know how to show it. Danny enters and announces he found Sophia's address. Steve introduces him to Mary. She makes fun of his tie and Danny asks what their beef with ties is. They answer together, "We're in Hawaii." Kamekona enters and asks Danny about the cane, asking if he was trying to surf. Steve tells him there was no surfing accident; he hurt himself getting out of bed. Kamekona asks, "How white can you get?" Danny responds, "Pretty white". Steve called Kamekona to keep on eye on Mary or as Kamekona puts it, "babysit her". Steve instructs him not to let her leave the office. Mary asks what if she has to use the bathroom and Steve looks around and hands her a coffee thermos. Steve and Danny leave as Kamekona stares at Mary with a big grin on his face. After Mary snaps at him, he sits down next to her and asks if she has a boyfriend. She asks if he has a girlfriend. He says he did but they broke up. Mary says maybe she can help him get her back.

In the Honolulu Print Shop, Kono called Steve to tell him she has found Makhauni and he made fake ID's for Dawkins. She states he was in the shop about an hour ago. He got a driver's license and passport under the name Carl Eisner. Steve says he'll make sure the alias is on the no-fly list, as Danny hobbles after him into the restaurant where Sophia works as a waitress. As they sit down at a table, Danny tells Steve his sister isn't what he expected, that she actually seemed pretty cool. Steve asks if he's saying that he isn't cool and Danny states that he is good at defusing bombs and getting his man, but there's room for improvement in the human interaction area. Sophia comes up to their table to take their order and Steve asks about Dawkins. Danny states that he would like some blueberry pancakes and the two go back and forth on the pancake issue until Sophia asks what's going on. Steve slams his badge on the table and says either she tells them what they want to know or they could arrest her in front of everybody. He tells her that Dawkins killed three people today. Sophia stands there for a minute and Steve tells her to sit down. Danny shows her the picture of Dana and Craig, but Sophia doesn't recognize them. Sophia says she has a friend who works at the hotel they were staying at and Dawkins asked her to find out when they were checking in. She said he didn't mention hurting anyone he just wanted to know when they were coming but she doesn't know why. Danny tells her Dawkins will kill Craig unless she tells them what he said on the phone. Sophia says he said something about a big payday and asked her for her car.

Danny calls Kono, who pulls over and gets her laptop out, she runs Sophia's car. They meet up with Chin, who tells them about Dawkins' rap sheet. He jacked cars in Boston, ATMs in New York and robbed banks in Cleveland. There were suspicions that he had a partner, but the police believed that he killed him. The partner was Paul Stark and Chin pulls up his mug shots, the man is a Craig Ellers. The five million dollars they stole together was never found. Kono calls, she has found the car parked outside of the Pacific Rim Bank.

Outside the bank, Dawkins tells Craig that he watched him die after shooting him. Craig explains that the doctor told him that he passed out and the bullet Dawkins missed his vital organs. Dawkins wants the money "Paul" stole from him. He goes on that he couldn't believe it when he saw him on TV. Craig says the money belonged to them and he figured Dawkins would double-cross him so he moved it to a Swiss bank account. Dawkins holds the gun to his head and orders him to go into the bank and take out the money in cash.

Inside the bank, Craig is taking out the money as Dawkins watches him from a few feet away. Kono, Steve and Chin have just pulled up outside. Dawkins sees them and Craig denies calling them. Craig punches Dawkins, running away and Dawkins shoots him in the back. The team hears the shot and runs towards the bank, as Kono calls for back up. Dawkins orders everyone out of the bank and people start running out. Dawkins catches the manager and makes her take him to the back door. Chin checks on Craig while Kono goes after Dawkins who took the manager's car. Steve goes to help Chin with Craig and Craig says "Dana". Steve says the surgeons are working on her and asks if Dawkins said where he was going. Craig says he saw a passport and that he'll disappear now that he has the money.

In a car, Dawkins is speeding towards the airport when he sees a roadblock up ahead. He makes a U-Turn and drives the other way. Kono is watching Dawkins per traffic camera and looses him when he gets out of range. Steve calls Catherine "Cat" Rollins on the USS Enterprise in the Persian Gulf, asking her to access a satellite to help him find Dawkins. Cat tells him it could raise some flags and Steve suggests she fy it as an NSA request for a Black Opps mission. Cat tells him he is like the good-looking guy from high school who knows how cute he is and won't take no for an answer. She sends him the coordinates. He thanks her profusely and tells her that on the next leave the beers are on him. She says he doesn't get off that easy. Chin asks Steve about having her use a military satellite and then comments that he also got a date. Steve replies, "I'm a multi-tasker."

At Makani Kai aviation, a helicopter is landing returning from an island tour. Dawkins opens the door, pointing the gun at the pilot. There is a young boy and his parents in the backseat that Dawkins prevents from exiting the helicopter. Once in the air, the father pleads with Dawkins to let his family go, only to be ignored. Dawkins tells the pilot there's an airport on the north side of another island, stating he'll let the family go if the pilot can get him there.

Back on land, Danny tells Steve about the family Dawkins has taken hostage. Steve tells him to contact Honolulu Approach to find out where the helicopter is heading as another helicopter lands from Kekipi Island Tours. The pilot, a friend of Chin's, gets out and reminds Chin if they bust it they buy it. As they get into the helicopter, Chin asks Steve if he knows what he's dong as they take off.

In the other helicopter, the pilot says they are running out of fuel as the helicopter is used for tours, not to island-hop. Dawkins holds up the gun and tells him to find a way. Chin and Steve are following watching them with binoculars. The pilot tells Dawkins there is no fuel left and the helicopter goes down crashing into the grass in the Waikoloa Valley. Steve follows them landing as close as possible to the downed chopper. Steve and Chin get out heading top the crash site, they find the pilot who has been shot and is dead.

In another part of the Waikoloa Valley, the man asks if his wife & son can go but Dawkins won't let any of them leave until he gets off the island and tells them to move along. Chin and Steve see a flock of birds fly overhead, which prompts Steve to head in the direction the birds are coming from. He explains that birds fly away from danger & predators. Dawkins and the hostage family have made it to a small stream. The family pleads to stop and drink which Dawkins reluctantly allows. They stop and drink from the stream until Dawkins tells them to start moving again. Moments later, Steve and Chin find the same stream. Chin tells Steve not to drink from it, as there are microbes in the water that will make someone sick very fast. Looking at the footprints, they figure the family drank from the water.

Dawkins is struggling to keep the family moving and they are complaining about feeling ill. Steve and Chin have caught up with Dawkins and calls out to Dawkins. Dawkins fires at them and begins to run away. Chin heads towards the family and Steve chases after Dawkins. Steve fires twice more and hits Dawkins, who falls down and lands at the stream.

In the hospital, Steve is there when Dana wakes up and tells her everything. Chin is outside the room working on paperwork. She asks to see Craig, so Steve wheels her down the hall to his room. Dana asks Craig why he didn't tell the truth and he tells her that he was afraid she'd leave him if he did. Dana says he was wrong and squeezes his hand. On the way back to her room, Dana tells Steve she fell in love with Craig Ellers, not Paul Stark. She says everybody deserves a little forgiveness.

Back at the office, Steve finds Kamekona, but no Mary. Kamekona has good news and bad news. The good news is that he is back together with his girlfriend. The bad news is that Mary slipped out. Steve heads to a local cemetery and sees Mary at their father's grave. He walks over to her carrying a paper sack. She looks up at him and asks what is in it. Steve smiles and tells her lunch and sits down to have a family picnic.