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  • A 60s-70s TV show rebooted.

    I saw a little bit of the original show on repeats, so didn't really have anything to compare. I like this version a lot. I like the added drama attached to each character, and how they interact with each other. The writing isn't always perfect, but it's consistently good. And there has been some character development already (only 4 episodes into the 1st season). Until I saw the 1st episode, casting was a question as I hadn't really seen much of the four leads (didn't watch Moonlight, Lost or BSG). So far, I really like this show- it's got humor, action and the occasion "Book 'em, Danno" (to which Scott Caan's Danno doesn't react well).
  • A total reboot of the series for this decade. Don't expect the original

    If you were expecting something similar to the original, forget about it. The names are the same but don't stay the same. There wasn't any females leads in the original, however it wouldn't be politically correct to not have females in the show. There are homages to the original within the show like the car that Steve in the original uses and the catch phrase. As a fan of the original, I couldn't help watching the pilot to see how the writers put together the story and how they formed the team. I had no expectations till the show went on air. I definitely was blown away afterwards. I am a little biased about the locale because I was born and raised in Hawai'i. I recognized a lot of the places where they filmed and also my bro was there at one of the sets by accident. Overall, the show is fast paced when it came time for the action. but slowed a little to develop the characters.
  • I approve

    Actual resident...long time fan of the original..anyway, its nice to see a change of pace... to see Hawai'i as a haven for national security risks... To be real though, you can't expect this 5-0 to be like the original. Get that out of your head. The times have change...so its only proper that the show adapts to the change. Look at it like that and you'll enjoy it a little better. What does bother me is the little Steve vs. Dano thing they have. Hopefully as the story progresses, this will change for the better. As a resident and a skeptic of shows based in Hawaii (since most of em were terrible), I have hi hopes for this show.
  • I may have been wrong.

    I didn't want this one made. I am a die-hard fan of the original, and I am usually opposed to messing with remakes; especially of really great classics.

    But aside from a few introductory slips into kitsch I think the writers and performers did a great job of maintaining the style and class of the original show and its characters, while bringing the necessary updates (for lack of a better word) to a much broader and more sophisticated viewing audience.

    Any concerns I have over characters will likely go away as long as the writing stays first class, and they stay away from the temptation to exploit Grace Park's obvious charms. I think all members of the cast have the chops to do credit where its due and still make the characters their own.

    Keep it true CBS, and I'm in full time. Have to admit, you surprised me with this one, but I like surprises!

    Now, can we assume the new version of Wo Fat did not in fact die from that climactic gunshot wound and subsequent dive into the Pacific???
  • What a positive surprise!

    What can I say? Many pilots lately have been kind of lame lately, even with good shows it took them quite a bit to get going. Hawaii Five-0 on the other hand... well if they keep up this pace then we have a winner here! Really happy with the casting so far, and the action scenes are top notch. _Loved_ the slide over the two crashing cars! Also, the beginning - very well done. The FX feel expensive, so does the editing and sound.
    As for the story, well, it wasn't exactly reinventing the wheel, but it was alright. We have our villain, and I'm a bit disappointed they went for the ending that clearly left them an opening to revisit the story. But hey, it's forgiven.
    I like the banter between the characters as well.
    Oh, and may I point out Grace Park in a bikini? O-M-G.
  • Epitome of Revamped!!

    I don't understand why people were saying that the show didn't premiere strong, when it clearly started off better than most shows in their whole first season.
    It would be cheap to say point out that the whole setting in Hawaii is fresh off the heels of Lost's concept of island isolation and exotic-ness.
    It would be an injustice to say that the retro idea of the same catchphrase and the original theme song is awesome for fresh eyes.
    It would be a waste to point out that there is finally a show that has Asians in the major roles and in a plot-line that fits.

    What I will say is that the show has a new cutting edge that is missing in most remakes. So give it a chance before we see a good idea go to waste again.
  • Hawaii Five-0!!!!!! I Love this show! The cast is Fun And Good-Looking!..and the action is On Point. It will be interesting to see what kind of story plots they come up with. I am definably looking forward to seeing more of this show!!!!!!

    Hawaii Five 0 ! ! ! ! ! ! I Love this show ! The cast is Fun And Good Looking ! . . and the action is On Point . All of their personalities fit right in with the show . It will be interesting to see what kind of story plots they come up with . I love Alex O' Loughlin's sarcasm and Scott's laid back personality . I am definably looking forward to seeing more of this show! ! ! ! ! ! I hope this show stays on air for a while because I'm loving it.
  • Super!!!

    Grew up watching the original and was not sure if the new could live up to my expectations - but was I surprised! I even made the theme song my new ringtone. Can't wait from week to week to watch! The cast is great and you can tell there is a real connection. Besides the seriousness of the show, they're are some comedic moments between Alex and Scott. I've never been to Hawaii, but I really want to go now. It would be great to see them filming! I really believe the show will be a hit if they can keep characters in it long term like the original did.
  • This seems like it'll be GREAT!

    I'm to young to remember the original series so i'm not comparing it to the old one. There was nothing ground breaking about it by any means. Everything was pretty standard bickering partners, a vendetta, catching bad guys and so on.

    It may not be new but it works! All the right elements are there for a great Tv show. Good acting (the hotness of Alex O'Loughlin doesn't hurt either), great action sequences, great character interaction. The scenes with McGarret and Danny were hilarious. None of the elements are new but they are put together in the right way that makes it enjoyable to watch.

    It wasn't thought provoking it was a fun, entertaining hour of tv. This show is definitely going straight from my maybe list to my watch list.
  • A kind of update of the Original Hawaii Five-O that starred Jack Lord as McGarrett, with the catch phrase, "Book 'em, Dan-O."

    The theme song was by The Ventures, a classic, exciting instrumental theme song with the signature guitars of The Ventures augmented with punchy brass. The new show keeps the theme intact, pretty much, and some of the characters have similar names. The lead, played by Alex O'Loughlin, is also named McGarrett. He reminds me of Rob Morrow from Numb3rs, but is much more believable as a tough cop. In the opening show his father is killed. Is his father supposed to be the original McGarrett? Get your fact checkers on that. Anyway, a woman from "Designing Women" who wasn't Annie Potts, Delta Burke, or Dixie Carter plays a Senator who gives the new McGarrett carte blanche to pursue the terrorist who has killed his father. The bad guys are also smuggling in people from China. McGarrett picks Dan-O as his very reluctant partner. McGarrett is too gung ho for the divorced parent, Dan-O, who wants to live so he can go home at night and see his daughter. Dan-O is her nickname for her daddy, from when she was too young to pronounce his full apellation. This might be a bit contrived, but it gives McGarrett the chance to continue with the catch phrase, "Book 'em, Dan-O." at the close of each episode. The new Dan-O is played by Scott Caan, son of well known actor James Caan. Scott and Alex have good screen chemistry, in that they don't get along at all. It is fun to watch. When Dan-O's ex-wife calls him, the ring tone is the screeching violins theme from Psycho. That gives McGarrett a clue about how he feels about her. McGarrett chooses another guy who now works at the Pearl Harbor Gift Shop after being drummed out of the police for taking a pay off. He knows the good and bad guys in Hawaii, and McGarrett picks him for the team. He is innocent, which means there might be some friction between the corrupt cops and his newest team member. The Senator is supposed to cut through any red tape, and she can make the charges go away. Next, they choose his cousin for the team. She is cute enough to be a decoy prostitute, but tough enough to fight her way out when the bad guys figure out that she is a cop. She is in the Police Academy two weeks shy of graduation. She is also a former surf champ who blew her knee out. She is your typical tough but beautiful female that in real life would never be a cop, but on shows like this I am perfectly willing to suspend my disbelief while carefully avoiding tripping over my tongue, which is hanging out. My favorites archetypes in this genre so far are Ziva from NCIS and the fixer on The Good Wife played by Archie Punjabi. This one, played by Park Grace, has just been added to the top of the list.

    At the end of the show, they are trying to come up with a name for their team. Someone suggests a hard to pronounce Hawaiin name, and they don't actually get around to Hawaii Five-O. Question: Does the show continue where the original show left off, with some connection to the original, or does the show exist in the culture, where people could refer to it, like quoting the catch phrase? When the new McGarrett says, "Book 'em Dan-O," he almost winks at the camera. When they choose Hawaii Five-O as the team's name, as you know they will, are they going to nod, as well?
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