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  • No More Kono? Really?!!

    If Grace Park isn't on the show anymore, I'm OUT!!!!!!! Why does it seem like they've been trying to kill her off since the beginning of the show? Stupid decision by them! I won't reward such a stupid decision by watching this show!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The show gotten like a soap opera

    I just can not get past Catherine, she brings nothing to the show, and in fact ratings are lower than ever. Grace Parks holds her own and does not need another female in it
  • A coincidence?

    Any links with the Charles Ramsey's things?

    If that was not choose that's a very good timing!!
  • Worst Episode Ever Made / Captain's Bars

    Well it had to happen sometime. The talk show episode was absolutely awful! They really stepped in the doo doo this time. Judging by the 95% negative comments on FB, most everyone else hated it too! Hopefully, this doesn't signal the end of the show.

    As to the comments about Catherine wearing Captain's bars, she's isn't. The Navy has their own ranking. A single silver bar is a Lt. Junior Grade. Double silver bars are for a Lt. Senior Grade. A gold leaf is a Lt. Commander and a silver leaf is a Commander. A Captain in the Navy wears silver eagles on their lapel.
  • Best show yet

    Tonight show Is the best. 20 minutes later and the tears are still rolling! Thanks!
  • I love this show, but...

    why is there always inconsistent airing of the episodes? Not just this show but some others too.

    I tune in every week looking for the next episode and it becomes a coin toss as to whether it is showing or not.

  • What?

    I can't get past the fact that Catherine is called a Lt. but is wearing Captains bars!
  • Time plz

    Does anyone know what time it is where this airs tonight because I I'm in the uk and different times and what ever counrty It is they have hawaii five l more series faster then us
  • show needs help

    The show has to much conversation about the characters personal life the first show lasted so long

    because they concentrated on the story line with very little of the characters personal life. Even the

    bad guys were better like wo-fat.

  • Nicee

    My favorite show! Fun and exciting!
  • The most over rated show ever!!!!

    I just wonder how this show is running and who watches this show. It's the most over rated and over acted show ever and the astonishing part is that it has managed to make it through the 3rd season.

    There is not one good thing about it

    Hawaii Five-O was my favorite show on TV. I hate that they wrote in McGarrett's mothor and the damn girlfriend. PRODUCERS, WRITERS, the show's focus back on the Core 4 and Wo Fat. If you don't, I will never watch another 5-0 episode again. DONE!
  • Great show

    Way better then the re-runs of the original that i grew up on!!! This Five-0 has great views of the islands and the actors are fun with great chemistry. Keeps me watching week after week!!!
  • Has 5-0 finished for this series?

    This series to grows on you
  • This Real!

    I love this show 24/24 7days of week. I loking forward coming back home there. Mean my 3 years old child (Cindy). She KG, School. I going to scool for to be one of the Hawaii five o, laworder,

    Tenika Obama
  • Bye Bye

    I don't watch a lot of tv, I'm too busy but I record the ones that interest me, I liked Five-0 but now I have to say goodbye. As a previous rater stated, the characters aren't growing, moving forward. They're just "there". Plus, shows used to actually entertain but when they use that forum to voice their political agendas that's when I bye bye. Writer's of tv and movies, actors, directors, producers, need to go back to just entertaining not pushing their beliefs on me.
  • Hookman

    Lately I have noticed that the background music has been getting louder and louder, so that it is hard to hear the actors voices. Fuck the music. the music will never make the Grammys. Lets let the actors act.
  • Hookman

    I have been watching this show now since its premier. I was really starting to like it until last nights episode of The writers seem to think that I care about their political views on 2nd Amendment rights and that is something they should have not touched. You can take your anti gun, anti 2nd Amendment stance and stick it where the sun don't shine. I firmly believe in the 2nd Amendment just as I do anyone having the right to believe what they want, but keep it out of your episodes. I am sick of people blaming an inanimate object, instead of the criminal doing the crime.

    Bunch of hypocrites. I for one will not be watching the show any longer, which is a shame, because I really was liking the show.

    US AF Retired
  • where?????

    episode 15?
  • Mixed feelings

    At the beginning of the first season this show was quite promising. The cast was well assembled and their chemistry was well balanced. Adding the gorgeous Hawaii scenery and breath taking locations was a big bonus. During the course of the following seasons the show has changed, but unfortunately, not for the better. Not only that the main characters have hardly evolved and developed, some of them have been reduced to two dimensional caricatures of their initial iterations. The character of McGarrett has become a show's narrator who states the obvious most of the time and does a step by step description of the plot and that is often quite boring and, let's be frank, insulting to an average intelligence. On top of that, he became a stereotyped, always good tough guy. Product placement in the show is clumsy and too obvious. Occasionally, some sequences look and feel like they came straight from the Microsoft PR kitchen. All in all, this show, in my opinion, is not going to last very long.
  • Conflicted

    While I like the show I am struggling now that I see too much plot around Wo-Fat (eventually to be revealed as McGarrett's half-brother) and the vote for the ending episode coming not just go the route of American Idol all the time so I won't bother watching. I give the show another season but it has jumped the shark...
  • I miss Jack Lord

    I grew up watching the Original 50 and I loved Like most remakes,This one falls short of the original.
  • this is still better than REALITY TV cause REALITY TV SUCKS is stinkin pile of dodo!!! r-tv sucks!!!

    since the networks and cable channels have decided to go cheap on us and make 99 percent REALITY TV shows, wrestling (on sci-fi!!) and are always cancelling great shows... i have cancelled my cable and no longer watch any tv... i download all my shows i like off the internet and have started watching alot of bbc shows from england. I'll not sit in front of the box and watch crap in the evenings after working all day. I want quality or nothing at all from the networks / cable channels. I SUGGEST WE ALL BOYCOTT THE TV for one week each month until the REALITY CRAP is taken off the air. That crap causes brain damage... it's totally unacceptable. No one is stupid enough to enjoy that crap except some inbred bigfoot half-breed. They want to produce the cheapest crap possible and still retain the ratings to get sponsors and advertising dollars. Don't give them the appearance of ratings by watching at all. Turn off you cable / sat and download... NO Commercials!!! and only watch what you want to watch when u want to watch it... been doing this for 4 years now and it's great. Only problem is, running out of shows to watch. Sci-Fi channel, now si-fi (junk now) sold out and became a cess-pool putting on fantasy and wrestling crap... was once the best channel on cable... anyways,

    boycott cable / networks and download from internet...

    watch ur shows without commercials or interuption...

    hope the networks realize they're loosing their loyal viewers because we're NOT dumbing down and

    we HATE reality TV crap...

    screw u a-holes... you're idiots and you're gonna kill ur networks/channels if you keep on this way
  • Tip top

    Personally, H 5-0 is my favourite show right now. Sure they play a little fast and loose with the tech but lets face it, they only have an hour to pull everything together. Besides, CSI is far worse in this regard. As far as the writing goes, I don't find it shallow like others I've heard. It's fast-paced, witty and modern. And again, you're not going to fit "War and Peace" into a one hour show, nor should you try. There's no heavy "drama" (which I hate) yanking it down all the time yet the characters get a chance to develop nearly every episode. The chemistry between the actors is obviously there and it appears they don't take themselves too seriously. I love the fact that there is an overall story arc that spans multiple seasons yet doesn't take away from the individual stories each episode tells. I can't find a single thing worth mentioning wrong with this show! Keep up the good work and don't you DARE let yourselves get cancelled!
  • Hawaii Five -O

    I have admit right off the bat that I've never seen an episode of the original but I still feel like this reboot was done so very well. Not only is there a cast with plenty of chemistry (seriously the way the characters interact with each other makes this for me. Go TEAM! I adore the main cast liek woah) but there are plenty of explosions and gun fights to fulfill my action craving little heart. And while there have been the occasional episode which raised my eyebrow with an 'Oh really?' expression (especially the built in commercials) I can tolerate them because this show delivers on the goods. It's fun, action-packed, dramatic and rides on the edge of ridiculous without completely falling into it.

    Bring on more episodes!
  • Cool scenery

    This show is what entertainment should be, they don't take themselves too seriously. I have enough real drama in my life, I don't really want to look at it on TV I just want to be intelligently entertained (without a laugh track)and see the good guys win. And I have to agree with jet0419 the backround music needs to stay in the backround and not bury the dialogue, and the heparin reference.... "it's a TV show!".
  • Better then the original.

    Gets alittle boring every once in a while. But really good.
  • Heparin "pill"...........really?

    When Seth said he had to run out and get Nana's "yellow Heparin pill" for her heart, I was shocked. With all the experts who help with the show, how could they let this slip by. Heparin is only by injection.
  • A clever title goes here!

    I love watching Hawaii Five -0 ,full of fast actions and thrills good cast . My only problem is the loud background music , so loud that it drowns the dialogue .
  • @naya2009

    Um, those are old expressions that have been around for a decades. Fifty Shades didn't make them up.
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