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  • What a Mess. Writer's Wanted - or rather - depserately needed

    This used to be a fairly decent police detective action type show with a few entertaining episodes off track. The mother got kind of boring and Steve trying to be a spy even worse, but mostly it was a fairly decent detective action show. No more. Could there possibly be a worse plot than this latest mess of serial killer garbage? What is wrong with your writers? Are they jealous of Criminal Minds? Do they think they're working for How to Get Away With Murder? Are they worried that their show is on the way out -- well, here's a news flash, keep this up and they'll be following the CSIs out the door. What a waste of time these episodes are becoming.
  • The shark is coming

    This series is starting to pull apart. Some might say that it has been. The shark I'm referring to is the one they're going to jump if they don't refresh this show rather quickly. Tired of the repartee between McGarrett and Williams, which is getting quite forced, and even MORE tired of the shameless product placement that is going on here. Last night was nothing but one big ad for the Hilton Hawaiian Village (which they shamelessly promote anyway) with a ridiculous story weaved in and amongst the HHV scenes. Anyone who knows that place knows it's a tourist zoo, and that romantic dinner scene at the end was staged by their fake lagoon, but I'll bet good money their reservations will pick up. This series, which I used to devotedly watch in the earlier seasons, is quickly spiraling down. Come on, guys - go back to the basics, quit promoting HHV and other restaurants along Waikiki that pay for the privilege, and give us a crime show.
  • ortega is absurd.

    please rid off "ortega". doesn't fit for a purpose. just maintain the existing casts. no need to bring a new cast.
  • Hawaii Five-O Is the BEST show

    The actors is this show are amazing! From the main actors down to everyone who steps on set. Every episode is something new and fresh, while at the same time keeping a bigger plot going the whole time. Packed with action, and drama it's everything you would want in a TV show like this. I'd recommend this show for sure!! Hoping for more seasons!!!
  • Already quit watching this series

    This show has been a big joke, storylines are ridiculous, which really has nothing to do with Hawaii. I agree with comments about the characters specially those of Danny and McGarret constantly arguing being most ridiculous. As well how can a local task force go to other countries to operate (like in some episodes) like they're Navy Seals or commandos. This cannot compare to the old Hawaii Five-O. Hope they ax this one.
  • Danny

    The character of Danny is getting ridiculous. The constant silliness between he and other cast, especially mac Garrett, is about to make me want to quit watching.
  • Hawaii 5-0 pleasant surprise.......

    find that the background noise/music/etc. has been pretty well eliminated. The last couple of years it has been so bad that it was, at times, difficult to understand the dialogue. May it
  • Missing the old style Hawaii

    I love the humor in this show, love all the actors, but it does seem that the show has gone a bit more on the dark side with the blood and gory and more murders. I miss the drama with a realistic storyline. Also, the new show had some Ninja Warrior dude jumping from building to building. I watch that show too. Not what I wanted to see in Hawaii. Hoping they go back to the first few seasons and see why the show was such a success. Rant over ; )
  • Season Seven Will it be the last?


    In the Season Six Finale, it was breathtaking to watch Danny land the plane on the beach and then to selflessly give part of his liver to Steve. In the final scenes, everyone shows up to see how Steve's doing, thank him, wish him well, and then leave. Danny's ignored. And then Steve and Danny bicker to fadeout. These scenes were funny the first few times I watched. But then I started to think. Danny Williams saved Steve McGarrett's life TWICE in one day. He landed the plane on the beach so that unconscious Steve wouldn't drown, and then he selflessly underwent a very dangerous surgery to give a lobe of his liver to save Steve's life.

    In the hospital room, Steve's area is covered with balloons and tons of well-wishing cards and gifts. Danny's area is totally empty. Seriously, the Governor of Hawaii didn't thank Danny for saving Steve's life? NO ONE is thanking Danny or recognizing his extraordinary heroic efforts to save Steve? TWICE? Guys, you've jumped the shark for the sake of humor. The entire world SHOULD be falling at Danny's feet to gratefully thank him for saving Steve. The crowd should be hovered around his bedside.

    Once he totally recovers, Danny Williams should be officially honored in a public ceremony by the Governor of Hawaii, the Honolulu Police Department and the American Red Cross for his extraordinary and successful efforts to save the life of Steve McGarrett. And McGarrett needs to emotionally and honestly thank Danny for saving his life. You owe that to Danny Williams and to the audience. This is the closest Steve has ever come to death, and his faithful partner and friend saved his life. TWICE. In one day. These two people are spiritually fused now.

    Now what WOULD be funny is if everyone was secretly playing a trick on Danny by keeping all of his cards, gifts and flowers away from his hospital bedside as a joke, so that he could moan, whine and irritate the hell out of Steve in the hospital. Then, first day back at work, Danny walks through the door to find his office bursting with gifts, cards, plants and balloons. Then everyone suddenly appears to throw him a HUGE surprise thank you party, led by a grateful, emotional, still recovering Steve McGarrett.


    From the moment he uttered, "You're right, I don't like you," Danny Williams is the only person who's always told Steve McGarrett the truth, whether he wants to hear it or not. The other core people in Steve's life continually lie to him. Doris is a piece of work. Forget agent, I think she runs the CIA! She's tortured and murdered people. She can disappear and stay hidden forever. Wow, hi MOM! Who IS this woman? She's lied to him his entire life and faked her own death to disappear from his life for 20 years. Think McGarrett might have some major mother issues? Joe White, who loves Steve like a son, has continually lied to him about Doris. So, Steve has learned not to believe or trust Joe, someone who's been a surrogate father for much of his life. Catherine was a wonderful partner when she was in the Navy. But now that she's a civilian, she's doing covert operations and she's lying to Steve about what she's doing and where she is. And she continually leaves him. His sister Mary's a sweetheart, but she's not always truthful either. And even his late father, John McGarrett, kept secrets from Steve.

    Steve's loved ones are full of secrets and lies. Steve lives in a very lonely place. His life has been filled with physical and emotional abandonment, trauma, murder, death and loss. Danny is Steve's True North, his emotional compass and his best friend. Danny has nothing to gain, no angles to play, no hidden motives. He's a good human being who loves Steve and wants what's best for him.


    I love Danny and Rachel. My heart tells me that they have always loved each other and they still love each other very deeply, through all their trials and tribulations, through the divorce, even through Rachel's dishonesty about Charlie. Danny has tried to love others, but he's still IN love with Rachel. If this is the final season, I hope that that Rachel realizes that she's still in love with Danny. Through all her traumas, Danny has always been there for her. Carjacking, Danny. Birth of Charlie, Danny. Grace kidnapping, Danny. Stan's always off somewhere else, doing deals and making money. Who can Rachel count on? Danny. I hope that these two gradually realize how deeply they still love each other. They share two children together. They really are meant to be together. My hope is that, in the final few episodes, they reunite after Rachel divorces Stan. And then Danny and Rachel remarry. On the beach, barefoot, in Hawaii, surrounded by all their loved ones. And Danny's finally truly happy.


    Steve's growing emotionally attached to Nahele Huikala, the young boy who stole his car to sell the parts because he was literally starving. Steve's growing to love this wonderful young kid who's suffered a terrible life. I hope that Steve decides he wants to adopt him. Finally, Steve will have his own little Ohana, the beginning of his very own nuclear family. His heart may be opening up to this possibility.


    Steve and Danny's "therapy" sessions are played for laughs. How about some genuine emotional growth for both characters, as they absorb the information given to them? I'd actually like to see each of them in private therapy sessions. Perhaps their mandated therapy sessions have opened up windows of emotional discovery in each of them which they want to pursue.

    Steve's a huge control freak. Control has been his survival technique to overcome the emotional trauma, loss and chaos he's experienced throughout his life. He's the ultimate survivor. Steve lives in survival mode, the lowest emotional state. His life has been all about honor, duty, sacrifice, missions, secrets, lies, chaos, betrayal and survival. Both of his careers, as a Navy Seal and as the Head of Five-O, are all about catching the bad guys and surviving, literally, to fight another day. He doesn't know anything else. He experiences the entire world through that prism of reality, which severely limits his capacity for happiness. Maybe this near death experience will trigger some deep emotional reflection which can then open the door for some genuine emotional growth. Hopefully, Steve will start to realize that he deserves to be happy and then begin to change his life to allow happiness in.

    Danny's a wonderfully flawed and endearingly lovable human being. When Danny and Steve were buried in the building collapse, Danny confessed some of his deepest emotional fears and conflicts. So at least Danny is aware of the emotional demons which haunt him. But he doesn't understand them. If he could ever really explore them in a safe place, he might be able to let them go, or at least learn to be able to laugh at them. Grace adores, worships and loves her father. Rachel loves Danny. Steve loves Danny. The world loves Danny. He's a sweet, loving human being who unselfishly sacrifices for others but who, for some unknown reason, doesn't feel worthy of being loved. Danny needs to learn to love Danny.


    There are hints that Catherine will return this season. It will be interesting to see how Steve reacts to her sudden reappearance. His near death will probably trigger her visit. If she does come back to visit Steve, she'll have to work very hard to regain his love and trust. He told her last year that he could no longer wait for her, because she was always leaving to go places where he couldn't be. She truly broke his heart. It took Steve ten long years to emotionally feel ready to ask her to marry him. And, at that very moment, she chose to suddenly and inexplicably leave him for yet another secret mission, lying to him about where she was going and how long she would be gone.

    Steve is extraordinarily faithful. He's had a couple of brief relationships during his ten years with Catherine, during the times when they were broken up. But like Danny, he's basically a one-woman man. And, unfortunately for Steve, Catherine's the one. When Danny tried to set him up with someone new, he replied, "I was with Catherine for a very long time. I'm not ready for another relationship. I need more He can't just jump into something new with a stranger. It takes Steve a very long time to love and trust someone. Given his emotionally fractured upbringing and traumatic life experience, it's a miracle that he can love anyone at all. He still loves Catherine. He's not ready yet. Steve McGarrett deserves someone to profoundly love, understand, cherish, protect and appreciate him. Maybe that person finally will be Catherine. They are a beautiful match. Having served in the Navy, Catherine totally understands and accepts who Steve is. She "gets" him. They're almost spiritual twins.

    But, if these two are ever going to be together, something has to change. Either Catherine will have to give up her CIA secret missions which take her all over the world and away from Steve, or Steve may have to give up FIVE-O.

  • Hawaii Five-o

    Love it. Lenkov's did an interview and I got the impression he might think season is their last. No? On season 6 last show they made a number of errors in showing injuries, or lack thereof. Guess they did it in a real hurry?

    Idea: next season, one episode early could deal with PTSD, due to the plane shooting and his tours in AfghanIstan.
  • The great mindless

    There is little to no sense in this show. Stories are dragged from nowhere and they seem to never end, just go dormant until the next time writers run out of fresh ideas. Take the Dannys brother storyline, 3 years dormant and then boom, suddenly its one of the vehicles in the season 6 arc. Just strange.

    But the thing about the show is, we need that, we need mindless action and pointless drama, there is nothing wrong with that. Everything in this show is over the top. From the almost sentient computer table, to the tire screeching on grass. Its action, entertainment, it doesn't need to make sense, it's still fun.




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  • Series 6 Episode 13/14

    This show has gone from bad to worse in recent times. Are we seriously expected to believe that a member of Five o could travel thousands of miles from his supposed vacation to kidnap his former friend, assault him, wreck his home and then kidnap his girlfriend and all to get him to confess to murdering his wife. His former friend has kept a car wreck for over ten years in which he conceals money which he stole in the paltry sum of a quarter of a million dollars. He would surely have spent that amount of money over a ten year period. At the end of this excruciating episode he calls the cops and surely we can at least expect to be rid of him as he serves time for his crimes. Hell no, introducing Episode 14 which sees him back as part of the task force with no mention of his criminal activity. He has received no punishment whatsoever, kept his job and the matter is never mentioned. Episode 14 was even worse if that is possible with the usual irritating banter between Steve and Dano aka the balding midget. Most of the episode was an attempt at humour between the various characters with only about ten minutes actually dealing with a crime.

    I will never watch this show again. It is not a shadow of the original and while it may now be dated the characters were much more credible and I actually liked Dano who far excels that other monkey with no acting ability.
  • Episode aired January 22 2016

    Are you crazy? Given all of the reports on police violence and misconduct whatever possessed you to do a show that involves one of the Hawaii five o cast members breaking into someone's home, injuring that person, holding them hostage, threatening to kill them, breaking/damaging the home if they can't get him to confess to killing his wife. I found the episode to be tasteless and offensive. The person playing the role of the cop should arrested, tried, convicted and sent to jail as part of a future show. I thought the show was lame before and I had only recently been watching it, rest assured I won't make that mistake again the writers should be ashamed of themselves and the actor should have refused to do the episode!!!
  • Worst police show ever

    Show is terrible. 1. None of the 50 members go through basic police training. A NJ posted would have to start from scratch in Hawaii. Mcgarrett would have had to go through months of police training. Ltd from Chicago would have had to start as a regular posted and work his way up to swat commander (since he retired from Chicago and it would take over 10 yes to move up) he would be in his 60s and the time line would not work. Mcgarrett would have no authority of Hawaii police. When Ltd goes to Chicago to prove his old partner killed his wife he would be arrested for kidnapping and none of the evidence would be admissable.

    Mcgarrett girlfriend would have never been allowed to just become a po out of the military without training. And that's just a few. None of their shootings are ever reviewed.
  • Overdoing the banter

    Enough already with the stupid arguing and banter between McGarrett and Danno like a bickering married couple. Enough already. It's gone too far, too much!
  • Loud Background Music

    Background music over powers dialog on Hawaii Five O! Would be awesome show if audibility were comparable to Blue Bloods.
  • Music for the show !!!

    First off love the show , but you need to turn down the back ground music , it drowns out alot of the dialogue cause its too loud . It's really hard to here what they are saying over the music in 85% of the scenes . Thanks TZ it would be 10 rating if you would please turn down the background music.
  • Love the crew

    I love this show. Love the cast. How there is comedy mixed in with them being serious and catching the bad guys.
  • Alec 5 Scott 0

    The series is 5 star but Scott (Danny) can't act and never could. I am a former Seal and would like to thank Alex O'Loughlin for his Iraq service: I salute you sir. In my opinion, you need to take control of that show as Senior Executive Producer and prevent Scott from expressing his personal opinions about Gun Control of which he has no understanding.

  • Hawaii Five-O

    I absolutely love this series. I am big into crime shows so this is right up my ally. With all the crime involved I also love the romance between Steve and Catherine. Just when Steve was about to propose to Catherine then she leaves in episode 3 season 6. At the end of this episode they both flash back to their love life. This scene was very emotionall. I am hoping that the writers have Catherine come back on the show in season 6 and renter Steve's love life. To me this would make the show very interesting, for her to come back again and be with Steve. Over all the show is very interesting. The crime mixed with romance is very well blended.
  • Writers brains must be fried

    The latest episode , 6-1 , had at least 10 seconds that was good, everything else about it sucked! I was a big fan of the original series and came to this one hoping it would be as good but with the exception of scattered excellent episodes the series has been is miss cast, I love Danno , Jerry and Chin and the original cast but the rest leave alot to be desired. Almost always the plots are predictable. If the beginning starts out happy you know disaster is soon to follow. McGarret is so trigger happy he would rather shoot the bad guy he needs information from than capture him. There's no smart detective work by him or anyone else and Mcgarret is a bull in a china shop. Every episode there has to be at least a hand full of wild crazy gun fire fights with bodies splayed with blood splattered all over the place. It's like watching Transformers constantly smashing each other, enough is enough. There's always this gruesome morgue scene with a body cut up with stitches running all over the place. They get a finger print off a cup and within seconds their fancy computer knows who the bad guy is and within seconds ( completely absurd) they are breaking down the fellows door where McGarret shoots him before they can ask him anything. The soap opera love triangles are boring, as someone on here said, watch a soap opera if you want that. A constant parade of new women cops makes one bilious. Half the time the plot line makes no sense at all, why did he do that, couldn't he tell that, what the heck? The writers have all overdosed on stupidity. I used to make fun of shows like Highway Patrol but now I actually find they are so much better than the slop of 50 and other similar I watch these shows all I find myself doing is ripping it apart instead of enjoying them. I've watched it hoping it would get better now for 5 seasons and now I wish it would just go away to prevent further insult to the shows name!!
  • Hawaii Five-0

    "Hawaii Five-0" Season 6 Episode 3 airing Friday, Oct. 9, 2015 features some highly anticipated moments. Fans finally learn the fate of Steve McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) and Catherine Rollins' (Michelle Borth) relationship. The upcoming segment is titled "Ua 'o'oloku ke anu i na mauna" that translates to "The Chilling Storm is on the Mountains" sees a much-awaited proposal while the team takes on a case of a murder mystery that is linked to another cold-blooded murder. Check out the spoilers and promos for the forthcoming segment below. Also, find out where to watch Episode 3 online through live stream.

  • Love/Hate Relationship

    I have a love/hate relationship with this show. I love Steve, Danny, Chin, Kono and am enjoying Grover, and Jerry but I'm so damn SICK of the writers taking away from this COP show by inserting all the damn romance. Send Catherine back overseas - she was a much better character when she would pop in once in a while and then GO AWAY. Stop making Kono's ENTIRE damn story arc about her relationship with Adam - is she even a bloody COP anymore!!?!?!?!? The only reason that I still watch this show is Alex, Scott, Daniel and Grace - but we see so damn little of them now that the show spends SO freaking much time focusing on the other characters - Grover, Jerry, Catherine, Adam... COME ON!
  • Catherine

    Please send Catherine (Michele Borth) back over seas. Kono and the boys (including Jerry) are all I need.
  • Too much music

    I like the show but I can't hear the dialogue over the constantly playing music.
  • I WANT Michelle Borth Back!

    I'm tired of the Wlliams character being so neurotic. Can't they let him grow up even a little??? I like Borth';s character, but if she doesn't come back then there needs to be some love interest for McGarrett. I love the police stories but we are far enough in to the series that the characters need to be more than just two-dimensional.
  • Soap Opera?

    If Catherine (Michelle Borth) is back ..... I'm gone!! Can't stand that prima donna. Season 5 was great with just the guys and Kono. Can we stick to police stories and not get so involved in the characters love/private lives. If that's what you want to see, then watch the soaps.
  • The Writing

    Such contrite car dialog.

    The acting seems forced in a certain unemotional way, esp. with Steve's character lines.

    I recently noticed it in other actors, as well.

    But I enjoy the show. It's unique in its dead-body-findings...

    Jerry was awesome at the beginning. I want to know a person like that, lol. I love how they still realize he's a conspiracy nut but see some truth in it too. I feel misunderstood like that too sometimes.

    Season 5 was awesome!!!
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