Hawaii Five-0

Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 2012 on CBS

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  • Just a Little Realism -- Please!

    We all have to suspend disbelief at various intervals to enjoy an action series or movie. But writers should only push this so far. We already have to believe that every main character in this show, as part of their day job, has almost been killed at least twice, kidnapped or a had family member kidnapped, and have shot and killed multiple individuals.

    But in this episode, they have two people fall about 4 feet down out of a moving truck (looked like it was going about 35-40 mph) landing on an asphalt highway. Were an event similar to this to occur in real life, both individuals would most likely be dead. At a minimum they would both be unconscious and critically injured. But in the writer's world, they both come up swinging and kicking, neither showing any ill effects whatsoever from the fall. And to finish the fantasy, 98 lb of Kono takes out the experienced ex-special forces commander as if he were some skinny (skinnier than her -- if that's possible) 10 year old kid.

    Not to mention shooting from a moving car at a moving truck while a friendly was inside the truck (behind the intended targets -- who of course could not shoot strait themselves).

    I know this show is not alone in this ridiculousness. But I really don't think absolute absurdity is required to have an action packed drama. Reality should be given some consideration if you want the show to be a considered a drama.

  • McGarrett tries to get his sister to reconnect with their mother just as a young computer hacker just released from prison is murdered.

    Up to this point "Ohuna" is the most thrilling episode of the season. The main storyline is very well written. Though we have seen such things as a hostage situation where the villains seem to always be one step ahead of police, this episode succeeded in keeping it interesting as to how it would be resolved. McGarrett's daring rescue of Kono was exciting to say the least. As is usually the case with this series, seeing how Five-0's investigation plays out works well also. I particularly enjoyed Grace Park in this episode. She gives one of her best performances of the series here. My one criticism of this episode is the rather contrived and cliched storyline considering the rocky relationship between McGarrett's sister and mother. It could not have been more obvious that she would cave in and go see her mother. Please! That aside, see this episode if you can. It's quite entertaining.