Hawaii Five-0

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2011 on CBS

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  • I'm really happy with the way the Kono story arc was wrapped up!


    Now this is the Hawaii 5-0 I know and love.

    I was so relieved that Kono was working undercover, as I had hoped, and that it all worked out in the end. The team just isn't the team without Kono!

    I still haven't warmed up to the blonde. (I still haven't even learned her name, sorry.) I just don't why she was brought in? Was it just to temporarily replace Kono while she was benched? If she is meant to be a permanent member of the team, then what is the point? So far, she hasn't brought any interesting new elements to it, like a compelling character, backstory or relationship with the others. She's just sort of there, doing her job. And seeing as they can do the job without her, why then is she there? I don't have any objections, just don't add a pretty blonde just for the sake of adding a pretty blonde--do something interesting with the character.

  • Five-0 investigates the murder of a popular women's college volleyball team coach. The investigation soon takes a strange turn which leads the team to Kono.


    "Ma'ema'e" is the best episode of the season to date. What made this episode stand out is its well written script. The episode took some clever twists and turns. What also works is Kono's story coming full circle. Kono's story was written into the main episode quite well. Despite his personal troubles Tom Siezmore does a very good job in this episode. His confrontation with Alex O'Laughlin at Five-0 Headquarters is terrific. Seeing Siezmore's performance here actually made me remember the terrific (but sadly short lived) Robbery Homicide Division. This episode worked on all levels. What was especially good was the conclusion. Hopefully Kono will be back on the team very soon.

  • This episode revealed everything and brought back one member of Five 0 (Beware Spoilers!!)


    The episode was simply amazing it started out like any other episode but ended like one of the best episodes of the series. When i saw the promo last week i thought that they were going to kill Kono in this episode but thank God they didnt cuz i liked Kono last season but this new Kono was so bad and i hated her so much and just when we got her back we saw her get shot and i was scared that she might die but she didnt and it was a good move. They finally ended the no badge cop story line and revealed that Kono was working undercover all along but not for Five 0. I think that Steve and the New girl should go out and i thought so from the first episode she came in but now i want them together more than ever they are so much alike and have many things in common andcomeonSteve she is so hot who wouldnt want to go out with her. I saw the promo for next week and i think it will top this weeks episode im so excited for next week cant wait.