Hawaii Five-0

Season 1 Episode 17

Powa Maka Moana

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 2011 on CBS

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  • Hawai 5-0

    So good...
  • A group of teens on spring break are taken hostage when pirates raid the teens' party boat. The kidnappers soon contact the teens' wealthy families with ransom demands. Five-0 goes into action.

    "Powa Maka Moana" is one of the better episodes of season one. The episode certainly does it's job in terms of delivering suspense, clever plot twists and action. This episode did get off to a rocky start. As I watched the scene of Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan pushing the car I asked myself two questions: "Did McGarrett ever hear of a tow truck?" and "Is this scene really necessary?". The miscast Nick Lachey is another liability. Try as I might, I could not take him seriously in his role. The episode does redeem itself with a terrific rescue sequence.
  • I have to admit to a cringe when I saw the trailers..

    Lachey and Minillo? I thought I must have eaten some bad beef or something.

    But nope. There they were. Though it wasn't actually as bad as I thought it might be. While there, Lachey largely had his face under a balaclava, and Minillo was, thankfully, in briefly at the start and out in handcuffs at the end. Fitting, somehow.

    But the story line was a decent offering of a parent's worst spring break nightmare. And I doubt it would top any kid's "to do" list either.

    I felt badly for the parent's of the kid who died; they would never stop regretting their decision though I would imagine in reality its a damned if you do-damned if you don't kind of thing.

    At any rate, you have to be up pretty early (and be a better actor!) to fool McGarrett. He saw through the plotter' scheme, managed to save the day, and by all appearances, was able to recycle several old Honolulu phone books and yellow pages while he was at it.

    Nice day's work, Steve...
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