Hawaii Five-0

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2010 on CBS

Episode Recap

Under Waikiki Bay, a submarine full of tourists who are taking pictures of the underwater wildlife and sunken treasures. A little boy is completely mesmerized by all the fish. His mother is preoccupied by talking to someone on her cell phone. The little boy keeps trying to point fish out to his mom, saying that that one looks like "Nemo", but she doesn't look. The boy becomes enthralled when he sees a mermaid. His mom looks up and gasps as she the body of a girl wrapped in seaweed.

When Steve's alarm goes off, he turns it off and turns over, saying "Good morning, Lieutenant". The woman next to him in bed turns over, it is Catherine "Cat" Rollins, replying, "Good morning Commander." With their noses touching, Steve says he probably owes her dinner while Catherine notes they never actually make it to dinner. Steve says they had dinner in Coronado, while Catherine reminds him they had reservations. Steve holds her close, saying since they both have the day off, they could have breakfast on the beach. They begin kissing and Steve rolls her over, kissing her neck. Catherine tells him that she is vibrating, which Steve takes as a joke and continues kissing her. She states she is really vibrating and pulls out his phone. She turns it towards him and on the screen the name, Governor Jameson appears. Steve slightly hangs his head and Cat states there goes your day off.

Danny meets Steve at the medical examiner's office; Danny notices there is something different about Steve, referring to him being happy. Steve questions him about not usually being a happy person. Danny says he probably has his moments, like when guns and ammo put out their holiday issue or a "Rambo" retrospective is airing, but not when the governor calls them on a Saturday. Danny vents about what could possibly make him happy about this situation. Steve verbalizes his realization that Danny had Grace this weekend and Danny states he just dropped her off at Rachel's. He continues to rant about his busted knee, a daughter he barely gets to see and he's working on a Saturday. Governor Jameson joins them and thanks them for coming in. She tells them an eighteen-year-old girl's body was found off Waikiki this morning and Steve notes that would HPD's jurisdiction. The Governor tells them, "Not this time". They hear music coming from a room down the hall and exchanges odd looks. The governor states that they haven't met Dr. Bergman yet. As they walk down the hall, she explains that Dr. Bergman is a textile thinker and music is part of his process. She continues stating some people believe he may be a savant, but she think he is a genius. They go in and after Dr. Bergman finishes playing his song, he mutters something and goes to his desk. Steve and Danny look confused as they follow the Governor into another room. Max shows them the girl's body and explains that the cause of death was drowning. The governor gasps and then asks if they are dealing with a homicide. Max replies. "It doesn't mean it is not a homicide". He realizes he used a double negative, muttering it to himself and rephrases stating it still could be a homicide. He shows them marks on her wrists and Danny states that she was restrained. Max continues as if he if never heard Danny stating she has defensive wounds as well. Steve notes she put a fight and Max looks at him, appearing to just have realized that they are there. Dr. Bergman introduces himself and Steve & Danny smile. Governor Jameson explains that the victim is Amanda Reeves, the daughter of the Ambassador Michael Reeves, who is a close friend. She explains that she told the family that she'd put her best people on the case, so she called them. Steve asks why the family is in Hawaii. Governor Jameson says they vacation in Hawaii every year and last night the girls went to a movie but never made it home. Danny questions, girls? She hands them a picture of the family and says that Amanda's sister, Robin is still missing. She continues stating that the Coast Guards sent out divers but so far have found nothing. Steve says that means that Robin Reeves could still be alive.

At the Ambassador's house, Steve, Danny & Governor Jameson are meeting with Ambassador Michael Reeves and his wife, Sarah. Ambassador Reeves says he wanted his daughters to have a normal upbringing but that hasn't been easy. Steve asks if they were stationed with him at the embassy in Manila. Ambassador explains that they were in Manila for the last two years and before that in Budapest. His wife says growing up in foreign countries always being shadowed by security isn't an ideal childhood. Danny asks if they had detail with them last night, but the Ambassador says that when they are in the Philippines they always do. But since they have been coming to Hawaii since the girls were little, he allows them to go out without the guards. His wife tearfully says they were just going to the movies. The governor tells her not to blame herself and promises they'll find Robin. Steve and Danny exchange a look.

Chin approaches a guard on the balcony of the house and asks him about the type of gun he is carrying. The man identifies the gun as a Kimber 1911 and Chin notes that it is not a standard issue for diplomatic guards. The man introduces himself as Russell Ellison, security consultant, specializing in VIP and corporate protection. He states that the Ambassador called him to bolster his detail and Chin asks when he got into town. Ellison tells him this morning and walks away stating that he has work to do.

Steve tells the ambassador it's possible is daughters were targeted because of his ambassadorship and asks if he has any enemies. The ambassador answers that it comes with the territory. Danny asks about in the Philippines and the Ambassador explains that the US gives quite a bit of aid. He continues stating that most everybody there is grateful but Steve counters that not everybody is and there always the radicals. Governor Jameson asks there have been any threats and the ambassador says he receives many, noting that his security bureau keeps them on file. Danny questions Mrs. Reeves about the fact that she recently sold her stake in a company, Somersby Finance. Mrs. Reeves says yes but does not see how it's relevant. Steve explains that if they know about the twelve million then chances are others do too. Mrs. Reeves gets upset and asks if her daughter is dead because she of the money. Danny apologizes and says these high-profile cases are usually about money. The ambassador inquires about why there hasn't been a ransom demand and Danny admits he doesn't know.

In Steve's house, Catherine is still there wearing Steve's shirt and as she opens the bathroom door, she runs into Mary. She explains Steve had to leave and told her to let herself out. Mary introduces herself, stating she is visiting from LA and comments on their big night. Catherine looks confused and Mary tells her that it is an old house with thin walls. Catherine turns red and exclaims, "Oh, God!" Mary remarks she said that a lot last night. Catherine appears embarrassed but Mary tells her not to worry as she just broke up with her boyfriend and plans to have lots of guys over.

At their headquarters, Chin tells them there haven't been any credible threats against the Ambassador in the last few months. Kono questions why they would kill one girl and not the other. Steve suggests that it could be to show that they are serious in order to get the family to pay the ransom. Chin says HPD has a unit at the house and no ransom call has been received. Danny notes that there is no motive. Steve says that seventy-five percent of kidnappings happen when it's someone the victims know. Kono says they ran a background check on the ambassador's staff and everyone appeared clean. Chin asks about Russell but Kono reports that they confirmed that the Ambassador flew him in after the girls were abducted. Steve gets a call and takes Danny with him.

In the medical examiner office, Max tells them Amanda had roofies in her system. Steve says girls don't usually get roofied up at the movies and then points out that Max could have told them this on the phone. Max says he doesn't trust phones. The guys exchange a look before Danny says the girls had reputations as party girls and asks Max for a black light. Max corrects him on the actual name, ALS wand and says he doesn't like people touching his equipment. He reluctantly gets it for Danny and they find a stamp on her hand for the Zephyr Lounge. Steve uses the internet to search to contact the lounge, which impresses Danny. He continues by asking if he learned it in SEAL school. Steve replies that he used the internet which people have been doing since the early '90's. Danny says he was still playing Ms. Pac-Man then. Steve asks if he ever made it to Double-Pretzel level. Danny replies, "Triple Banana, Bitch." Steve doesn't believe him but Danny insists. They look at the club's surveillance video and see the two Reeves' girls leaving with a guy. Steve states, "Looks like our two blonde vics and a creepy guy" and Danny replies, "Got him".

In the line outside the club, Steve and Danny approach the bouncer who inquires if they are on the list. They show him their badges and then a picture of the man with the girls. The bouncer states that he is inside. In the club, the guys go up to the bar and get drinks. Steve says this guy's radar will be up if he sees them, so he suggest that they have a couple beers with their eyes on the place and relax. Danny says the place has eyes on him as two girls check Steve out. Danny points two attractive ladies "eye-hump" him and Steve tells him to focus. Danny questions Steve about his behavior and he just walks away. Danny follows, noticing he has a stupid smile again and Steve tells him he's imagining things. Danny states that he some "Barry White" last night and Steve tells him he is very perceptive. Steve points out the guy they are after on a couch with his next victim. Danny tells Steve that if that was his daughter, he'd bust every one of the guy's fingers, on at a time. They watch as he dumps a something in the girl's drink and Danny says "Thank you for the excuse" as they head over. Just as the girl is about to drink, Danny tells her to put the drink down and go to the bathroom. Danny sits next to the suspect, who asks, "Who do you think you are?" Steve shows him his badge & gun and says he might be a guy who saw another guy slip something in the lady's drink. The guy denies it, but Danny tells him to drink. He puts his arm around the guy and orders the guy to drink it or he'll bust out his teeth and pour it down his throat. Steve advises him to drink it. Steve pushes the drink towards the suspect, who reaches for the glass. One the suspect puts the glass up to his mouth, Steve tips the glass as he finishes the drink and Steve tells him to swallow. They take the suspect and leave the club.

In a windowless room, the guy is tied to a chair as Steve blows an air horn in his ear. The guys falls off the chair as Steve demands where Robin Reeves is. The guy is slowly coming back as Danny reads his rap sheet; credit card fraud, corruption of minors, statutory rape and now, murder. The guy denies murder and says he didn't kill anyone. Danny tells him he better know who did. The guy said he slips the girls a roof last night and Steve asks why. The suspect states he did as he was told but they were alive when he handed them to Kang. Steve asks who Kang is and is told that he's the one who set him up with the job. The suspect states that Kang would give him $5000 for every girl he brought in. Steve asks what he does with them, but the guy doesn't know. Danny asks how they find him, but the guy doesn't know his last name or phone number. Steve shouts at him asking how he delivers the girls. He states that he leaves a van parked in one of the lots and puts the girls in the back and parks it at the canal. The next day, it's back in the parking lot with $5000 in the glove box and instructions on the next delivery. Danny asks if the girl from tonight would have been his next delivery. The guy answers in the affirmative and he was supposed to deliver her by one o'clock. As they leave the room Steve blasts him with the air horn.

By the canal, a man walks up to a white van and opens the door. He sees an unconscious girl in the back and drives off. Another car with Steve and Chin follow the van. Chin tells Kono that they are right behind her, as she is pretending to be unconscious in the van.

Steve & Chin speculate about what the girls are being kidnapped for and agree it is most likely forced prostitution. They note that party girls, like Amanda and Robin, are prime targets. Mary is at home with a blender full of margarita sitting down to watch TV. She finds an infomercial about the "Hawaii Chair" and tries to change the channel but the remote doesn't work. After hitting it several times, she goes looking for batteries at Steve's desk and can't find any. Mary mutters, "Come on, you don't have batteries, how do you power your night vision goggles?" Under the desk, she finds the toolbox with the "champ" sticker on it and pulls it out. Steve gets a call from Mary who wants to know why they are pictures of burnt corpses in the study. She is continuing to look through the box and finds crime scene photos and postcards from Japan. Steve tells her to put the box back as it's evidence. She asks of what and he tells her something their dad was investigating and wanted him to find. She asks why but Steve states, "Tell me you're putting the box back". She tells him to relax and that she will put it away. Steve hangs up and Chin asks if everything's okay. Steve replies, "Probably not." At the house, Mary continues to go through the box once she puts down the phone.

The white van pulls over outside of a building. Steve and Chin watch as Kang opens the door and takes Kono out. She sleepily asks what happened to the music and he tells her the party's inside. Another guy comes out and helps Kang lead her inside. Steve and Chin get out of the car. Kang shuts the door behind him. Outside, Chin tells Kono to see if she sees Robin. Inside, the men lead Kono past one room with two guys sitting on a couch and another with no furniture but many girls sitting on the floor. Outside, Steve is telling a team that there is an unknown number of hostels and gives them Kono's description, as she's one of theirs. Inside, Kono is led past another room where girls are lying on the floor into a room with an older Asian woman named Miss Liao. She strokes a white fluffy dog and cradles it in her arms as she stands up. Outside, the team starts to surround the building. Miss Liao says that Kono has excellent bone structure, skin and is strong. She tells her that she will be a good earner. Chin tells Kono that they are coming in, as the men throw Kono into a room. The team enters the building and Steve starts shooting. The men with Kono hear the gunfire and go for their guns, but she takes the gun. She points the gun at Kang and orders him to get on the ground. He kneels on the ground as Miss Liao holds tight to her dog. The teams are going from room to room as Steve finds Kono she nods to him that everything is under control. Chin says the building is secure and Steve asks about Robin. Chin says she's not there. Steve shows Robin's picture to Miss Liao and asks about Robin. Miss Liao says she's never seen her and Chin points out she's not even looking. Miss Liao tells that she wants her miranda right, preferably in Chinese as her English is not that good. Kono wrestles the dog out of her hands and tells the guys to give them a minute. Kono paces with the dog in her hands.

Outside, the police are escorting out girls and Miss Liao past Steve and Chin and Kono comes out still holding the dog. She tells Steve and Chin that Miss Liao ordered the kidnapping of the Reeves girls, but not for the prostitution ring. She doesn't know where Robin is stating the girls never passed through this building. A private buyer paid her $50,000 to abduct them and hand them over; the kidnapping was a free-lance job. Steve says someone was specifically after them and Chin asks if she got a name. She said all she had was the phone number she used to communicate with the buyer and she was paid by wire. Steve asks how he got her to talk and Kono says she told her the dog would be put down once she went to lock-up. She promised to find it a home if she cooperated. Steve and Chin roll their eyes and walk away. Kono calls after them, "What? It's not like it's the dog's fault!"

At headquarters, Chin says the calls were made from a disposable cell phone, which is untraceable. But he was able to find out that since the Reeve sisters went missing, three calls went from that number to the Ambassador's private number. Kono questions if the Ambassador is involved in his own daughter's kidnapping and Steve answers that it is a ransom demand. They realize that is why Ellison was brought in after the girls went missing. Steve bets he's not a "security consultant" but a K & R (kidnapping and ransom) specialist. Steve says if Ellison is handling the drop, it would explain why the ambassador lied to them.

At the Ambassador's home, Mrs. Reeves is with the Governor when Steve and Danny come in. Steve wants to know if the ambassador is home and Mrs. Reeves says he had to step out for a meeting. Steve asks if it was with Mr. Ellison and Mrs. Reeves doesn't know. The Governor questions Steve about what is happening and he explains that they know the kidnapper has been in contact with the Ambassador. Danny said he hired Russell Ellison to broker the deal. Mrs. Reeves puts her head in her hands and the Governor urges Sarah to tell them whatever she knows. She apologizes for lying and states that the last call came in about an hour ago. The man said if they paid the money, they would get Robin back. Steve asks if Ambassador Reeves and Ellison went to pay the ransom and Mrs. Reeves tearfully states that she just wants her daughter back. Mrs. Reeve says as soon as the kidnappers called, her husband hired Ellison. Ellison monitored all the calls and told her husband exactly what to say. Steve wonders if they told her where the transaction was taking place and Mrs. Reeves says Ellison wouldn't let him give her any details. Danny asks if Ellison told them to lie and She states that they were told involving the police would only put Robin in more danger. Steve gets a call from Kono who has traced the private buyer who paid for the abduction of the Reeves girls. The payment was wired from a bank in the Philippines. Chin says it belongs to a man named Carlos Bagoyo, a known member of the National Liberation Front who bombed a military base in 2008. Lately, they have started targeting U.S. troops within the country. Steve says that is because they elect democratic system that keeps them out of power. He says the girls weren't kidnapped for money, that this is political. Kono says the Ambassador must have something they want and Steve says he just dropped his security detail to go meet with them. Outside, Steve tells a man he needs to know if the Ambassador took a car from the DSM motor pool and the man nods yes. Steve tells him that they that they need the location of that vehicle.

Ambassador Reeves is entering an abandoned building with a suitcase. He walks around to find that the building is empty, so he waits. Steve and Danny have pulled up by the ambassador's car; Steve feels the tires and says they are still warm so he is not far away. He figures Ellison is nearby monitoring with a tag team to make sure it doesn't go bad. He has a way to figure out where he's running surveillance from. Danny states that he figure he would and Steve tells him that he will like this. He calls Catherine "Cat" at the Pearl Harbor Naval Ops Center who was wondering when he was going to call. She asks if he got in late last night and he tells her that he hasn't been home yet and that he is on a high-priority case. Catherine can tell he is about to ask for another favor and Steve says he'll make it up to her. He states he will finally take her to dinner and she'll taste the best streak on the island. Danny asks who he's talking to, to which Steve just smiles. Catherine says he has a deal and asks what he needs. He asks her to use a satellite to run a scan on radio spectrum signals form his location in the 400mhz range, which she does. Danny figures out Catherine is the one Steve was "getting right with" last night. Steve tells him that's stunning detective work and Danny retorts it's amazing, she catches bad guys for him, sleeps with him and wonders is she cooks, too? Steve says she does. Catherine comes back on the line and explains that she found the signal on the west end of the dock, but it's coming from a shipping container.

Steve and Danny burst into said shipping container, guns drawn finding Ellison and three other guys watching two video screens. Ellison tells them they will get Robin killed, but Danny says he obstructed their investigation and unless his men are ready to shoot a couple cops to holster their weapons. Ellison tells his guys to drop the weapons. Steve asks where the ambassador is and Ellison says he is in position for the drop. Danny tells him to pull him out now, but Ellison says his firm knows what they are doing and wants to get Robin home. Steve notes that they will be on the hook for six million. Danny tells them the men who kidnapped the ambassador's daughter are part of a Philippines terrorist group. The kidnappers have arrived. Danny tells them it's not about cash that was just a way to lured them in. Steve looks at the surveillance screen and notes Robin isn't with them. Steve orders Ellison to patch them in to the surveillance.

Ellison tells the Ambassador to be calm and do exactly as they already discussed. Carlos and his men all walk towards the ambassador. Carlos asks Ambassador Reeves if he knows who he is, which he does, saying Carols operative in the NLF, responsible for the Zamboango Bombings that killed 78 people. He asks where Robin is and Carlos says she's nearby and when they get what they want they'll release her. Ambassador Reeves clarifies they didn't come all this way for his money. Carlos answers in the affirmative and takes a gun out of his jacket, pointing at him and saying they came for him. Ambassador Reeves asks what he wants as men force him into a chair at a desk. Carlos says the United States sends military aid the Philippine regime, putting guns in the hands of soldiers who kill their sons and brothers. He goes on to say there is a ship of machine guns en route to Manila. The ambassador will tell them where they are and they will take their country back. Ambassador Reeves says he doesn't know but Carlos says he has access to the classified server that does and if he wants to see his daughter alive, he will help them.

In the shipping container, Steve says they can't let those weapons fall into Carols hands and tells Ellison he needs to pull his men out so he and Danny can clean up their mess. Ellison and his men move out as Carlos tells Ambassador Reeves his wife already lost one daughter. Steve tells Ambassador Reeves who he is and tells him what to say. Tell them that you will cooperate but first you need to see your daughter. Carlos points a gun at Ambassador Reeves, after hesitating, he tells Carlos that he is asking him to commit treason against his country; and he will, if he sees Robin. Carlos tells his men to go get her. Steve motions for Danny to sit down at the surveillance screens. Danny hopes that he is kidding but Steve shows him how to work the cameras, stating it's just like Ms. Pac-Man. Steve fills Chin and Kono in as they enter the area. Danny says there is a boat coming in. Steve, Chin and Kono are off leaving Danny in as he calls it "the penalty box."

Outside, Steve, Chin and Kono take their positions as the boat comes in. Inside, the men lead Robin inside, who calls, "Daddy!" and Ambassador Reeves runs to her and hugs her. Outside, Steve, Chin and Kono are circling the building. Danny tells Steve one of Carlos' men is coming his way and Steve crouches behind a box. Danny tells him the guy is coming up behind him and Steve grabs a metal rod. Danny tells him right when the guy is next to him and Steve nails him in the knees with the rod and knocks him out. He gets up and walks away. Chin and Kono get the drop on two guys and knock them out and continue on. Steve enters the building as Carlos' men pull Robin away from the Ambassador and Carlos points his gun at him, ordering him to log in. Ambassador Reeves starts to walk toward the computer as Steve grabs one of Carlos' men from behind. Carlos tells Ambassador Reeves his patience is wearing thin and to do it or she dies. One of his men points a gun at his sobbing daughter. Ambassador Reeves sits down at the computer as Chin & Kono take out more of Carlos' men. Carlos realizes that his men have been taking out and runs away as Ambassador Reeves runs to Robin. Chin makes sure they are okay and Steve takes off after Carlos. Outside, Steve tackles him into the side of a dumpster. He and Carlos fight until Steve flips him over and he lands on the ground on his back, knocked out. More police have arrived as Kono and Chin take Carlos away. The Reeves embrace their daughter as Ellison finds Steve and Danny. He tells them they both have great instincts and gives them a card in case they ever come to the private sector. Steve thanks him then promptly puts handcuffs on him for obstructing a police investigation. Ellison points out that will never stand, to which Steve retorts it'll take 24 hours to get a lawyer from LA and you will spend that time in jail. He tells Danny, "Book him, Danno," and Danny says, "You know, I got to be honest, I actually didn't mind that one." He pushes Ellison with his cane as Governor Jameson comes up to Steve. She tells him he saved a girl's life today. Steve says he is just doing the job she hired him for and she thanks him for letting her keep the promise she made to a friend. She puts her sunglasses on as Steve asks if she's okay and she hurries away stating she is fine.

At Steve's house, Mary is taking things out of the champ box and taking pictures of them. He photographs a letter & envelope, cigarette butt and a picture of a burned car.

On the beach, Steve is living up to his promise to take Catherine to dinner. The two lie on a blanket next to a tiny grill while Steve pours them wine. Steve toasts to finally getting around to dinner. Steve asks how she likes her steak and she replies bloody. Steve says "My kind of girl" and tells her that they will be ready in a minute. They begin kissing and she tells him to make it a medium as he rolls on top of her.
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