Hawaii Five-0

Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 05, 2011 on CBS

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  • Edge of seat


    This was a really good fast pace episode, its still shocking when they have a woman who threatens kids with the whole 'women are supposed to have maternal instincts' and whatnot.

    Enjoyed the rythem of it, didnt really know what was going on until the end which is always good. You dont want shows where you guess the motive, bad guy in the first five minutes.

    Another shocking twist at the end. It would be a serious betrayal if Joe is the one helping WoFat. As he doesnt say a name I guess we just have to wait and see.

    Another great episode from the Hawaii Five-0 team.

  • Great episode, poor Steve!


    Can Steve trust anyone? It seems that he gets betrayed at every turn. Who was Joe White talking to?!

    It seems to me that Steve doesn't get anyone on his side in this Wo Fat issue. He can't catch a break, the guy is toasted.

  • climax at the end as usual


    the shows back to normal again and as usual they solved a case at the island when a bus full of kids and a teachers being hijacked by a drug dealers.

    the thing is "joe white" maybe is the enemy within because making suspicious call to somebody unknown at the end of the shows. haha. the next episode will be next week @ 12/12

  • A school bus filled with young kids is hijacked. Five-0 jumps into action to rescue the hostages and bring the kidnappers to justice.


    Once again Hawaii Five-0 delivers another thrilling episode. What makes "Pahele" stand out is the clever turns it takes with a conventional and formulaic action story. Those aforementioned turns help keep the viewer hooked until the end. I always enjoy an episode where I am guessing up until the final scene. The one flaw I have with the episode is the hostages being buried literally under tons of dirt. Nobody in that truck would have been able to survive for a number of reasons. The weight of all of that dirt would have crushed the truck or they all would have suffocated from the dirt falling into the truck through the air vent. That aside, this episode does work. Don't miss it.

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