Hawaii Five-0

Season 2 Episode 4

Mea Makamae

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2011 on CBS

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  • Good story, but I really don't like where they're going with Kono.


    Sunken treasure always makes for a good story, but this was even better because of the twist: the murdered diver wasn't looking for treasure, he was looking for the remains of his grandfather who died in WWII.

    However, the way Kono is being shoved to the side is really dampening my enjoyment of the show. Kono took one for the team--she was look out while they took the money from lock-up to pay the ransom and save Chin's life. They all stole the money, she was just unlucky enough to have been spotted by an old woman passing by. And yet McGarret and Danno seem to have forgotten her entirely, while Chin stops by once in a while. But they don't seem to be trying to help her get re-instated or rejoin 5-0 or find another option.

    Meanwhile, Kono is no longer the character I liked. She is sullen and rolls her eyes like a teenager, and she's falling in with a bad crowd. She doesn't seem to want to help herself any more than the rest of the team want to help her. They were a *team*, people who had each other's backs and saved lives together, and the writers as well as the characters seem to have completely forgotten that.

    I see this as going two possible ways: Kono is going undercover to nail the criminals she is supposedly helping, and once she makes her big bust she will be reinstated. Or they're fazing her out and the new blonde (I haven't even cared enough to learn her name) is her permanent replacement.

    I hope it's the former, and I hope they do it soon. I'm watching the show to see a team work together, not to watch them play musical chairs with the cast.