Hawaii Five-0

Season 3 Episode 20

Olelo Pa'a

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 15, 2013 on CBS

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  • probably the most boring and stupidity riddled episode to date

    Probably the most boring and stupidity riddled episode to date. 3 years ago, Steve was on ops in Korea when his friend was shot and killed in a war situation, now after 3 years, the USA government decide to trade some Korean prisoners for the body, (sure, they'd really do that) only it turns out the random corpse in the box isn't Steve's mate. Now Steve could go through diplomatic channels and get the body that way, or he could risk the life of his girlfriend and both could go off alone to Korea on an illegal mission to dig up the body, which of course is still where he last saw it. Steve clearly rates dead bodies over the live girlfriend so he choses to go to Korea with her.
  • Boring and clich

    The entire situation is ridiculous and in this second Korea episode we don't even have the team coming to the rescue to save the day. (and The episode remains unconvincing and biased. I'm hopelessly trying to find some good points but coming up empty. I mostly agree with rlovelock83, they don't even try to make it believable : after their capture, the body is unheard of until they land back in Hawaii. I didn't tackle the issue of where they put the "wrong" body and all the other practical issues...
  • Hawaii Five-2?

    I don't like the episodes that switch from being a cop show to a Military show.

    I missed the interaction between the four regulars - Danny, Chin and Kono were barely on screen as Steve paired up with Catherine for this mission, much like when he spent a fair bit of last season going off with Joe while the rest of the team worked some nondescript case without him.

    I liked Catherine a lot before she became a regular but the writers can't seem to decide if she's a GI Jane or a lovesick teen - the actress deserves better and I just feel the Five-O work best as a team of four.

    I like this show and want it to be successful but it needs to get back to it's roots,imo, and the writers need to focus on creating interesting crimes for the team to solve -with the exception of a few episodes, the writing in general this season hasn't been very sharp.
  • Emotional

    I have such a hard time rating this. I loved the emotional fluency shown by McGarrett in the ep, I loved the depth of the bond between the SEALs, and the training scenes. The brazen invasion of North Korea not so much, the ridiculous gun battle, really? And what the heck is up with implying a Navy Intelligence Officer has training even close to that of any Special Forces? I'm not buying the Superwoman image that the writers are selling this season. Please give Catherine better writing, being invincible is not doing the character any favors. Heck give all the actors better writing. Alex showed he can act in this episode, I cried.

    Okay... I have watched this show from the beginning, I would describe it as my guilty pleasure as it is neither well written nor produced and only occasionally provides anything that isn't completely predictable or eye rolling. But I think this season will be my last! I've been sick the last few days and so I've flown through episodes 12-20 to catch up after I lost interest after the first dozen, but this episode REALLY annoyed me and here's why....

    I completely agree with @Slugsie that this entire mission to go back into North Korea (AGAIN?!?! Are the writers really that hard up for material that we need TWO episodes about McGarrett doing illegal missions into North Korea???) was irresponsible at best, but lets just pretend that its totally acceptable...

    McGarrett and his girlfriend (come stroll into North Korea, the most heavily protected border on the planet, using a drug running trail that conveniently brings them to the field where he parachuted into three years earlier... and BAM, they're back at the camp (which seems to serve no purpose and yet remains as it did three years ago. McGarrett immediately recognizes ONE of like 50 koreans that were shooting at him three years ago and SOMEHOW manages to outrun his car, which is already a couple hundred yards away to cut it off and take the guy hostage... then does the same thing again to tackle the guy after recovering from the car crash! Is McGarrett Superman now?? Can he really run faster than a speeding bullet??

    So he walks the guy aimlessly into the woods, where he remembers which bush McGarretts buddy was buried under 3 years earlier, and begins to dig him up WITH A STICK!!!! Arms, legs, torso, the whole thing is magically uncovered so that we can see the terrible wounds he suffered. (Aside: I expected we would find out he had actually survived the attack and was held and tortured, but not on American prime time TV! He had to have been mutilated Then he starts YELLING at the guy, like he's not worried anyone will discover them now (They are in NORTH KOREA!!!)

    They are then captured after managing to kill just two guards and upon being brought to the camp have their handcuffs removed!??!?! Stoked to see the bad guy from possibly the worst Bond movie here, good to see he's still getting work. An overly long, drawn out fire fight commences, the boss is shot (like ten times???) and we flash back to their heroic escape three years earlier.

    Now, here's the moment where I HAD TO SIGN UP FOR THIS SITE JUST SO I COULD VOICE MY ANGER!!

    McGarrett and his girlfriend run off, with still dozens of guards shooting at them, WITHOUT the body they came to recover and we cut to the funeral where they are burying the body that they left in the freaking mud!!!!!

    I'm sorry, but anyone who was able to watch this episode without noticing all of the insulting plot holes should be ashamed of yourselves. It's no wonder Americans are so blind to the real world around them when they are able to swallow this garbage and come back next week wanting more.... I hope to god there is no Season 4.

  • Stop the violence

    I LOVE H50 but episodes like this make Steve unpleasant (unjustified violence and revenge).

    For US military I agree with Slugsie; this episode wasn't a good publicity to americans

  • Utterly dissapointing

    Hawaii 5-0 is a police show. This was just a pointless diversion.

    It is predicated on US military undertaking a clearly illegal military action in a non friendly country. It goes wrong and a soldier dies. So that apparently justifies a further clearly completely illegal incursion into the country and the killing of North Koreans who are simply defending their homeland. How would Americans feel if it was the other way around. In that case the North Koreans would be brandished as terrorists. So in what way are McGarret and Rollins *not* terrorists?

    I usually enjoy H 5-0, but this was just BS.
  • Something Lacking

    Although this episode in my opinion was good, there has been something lacking this season and the scripts just seem very predictable and poor in some cases. Need to freshen something up or change something and go back to how it used to be in the first seires.
  • No connectiom

    This show is a Police show after all 5-0 is a Police unit. So why are they having MIA connections.

    Jag started doing this with Lt. Cmdr. Harmon 'Harm' Rabb, Jr. going off and saving the world looking for his father. I see no connection between this episode and policing. They made one previous blunder with a dead Navy seal but NCIS did not investigate the death and now they turning Lieutenant Commander Steven J. 'Steve' McGarrett into Rambo. Why does he have a navel rank if he is a Police Office? Is he still in the Navy? These questions have not been answered. Disappointing episode.
  • Too Sad

    Decent episode, but honestly, kind of a let down from most episodes. It was just too sad! I cried pretty much from start to finish. Plus, the whole thing seemed a little pointless. The whole time I kept hoping it would turn out his friend was a double agent and still alive. Instead, he was indeed a good, dead man. Too sad for Hawaii five-o.
  • Did anyone care

    about the Korean lives lost?
  • Good episode!

    I totally enjoyed this episode, I've been a little bored at Hawaii 5-0 of late as the last episodes IMHO haven't been that good and I found that the show had gotten a little stuck in its tracks of "presenting the crime - 5-0 investigate - Steve and Danny male bonding - suspects try to run but get tackled by Steve (has there BTW ever been a suspect who didn't try to run?) - OMG PLOT TWIST! - annnnd case closed, book'em Danno!" This episode was very refreshing proof that the show can be both emotional and innovative, and it was a nice return to its roots, or even pilot prequel if you will.

    Anyway, I half expected Steve to propose to Catherine at the end, they had it all set up with Freddys words of "I've seen you with Lt. Rollins" and Catherine's way of not taking no for an answer :) But that would have taken the weight off the very solemn ending, so I'm OK with that.

    Speaking of Michelle Borth, she could use some weapons training. She looked like a scared teen everytime she fired that AK and not like a trained pro at all. Also, keep your eyes where your barrel is pointing and your finger off the trigger unless you mean to fire, Lieutenant! :)
  • real life wife

    was Freddie's wife played by Alan Ritchson's real wife? still crying
  • A question of rank...

    @Confused: Joe is what we call in the Navy a MUSTANG -- an officer that was prior enlisted -- thus the CPO grade in 2000. He may have been commissioned as a Limited Duty Officer (LDO), which allows enlisted in certain fields to become commissioned officers in their specialty without a college degree; in this case a SEAL Operator (SO). However, his advancement in paygrade is limited to LCDR, unless he gets a Bachelors/Masters degree, which will open up his opportunities for future promotion. Most enlisteds trust Mustangs and warrant officers over regular commissioned officers, as they have enlisted leadership and technical experience.

    Another way to look at it: OFFICERS are generalists in a particular field, ENLISTEDS are specialists in a particular occupational field.
  • Confused

    How is it that Joe White is a Chief Petty Officer in the flashbacks, but he is an officer in "present time" that seems next to impossible in just 12 years for someone of his age.
  • Very Sad

    Why Did KOREA DO THAT !!
  • Boring

    I found this episode boring, not sure why catherine is even there, she goes from a bikini, to kissing scences, and then holding a gun, there is no need for her character if you look at past seasons, they were on top with just crime, not the love live
  • The Promise

    I loved this episode! The scenes with Steve and his friend on the plane .Liked what he said about Cath.

    The scenes where Steve found his friends body... The emotions.

    And Cath was amazing in this episode. Supportive,tough...
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