Hawaii Five-0

Season 2 Episode 15

Mai Ka Wa Kahiko

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 06, 2012 on CBS

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  • the most fantastic act for Caan

    When Danny ' s daughter kidnapped by cop that want to revenge from Danny nd put him in danger situation. I lovely how he acts
  • A corrupt former police officer comes to Hawaii hell bent on seeking revenge against Danny for testifying against him at trial.

    The writers and/or producers of "Mai Ka Wa Kahiko" have obviously seen "Cape Fear." Despite it's predicatable and formulaic plot, this episode was not all that bad. It held my interest all the way up to the end and certainly grabbed hold of my emotions and did not let go. The villian was a little too contrived however. Scott Caan overacted just a little, but overall the episode was entertaining enough to at least like it. Masi Oka has not been seen in this as well as the previous episode. Though he is for all intents and purposes a supporting character he does a good job in his role. I hope we see him again soon.
  • Was ok I guess!!!

    I really like Hawaii Five-0, but why can't they title each episode in english. Although this episode was good it has been used before in other shows. Kidnap the daughter and rescue her all within a half hour. Had I been the write I would have made this 2 episodes. Would have really like a little more flashback of what happened. I understand he was a bad cop and took stuff, just show a little more. Ok that is my 2 cents.
  • average ,old plot

    Not a great episode,the old standard plot ,kidnap daughter,rescue daughter. Get the bad guy from his past.The usual padded out episode that people do when the writers run out of good ideas .Do not know what the other reviewer was watching..As for the fast driving it lasted 60 seconds in total,a bit bloody at the start.As for lots of shooting,there were 5 shots! one in the shoulder 2 into the ground ,1 in the leg and one when Danny shot the lock of a lock up door , really exciting !!!!. All in all a pretty average season filler.. 6/10
  • Episode 15

    That was the most thrilling and yet emotional video I have ever seen. Just shows how much Danny cares about his family and the plot was just awesome :)

    The Lori beginning scene wasn't really bad, it was actually pretty well-acted and a little hilarious too. Glad there wasn't any Joe White or Wo Fat interference at all in the video and just completely stuck to the point. There was even so much action, car-driving, technology stuff, gory gory blood and lots and LOTS of shooting from Danny from this episode

    Honestly, best episode since S02E01