Hawaii Five-0

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 2010 on CBS
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A security detail member is murdered before he outlines the details of an assassination plot against a ruthless dictator planning to attend an Aid Summit. Five-0 must protect the dictator while investigating the murder.

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  • Good Ep

    Overall I liked this episode, though the towards the end of the episode it became really hard to be believable as there were some flaws. When the General is rescued from attempted assassination they find refuge at McGarrett's house. Next McGarrett makes a call to have SWAT arrive as backup at his house, this is during the day. Next we see it is night time and no SWAT. It is really difficult to believe that SWAT did not rush to make it in time.

    Another point that is difficult to believe, a general from a southeast asian country that has killed hundreds of thousands of people just suddenly decides to go to jail for his crimes. I t seems highly unlikely this would be true in the real world.moreless
  • I liked it.

    Despite a completely implausible set of character circumstances and an almost totally blind assessment of the security situation by McGarrett, I still liked it. And that's not like me!

    It moved. That's for certain. Things went "boom" and most of the bad guys got theirs. The fact that the baddest guy didn't get his, well, that's life and politics in the 21st century. I guess we have to be happy with the implication that he will get his, the "justice" way. And that's suspension of disbelief if I ever saw it. Maybe the fantasy aspect of the episode is what appealed to me; intended or unintended.

    It did show a side of McGarrett's past life as a SEAL, and the collision of the that and the world he now operates in. That was interesting. And hey, was it Mary's lucky night NOT to be home tonight or what?! ;o}

    I don't know; I have no real analysis of the why's and wherefores of why I enjoyed this one. Sometimes you just have to put it down to cosmic interference, and I had just watched "Castle", so...moreless
  • From the theme song to the cast this show is GREAT!

    SPOILER ALERT! McGarrett and his team must protect a foreign General that has committed heinous acts against his own people when he comes to Hawaii for a summit. One of Steve's former Seal buddies is now the head of a security firm hired to protect the General and his family when a plot to assassinate him is uncovered. When the one person that has information as to the plot of the assassination is himself assassinated it becomes a race to find the female assassin before the General arrives and get her to give up the name of who hired her. She is identified as an ex-CIA operative but before she can be captured and interrogated she is killed by a bus during a shootout with McGarrett and his team. With their only lead dead, McGarrett and his team must protect the General and his family without knowing anything more about the planned assassination. Once the General is in the vehicle with McGarrett the information comes in that the female assassin called Steve's Seal buddy right after she killed the advance team member. Steve takes refuge at his home with his team, the General and the General's family as his "friend" and his men surround the house. The ensuing battle takes place after the real reason the General was in the United States is reveal: He is going to turn himself in, testify at the UN regarding the crimes he has committed and take his punishment.

    This show gets better with every episode. The friendship between Steve and Danny gets deeper each week and the chemistry the whole cast has is a delight to watch each week. I look forward to each and every episode and have watched them numerous times online! GREAT remake and a wonderful tribute to the excellent first Hawaii Five-O. Keep up the good work CBS and company, especially the 4 stars: Alex O'Loughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim & Grace Park! Can't get enough of you guys!moreless
  • A controversial political figure comes to Hawaii, and is the target of an assassination plot. The Five-0 team is tasked with stopping the plot and finding out who is behind it.moreless

    I liked this episode. Critics sometimes complain that it isn't realistic enough, but if I wanted reality, I'd watch Jersey Shore. This was a different story than others I'd seen- so points for originality. Some parts I saw coming, some I didn't and there were a few good twists. Character development is normally something I harp about (I'm looking at you, NCIS:LA) but the writers of Hawaii Five-0 have no problem there. Sometimes the dialogue is a little stunted, and that happened a bit here. This was another entertaining hour of television, and I know there'll be more to come.moreless
  • 5.0 is tasked to protect a ruthless foreign general against group of assassins. Brilliant, but can be improved.

    Let's start with the story flaws first:

    1. The murder at the beginning. Why does the assassin bother to seduce the man with sex, instead of just dropping lethal poison into the security detail's drink right away?

    2. The ambush in Pak's convoy. Why does the mercenary plan to bomb the front car in order to stop Pak's car behind it, instead of just putting the bomb at Pak's car?

    Those flaws aside, this episode is one hell of a good action. McGarrett's hand-to-hand fight with the killer is artfully choreographed, similar to that of Bourne movies; the sieges in McGarrett's home and during the convoy are absolutely epic, magnificent clash between outnumbering assailants against resourceful 5.0; and most importantly, the realism of the action scenes, where 5.0 takes care to wear armor, aim correctly, and secure perimeter, is terrific.

    All in all, if you want pure action, 5.0 is the best since 24.moreless
Scott Caan

Scott Caan

Detective Danny 'Danno' Williams

Daniel Dae Kim

Daniel Dae Kim

Police Officer Chin Ho Kelly

Alex O'Loughlin

Alex O'Loughlin

Lieutenant Commander Steven J. 'Steve' McGarrett

Grace Park

Grace Park

Police Officer Kono Kalakaua

Kelly Hu

Kelly Hu

Laura Hills

Guest Star

Max Martini

Max Martini

Nick Taylor

Guest Star

Matt Corboy

Matt Corboy

David Atwater

Guest Star

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    • Steve: (Talking about Nick) You didn't like me at first either.
      Danny: Let me explain something to you; I will never like that 'cheeseball'.
      Steve: Okay, I get that you were built without a censor button, but if we have to go to guns on this case, you're gonna be happy he's on our side.
      Danny: Okay, if we have to go to guns on this case, happy is not one of the emotions I will be expressing, okay.

    • (Steve and Nick talking to each other)
      Danny: Okay, okay, I got an idea, uh, if you guys are going to keep talking like this, maybe we get a dictionary.
      Steve: All right, (to Nick) I'm sorry about him.

    • Steve: Let me ask you a question. Where do people from New Jersey vacation?
      Danny: Um, I don't know. I-I would imagine they vacation all over the place.
      Steve: Okay. And you're a-you're aware of the fact that, perhaps, many people from New Jersey vacation here, in Hawaii?
      Danny: I'm sure some misguided people do, sure.
      Steve: Okay, good. And how many Hawaiians do you think vacation in New Jersey?
      Danny: (exasperated) I don't know.
      Steve: I can help you with that answer, if you want. The answer is zero, Danny. Because nobody here, except you, wants to be there. Okay?

    • Danny: (referring to Steve trusting a friend who later betrayed him) This is really, really good news. I mean, you are a human being. Which is good news to me, because I had no idea.

    • Steve: Because aside from a couple of great singers, New Jersey doesn't exactly scream...
      Danny: Whoa, whoa, whoa! A few great singers? Sinatra, Springsteen.... A few great sing...Jonathan Bon Jovi!
      Steve: I'm sorry, Bon Jovi?
      Danny: Absolutely Bon Jovi.
      Steve: You serious?
      Danny: He's right up there. "You Give Love a Bad Name", "Wanted Dead or Alive", "It's My-
      Steve: Now you're giving me song titles. I love it.
      Danny: I'm giving you classic song titles.

    • Nick Taylor: I killed for God and country for years. But I figured it was about time I got paid for it. Five million dollars to keep Pak from testifying, and I'll cut you in, Steve. All you got to do is put a bullet in him.
      Steve: You know what? I'll put a bullet in you first. How's that?
      Nick Taylor: Oh, I'm glad to see civilian life hasn't dulled your sense of humor.

    • Nick Taylor: She's a mechanic, and a very good one.
      Kono: A mechanic?
      Nick Taylor: An assassin.
      Danny: A mechanic. Okay, look. Nick, could you do me a favor and just stop? From now on, the company is the C.I.A., alright? The mechanic is the assassin. And please, let's stop referring to what you people do as the community. You're not a community. The Amish people, they have a community. Let's just say what things are, please?

    • Steve: Look, all I'm saying is, it's cool with me if you want to have a photo of Grace, okay? But any other additions and-and decorations to the interior of this vehicle should be treated like a wiretap request where you need my authorization.
      Danny: You could ride in the trunk if you don't like it. I'll get real Jersey up in this piece.

    • Steve: Well, you got good instincts, partner. Longboards on me?
      Danny: Absolutely (as they start walking away) Can I see your wallet please? (Steve looks at him) Well, the last time you offered to buy me a drink you conveniently forgot your wallet and I got stuck with the... you don't have your wallet, do you?
      Steve: It's like I said, you got good instincts.

    • Danny: (discussing being homesick) I miss Sal's Steakhouse. I miss Frankie's. I miss Manny's!
      Steve: You realize how much of your life revolves around food?
      Danny: Do you realize how much of your life revolves around armed conflict?

    • Danny: You have got to start doing a better job of picking your friends.
      Steve: Tell me about it. I picked you, didn't I?
      Danny: (smiles) Yeah!

  • NOTES (3)

    • The title of this episode, Po'ipu, is Hawaiian for "The Siege".

    • International Air Dates:
      Canada: November 15, 2010 on Global
      Australia: March 20,2011 on Channel Ten
      United Kingdom: March 27, 2011 on Sky1/Sky1 HD
      Croatia: April 18, 2011 on RTL TV
      Germany: May 8, 2011 on Sat.1
      Sweden: July 14, 2011 on TV4/TV4 HD
      Slovakia: October 19, 2011 on JOJ
      Czech Republic: October 20, 2011 on Prima
      Finland: May 26, 2012 on Nelonen

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Vražedné spiknutí (Murderous Conspiracy)