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  • I WANT Michelle Borth Back!

    I'm tired of the Wlliams character being so neurotic. Can't they let him grow up even a little??? I like Borth';s character, but if she doesn't come back then there needs to be some love interest for McGarrett. I love the police stories but we are far enough in to the series that the characters need to be more than just two-dimensional.
  • Soap Opera?

    If Catherine (Michelle Borth) is back ..... I'm gone!! Can't stand that prima donna. Season 5 was great with just the guys and Kono. Can we stick to police stories and not get so involved in the characters love/private lives. If that's what you want to see, then watch the soaps.
  • The Writing

    Such contrite car dialog.

    The acting seems forced in a certain unemotional way, esp. with Steve's character lines.

    I recently noticed it in other actors, as well.

    But I enjoy the show. It's unique in its dead-body-findings...

    Jerry was awesome at the beginning. I want to know a person like that, lol. I love how they still realize he's a conspiracy nut but see some truth in it too. I feel misunderstood like that too sometimes.

    Season 5 was awesome!!!
  • Hawaii Five O

    Best show and we love of the characters. We would like to see more of Danno and STeve together, but all the characters play great roles including Jerry and the Shrimp guy. The funny parts make the drama parts great. Look forward to seeing this show for many years.
  • Fantastic Series!

    Reads like a movie, especially the aerial shots. It captures the real natural beauty of the islands. The topicality, humor, interplay of Steve and Danno, with their very different backgrounds and personalities, make it special. All the characters really contribute. The only series I follow! Hope it continues as long as the original.
  • Loud Music

    Why must the music be soooo loud and drown out what the actors are saying. All the TV shows are like this. Very annoying!!!!
  • Get rid of Jerry

    Jerry is really annoying. All he does is take screen time away from the other actors. Adding the character for comic relief has not helped the show.
  • It represents everything

    Americans love in fiction and hate in reality--violates constitutional rights. Yet none of the characters sit on the floor like NCIS' Bishop.
  • One of my most favourite shows!

    Delightful to watch - keep it coming!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WILL SOMEONE HELP ME FIND OUT THE NAME OF THE SONG AND WHO SINGS IT ON THE NEWEST HAWAI'I FIVE 0 EPISODE SEASON 5 EPISODE 19 THAT AIRED March 13th, 2015 CALLED KAHANIA (CLOSE SHAVE) I have been gone from Big Island now for 8 months since the lava is taking out Puna (Pahoa) and my husbands work place. I am SO SO SO HOMESICK. I heard this song and I just HAVE to find out how to get it. SOMEONE PLEAE HELP ME. MANY MAHALO'S ANTOINETTE YOU CAN WRITE ME AT islandantoinette at yahoo
  • sucks when they play music when the actors are talking

    Just when the actors are going to say something profound the music gets louder and can't hear anything. Thanks for closed captioning
  • In my top 3 out of my favorite 5.

    Is it perfect? No. Do I love it? Yes. I hope it remains on the air for many years.
  • Great Show

    My favorite TV show is Hawaii Five-O. Glad they got rid of Catherine since she added nothing to the show. Adding Grover is certainly a tough-guy humor plus. They should eliminate Jerry who is nothing but annoying and makes me want to turn the channel while he is on screen. The original cast is surely the best with the addition of Grover. If it "ain't broke don't fix it" applies here!
  • Pros and Cons

    I love this show. I never got into the original, but I'm assuming it's awesome. My problem is with the newer characters. Catherine adds to the cast, but I think that Grover interrupts the central Danny-Steve bromance, which is the heart of the show, and Jerry is a slapstick addition. He is given a very big role, but doesn't have the character depth to pull it off. This is just my opinion, but I preferred the dynamic of the earlier seasons...
  • howzit haole

    I cant wait till it comes on this is much better than the original, not that the original was poor!! but here we have laughter, lumps in your throat and Respect, something that is missing from tv and BRITAINS youth nowadays
  • Aloha!

    I have been a fan of the new H5-0 since the first episode. The writers are bright and very imaginative. This last episode was brilliant. Very classic. <3 the show.
  • The best thing that can be said about this remake

    It's CRAPTACULAR at best, and needs to be put out it's misery. This is what you get when you try and tinker with an original.
  • Please bring back Michelle

    I love the show, especially with Steve and Catherine's love story, they are so perfect together, you can feel the love is real. So please bring her back..
  • Where is Catherine?

    I love the show, but when is Catherine coming back? Tonight's episode makes u think Steve maybe starting something with the BRING BACK CATHERINE!!!!!!!
  • Huge wave of nostalgia

    I watched the original show with my father when I was a child. So when I heard they were re-booting the show, I hoped it would have all the elements that I loved forty odd years ago. There's been some criticism that it's not a faithful copy of the original, to be honest, that is what makes it good. It's a re-imagined series, not a copy. In Alex and Scott they have the dream team, two actors whose on-screen chemistry sizzles in every scene. The mystique of the Steve and Danny Bromance is one of the best bits of the show, which has wit and charm not just action and adventure. A more than fitting tribute to what went before.
  • Love Five-0 and the cast

    Can't wait for the fall and a new show, it's the only series I ever long wait between seasons. I like that it rolls along from case to case. Some of Scott's scathing humour seems to be at awkward times, I'm sure a Navy Seal wouldn't be listening to it at critical moments. Was there in December & wish I was able to get to the filming for the Pearl Hbr taping but could not my biggest loss while there :( my dad had been there & left Dec 6, 1941, so there's a connection with me.
  • Love the characters

    First of all I have to admit that I am only watching because of Alex O'Loughlin . Steve McGarrett). He is just soo cute and handsome and attractive and... But I also love the Dialogue between Steve and Danno and I also like the family vibe, that the whole five-0 team has. Some episodes are better then others. I rather prefer those episodes that include more private scenes about the characters and certainly wish that we will see more of especially Steve's private life eventhough or maybe because Michelle Borth is leaving (aka the girlfriend).
  • In love

    I find the show very entertaining i love the dynamics of all the character but wish there was more... of kat and steve relationship i love them together there use to be more but not lately
  • Dressing a pig - Hawaiian Style?

    Dress the violence up all you want in the splendor and paradise of the islands, we the "island people" are enraged at the message of brutal violence that permeates this program. Shame on you!
  • And where is...

    Episode 18 :) ?
  • I like a lot this show...

    ... because of the "chemistry" between steve and danny...

    but lately its getting on my nerves... there are no more scenes with/from their personal lives and that's annoying... i would like to see a development for steve and cat, and even for danny...

    ... but i also heard that the show was renewed for a next season so maybe now things will start to develop!!!
  • Political Funding At It's Finest!

    I am starting to feel uneasy with the message the show is sending.

    2nd amendment rights are for all Americans, not just a select few.
  • Writers and Casting director need career adjustments.

    Who Ever wrote the script for "Steve's Mother' failed completely to understand the character is "Harder" than portrayed.

    More recently - the roll of "Dano's Mother" done by Melanie Griffith actually made my head hurt.

    Has she ever been to the East Coast? Has the Writer ever been to the East Coast?

    Her Manners / behavior were strictly CA - The words she spoke were too soft for anything coming out of Jersey. - Geeze - if your gonna try to sell this rubbish at least find some Soprano's CD's and get the characters background closer.

    What are they doing to Kono?

    She was a decent roll model for kids - but given the rubbish that fell from her mouth during the most recent episode (Both inhumane, cruel - etc). She no longer qualifies to be a roll model for anyone not currently in prison let alone the youth of America.

    I can no longer consider Hawaii Five-O to be "Family Orientated" unless one is a member of The Mansion Family...
  • Episode guide error

    The episode guide skips from episode 14 to 16, when does 15 air?

    As for show review, it started out good, but this season they have been reducing the scripts and putting more action sequences in their place. :(
  • Extremely Lame

    I agree with the gentleman that this show is generally extremely lame. The information on guns is generally off target, the way they talk is very unprofessional. Not bad plots and story lines but acting the reality of the show is really lacking in today's world.
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