Hawaii Five-0

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 11, 2010 on CBS

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  • For the sake of the show, It was a good one. For the sake of realism, Four thumbs down. :(

    Now there is one thing that people have a hard time with when it comes to TV shows in their particular hometown or involving their job. Being that I am a born and raised resident of O'ahu, I know my locales, and being a six year veteran of the US Navy, I have the tendencies to be picky about what McGarrett does in the show when it involves the Navy. Before I get into that though, let me tell you what I thought of the show for the sake of it being a show. This episode was much better than last weeks episode. I give them that. This series (so far) has been quite the roller coaster and I approve. Don't let the typical local resident dictate what you think of this show. Honestly, there are locals here who just argue and complain about what is right here in Hawai'i when it comes to a show just for the sake of arguing. I (a local and not a haole) see this show for what it is: an action packed show with a little of everything and the spirit of the original series (which I used to watch all the time). Anyway, for the sake of television, this is a good show and I love all the little details they put to make it local like pidgeon (hawaiian creole), and all the cameos from local stars (like local comedian Augie T.). At least there is an effort on that front unlike other shows that were filmed here. The stuff that does bother me is the twist in locales. One big example is the part when the convict was about to make it to the airport and then had to detour. That guy literary jumped from the Nimitz Highway on-ramp to a ground level street (looks like Lagoon Drive along the airport) in a second! I know every local watching caught this and had the same reaction I did. However, I am a man of practicality so I would understand why they did this. The actual Nimitz on-ramp in that scene is a single lane that merges into the airport. To close that lane off to film that scene would have been impossible since mostly everyone eastbound uses that ramp to access the airport. Like I said, as annoying as it could be to see this (and this will not be the last), I understand why they would do that and it doesn't take away how good this show is. Before I go to the navy screw ups, I would like add (in particular towards us locals living in Hawai'i) that I hope you understand why they changed things like the look of HPD, the governor's office, the court office (5-0 headquarters), etc... You can't use the real stuff...plain and simple...it just won't happen..
    The next thing that twists me about this show is the portrayal of the Navy. For starters, we have a tendency to point out the littlest things like what carrier they use...The USS Enterprise...that definitely wasn't the Big E. It was a Nimitz class carrier. Secondly, the use of a cell phone as if that shipmate had it on in the middle of Gulf the whole time. This will not stand because one, there is no cell reception and even the freedom to use a cell in that AOR. Thats bull and laughable.

    All in all, I am still getting used to not being critical when it comes to homeland and the military but coming from me, as a show, Hawaii Five-0 is an excellent show and I wish for its long life in primetime.