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    Seriously, the episodes are far better without Dan O. I cannot stand the stupid banter between Steve and Danny. We like another post has said, fast forward through the Danny parts of the episodes. When there is an episode that Danny is not on, it's almost refreshing! Let Adam take over his spot, not the Dan O role. Get rid of Danny all together! Would make for a far better show.
  • November 16 episode...

    was the most stupid to date. After fast forwarding through Grover's domestic soap opera, only about 5 minutes of actual crime time. Was it an ego trip for writer Chi Mcbride?
  • Worse Writing Ever

    Honestly, with all of the reviews saying the same thing, I cannot believe the writers don't change anything. The only good episodes are the ones without Danno. We have learned to record this show so we can fast forward the minute we see Danno in a scene with Steve. While I think Danno's acting is awful, it is made worse by the most horrendous and stupid writing of scenes between Steve and Danno. I honestly can't believe those scenes don't embarrass them.
  • Steve & Danny

    Why must we be subjective to these two????? I'm so sick of their bickering . Who's writing these episodes? Omg, the show has changed tremendously for the worst since Chin & Kono left.
  • Hawaii Five-O Season 9

    And yet another disappointment! No only are there no recaps, you only have up to Season 8 here! Very frustrated in KS.
  • Hawaii Five-O's crapy season8

    Am i the only one who noticed that hawaii five -o's season8 episodes have a gap like what the hack I finish an episode when i start one they show different scenes and they don't say whether we are in the past or something happened before!? Like one episode has some scenes that they don't show. I don't know how to explain but it's likw they are not bothering to tell us what happened
  • Worst actors ever

    like a high school play the actors don't know how to say their words right they can't get in character, it's a joke won't last more than a month guaranteed . Can't believe it's even on TV wow how people let things slip bye
  • Show is awful anymore!

    Bring back Chin and Kono, they were better than Danny or those 2 do is fight and its getting on people nerves. It's no longer funny. You made Chin happy as he got married then killed his wife. Danny and Rachel hooked up only for her to go back to her husband. Steve never gets to ask Catherine to marry him because she decides to run around doing stuff. THEN you dump Chin and Kono but keep Adam. What the hell??? Bring them back and you'll get many people watching again. And make them somewhat happy already, maybe Danny will stop his whiny bitching.
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  • Is aloha also good bye ?

    Just watching it now how dumb it can get. I especially like the fighting scenes, where they clobber each other and get up without a scratch. Too many cooks in the kitchen, some characters are not needed.

    Adam is easy on the eyes but that is all..... and Steve looks like he escaped from prison after a hunger strike.

  • Dumb Adam

    To me the show is becoming unwatchable. The Adam character and storyline makes no sense. Adam has no formal law enforcement training. McGarrett made Junior go to the academy and he was a Seal, but Adam gets right in, please. Adam makes no progress on ANYTHING during any show. The only thing he does is get in trouble and have to get rescued everytime. With this character it seems the show is grasping. Kill the storyline and the character.
  • Hawaii 5 NO

    I have had to stop watching the show. Not only did they mess up by not keeping the original cast but this stupid, stupid bickering between Steve and Danny is so annoying I just can't do it anymore. Its so gross, not funny and really old.
  • What's with the hair?

    Steve's "cut" makes him look too much like Rob Estes - I don't like the new look, though he is still mostly adorable; and, Danno's hair - yikes - NEVER liked it! His forehead is so deep he should have some hair over part of it - and, yanked back from his face? NO NO NO!

    Love this show - miss Chin Ho and Kono. Also, the bickering between Steve and Danno gets a bit old sometimes - and seems a bit contrived.
  • Hawaii Five Season Ever

    Boring!! Bring back Chin Ho & Kono, pay them a decent salary. As actors go, they are so much better than the replacements.

    Dump their replacements and Chi McBride!

    Dont need Jorge Garcia either, he adds nothing to the show. The early seasons with just the 4 were so good!!
  • Danno sucks!

    This actor may have a father that is a great actor but he is the worst actor ever! Please get rid of him. Then might start watching g the show again.
  • The entire season 8

    I'm getting tired of this bickering between McGarrett and Danny. Every week, constantly, whenever they're together. Please stop!
  • All good things

    I've watched this show from the start and loved it but last year, the Lame-ometer started climbing and I was almost over it by season's end - especially the Steve and Danno repartee that has been flogged to death. I had hoped that Danno might be dropped this season but still had high hopes with the injection of new characters. Alas, the Cringe-ometer is now tracking the Lame-ometer and I just can't even watch a whole episode now. The writers and producers have ruined a once excellent show and sadly, I am now an ex-viewer of it.
  • Shows gotten lame!

    The shows have gotten seriously lame. Catherine shows up and it's"hey your moms in a secret base let's go get her" then it's a quick 4hr trip half way around the world, then if that's not stupid enough all his buddies show up the next morning, aperantly there's no time, logistic or passport border issues. Then he finds his mom (who kicks his ass) dressed in perfectly fitted cleaned well pressed designer clothes with high heeled boots no less. Blow a hole in a concrete wall and magically appear at an Airport. There's no way this can last another season, good idea really bad Directing! And writing. They could take some notes from original series and maybe just bust some drug dealers or con artist, How many physco weirdo murders can happen on one island? They make Detroit look like Amish country!!
  • Why I really love Episode 7:18 The BIG KA BOOM!

    My heart tells me that Scott Caan will be leaving Hawaii Five-0 at the end of Season Seven. This episode, when Danny discusses opening a restaurant, confirms my suspicions that we're going to lose a beloved character whom millions of fans have loved over the past seven years. Over the past year or two, the writers have begun writing Danny in an increasingly negative, nasty, unfunny manner. His arguments are now really nasty. My theory is that they're writing him this way so that the fans get tired of him and won't miss him when he finally leaves the show.

    I love Steve and Danny's arguments in this episode because they're about something important. Danny's thinking of leaving Five-O and he hasn't discussed it with his partner. Steve's feeling really panicked and his emotional abandonment issues are triggered. He keeps pressing the issue because he's upset. Alex played those scenes beautifully. I could genuinely feel Steve's panic. Steve's really upset with Danny. Steve's the one who keeps saying, "I love you, bro," and "Even if we're not together, we'll still be together.

    I think the writers have been writing Danny as increasingly negative so we won't miss him when Scott leaves the show. I've been wondering how they'll write him out of the show. I'm praying that they don't kill the character. The restaurant idea is our first clue that Danny is thinking of leaving the group. My heart tells me that Scott's leaving after this season.

    I love Scott and I love Danny, so I'm beginning to feel emotionally abandoned, just like Steve! Danny just works for me, I can't explain it, I emotionally relate more to Danny than I do to Steve. I've adored Danny from his very first moment onscreen, sigh, I'm gonna miss that guy. lol, he's the most Jewish WASP I've ever seen. Danny's way of relating to the world is to complain. Kvetch, kvetch, kvetch! I find it funny, but a lot of others finds it irritating. I guess I always understand Danny's point of view. However, I do agree, the complaining during the training session was unprofessional. Lol, I like to call Danny "Debbie Downer.

    If Danny does open that restaurant, then he can do cameos in Season Eight, where the family shows up at the restaurant and he serves them his grandmother's great Italian food, so we can see small, happy moments at the ends of episodes, like this one. I love that scene, too--all Steve's Ohana, gathered together to celebrate. Steve cherishes these moments. He's the father, seated at the head of the table, loving and protecting his family. Danny is his beloved brother, the brother he never had, and that's why they bicker so much. Danny just does NOT see the world the way that Steve does, they're polar opposites, and remember, Danny never wanted to be in Hawaii. So, their opposites clash like crazy, but they both know that the other person is by far their best partner. It's also that male testosterone thing, bumping up against each other. They're GUYS! Guys challenge each other and want to beat each other.

    Steve and Danny are brilliant partners. They're yin and yang, they beautifully complement and complete each other, they each fill in the missing parts of the other person. I love when Danny constantly challenges Steve on all his ideas, then utterly gives in and says, "OK, let's go. Steve really does NOT consult Danny on anything. Steve always has all the answers. But then they fuse and seamlessly mesh as one when the rubber meets the road. They've successfully accomplished all their missions and they're still ALIVE. Each partner has saved the other partner's life countless times. I always think of the Chinese proverb, "When you save another person's life, you're responsible for them.

    To me, these two are spiritually fused in ways that neither one can understand and which utterly confounds them and drives them nuts. I love it. It's all spiritual, on the highest level possible, and utterly beyond their human capacity to understand. It's not sexual, it's spiritual. And I think that there's an element here of reality Scott and Alex are bound in very powerful way because of their close proximity at birth. They're almost twins. And yet they're both utterly opposites in many ways, which probably confounds THEM in real life! "I love you but you drive me crazy!!" They get to play their real-world relationship on screen. Alex has said he loves doing these scenes more than anything else.

    Alex and Scott are both spectacular in this episode, playing polar opposites and driving each other nuts. "Admit it, you're gonna miss this," Steve says when they're both under the truck, fixing the fuel line, trying not to get killed. "Really!?!?" Danny shoots back. I laughed out loud. That tiny scene is the crux of their seven-year conflict: Steve loves danger, Danny hates it!!!

    I fell in love with Alex in this episode. Steve is hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time. Alex gives one of the best performances in seven years. When they're skydiving, Steve's giddy, smiling, laughing like crazy, sharing an experience he loves with his buddy, who of course, hates it!!! (Man, I'd LOVE to be strapped to Steve in a tandem jump!) I laughed out loud. Alex plays the entire episode with high energy, great intensity and brilliant comedic and emotional timing. Steve's really feeling that they could die here. He' can't fake it any longer. He wants to make sure that Danny knows that he loves him, in case they both get blown to smithereens. Danny just wants to stay alive. Steve's got that great SEAL adrenaline flowing through his veins. Danny JUST WANTS TO STAY ALIVE. But he trusts Steve at every turn to save their lives. And Steve comes through again. Thank GOD!

    And the scene when the bomb blows up, they get knocked around, both of them can't hear, and Steve's first thought is, "Steve's restaurant!!!" as he rolls around laughing like crazy on the ground, while Danny's saying "It CAN'T be Steve's Restaurant!!" while both of them are saying, "I can't hear!" had me laughing like crazy. It's one of the funniest scenes I've ever seen. Uh, oh, Steve's in for a big disappointment. Danny probably wants to name the restaurant after his Italian grandmother. But you know, I think he'll give in AGAIN and name the restaurant "Steve's Restaurant!!" One bone to pick on this scene. In real life, both of them would have suffered ruptured ear drums, been hospitalized, and maybe never been able to hear again, but oh, heck, let's not quibble about reality!

    I love Steve and Danny, I love Alex and Scott, and I, for one, will deeply miss the ongoing saga of this hilarious mismatch of these two human beings when Danny/Scott finally says farewell to Hawaii Five-O. And I think Steve/Alex will miss Danny/Scott when Scott finally leaves the show.

    These thoughts, as always, are just my feelings and opinions about a show and the characters/people I've grown to really love over the past seven years.

  • Miss the earlier seasons

    I still like to watch but wish it could go back to the way it was in the earlier seasons. I really loved it back then. (For me before Jerry and Lou) I love Danny especially. Him and Steve together bromance but wish they didn't make Danny's character have to argue so much. Or make silly argument just to have it. To me having Lou and jerry take away from Danny and then they writer him in a bad way. And have him say and do stupid things.
  • Time to get rid of Danny

    I agree with previous comments that the constant battle of words between Steve and Danny has to stop. The icing on the cake was the recent episode where the two of them had to drive the bomb across the island looking for a place to use the cell phone. With only less than an hour on the clock, the two of them wasted time arguing about what the other said. It's time to write Danny out of the script before more viewers like me decide to stop watching. Or maybe the two of them should just get a room.
  • More content and less yammering please

    If the show can't come up with more plot, they need to cut to a half hour show. The yammering between Steve and Danny is irritating. We fast forward through that junk which cut the time down to about a half hour or less.
  • Don't know how much more of this I can take

    The constant bickering between Steve and Danny has been getting on my nerves for months. I have never liked the guy who plays the character of Danny and I absolutely hate his portrayal of the character. He is a pain in the neck. If I had a partner like that, I would have him fired or moved to another department or something. There is no partner chemistry here whatsoever and their moaning and groaning and arguing with each other comes at constantly inopportune times even if it were relevant to their duties, which it is not. There are a few other characters that are barely tolerable as are their story lines, but Steve and Danny -- well this has all got to stop. I think I will erase that series from my DVR. Just one less series I have to take up my time catching up on if I am otherwise busy. There are few characters I even care about their personal lives anymore.

    Steve's mom needs to be axed from any plots, as do the guys taking off to foreign lands or mainland cities at the drop of a hat and no one says a word about them missing from their assigned duties. One does not simply hop on a plane and land up somewhere else instantly to solve some major problem.

    I hope the writers actually read these reviews. This program is going down the toilet.
  • Stop the Bickering

    Love all the characters but the bickering between Steve and Danny has got to stop. Makes me want to stop watching. On a brighter note, so glad Kono is finally a regular on the show instead of "off to other assignments" and then bringing in other females.
  • Stop the fighting

    So tired of listening to Danny whining about everything and him and Steve fighting all the time. Move on, get new material, new writers, whatever it takes. They are ruining the show!!!
  • Force Field Analysis - Forces in Favor and Forces Against

    Getting to the bottom line about viewers feedback is the key to staying on the air. Finding out what viewers tolerate and what makes them come back is the bottom line.

    Dialed In

    The characters - Steve and regulars are all dialed in except for Dano. If you have to target a character, that's the one on the "Forces Against" side. Change how you're writing him and you might save the actor but keep writing him as-is and he's going to take the show down.

    Crime solving, tense situations, local history and color of Hawaii and a mix of "guest" actors is "dialed-in"

    The Diversity of characters on the show is a real plus. And I applaud the family values and clean language - good choice!

    Not Dialed In

    The constant nattering between Steve and Dano is driving viewers away. The concept that this is entertaining to most viewers is flawed - I can't find one person who likes it and plenty who have stopped watching and will stop watching because of it. Sure Dano needs a personality - in the old Hawaii 5-O he didn't have one. So between not having one and having what you have - neutral would be better. Want a personality? Drive him toward a family man struggling with being a Dad or give him an outside charitable interest but take him somewhere else quick.
  • E malam pono

    Getting tired of the Danny and Steve insults back and forth. Move on!!
  • What a Mess. Writer's Wanted - or rather - depserately needed

    This used to be a fairly decent police detective action type show with a few entertaining episodes off track. The mother got kind of boring and Steve trying to be a spy even worse, but mostly it was a fairly decent detective action show. No more. Could there possibly be a worse plot than this latest mess of serial killer garbage? What is wrong with your writers? Are they jealous of Criminal Minds? Do they think they're working for How to Get Away With Murder? Are they worried that their show is on the way out -- well, here's a news flash, keep this up and they'll be following the CSIs out the door. What a waste of time these episodes are becoming.
  • The shark is coming

    This series is starting to pull apart. Some might say that it has been. The shark I'm referring to is the one they're going to jump if they don't refresh this show rather quickly. Tired of the repartee between McGarrett and Williams, which is getting quite forced, and even MORE tired of the shameless product placement that is going on here. Last night was nothing but one big ad for the Hilton Hawaiian Village (which they shamelessly promote anyway) with a ridiculous story weaved in and amongst the HHV scenes. Anyone who knows that place knows it's a tourist zoo, and that romantic dinner scene at the end was staged by their fake lagoon, but I'll bet good money their reservations will pick up. This series, which I used to devotedly watch in the earlier seasons, is quickly spiraling down. Come on, guys - go back to the basics, quit promoting HHV and other restaurants along Waikiki that pay for the privilege, and give us a crime show.
  • ortega is absurd.

    please rid off "ortega". doesn't fit for a purpose. just maintain the existing casts. no need to bring a new cast.
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