Hawaii Five-0

Friday 9:00 PM on CBS Premiered Sep 20, 2010 In Season





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  • Worst police show ever

    Show is terrible. 1. None of the 50 members go through basic police training. A NJ posted would have to start from scratch in Hawaii. Mcgarrett would have had to go through months of police training. Ltd from Chicago would have had to start as a regular posted and work his way up to swat commander (since he retired from Chicago and it would take over 10 yes to move up) he would be in his 60s and the time line would not work. Mcgarrett would have no authority of Hawaii police. When Ltd goes to Chicago to prove his old partner killed his wife he would be arrested for kidnapping and none of the evidence would be admissable.

    Mcgarrett girlfriend would have never been allowed to just become a po out of the military without training. And that's just a few. None of their shootings are ever reviewed.