Hawaii Five-0

Season 2 Episode 23

Ua Hala

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 14, 2012 on CBS

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  • wow and wow

    very good show. Very intense, dangerous, exciting, But oh how I hate to be left 'hanging' wondering, expecting...

    Some of the actions - reminds me of how it would have been different on NCIS - like following the drops of blood - would not have happened. the criminal being shot in the stomach, bleeding badly - yet lived to kill 2 more at vet hosp. - AND letting the bad cop out without any backup - wired so others could hear what was going on....


    But still a very good show.
  • I liked this finale.

    For a second season in a row we were left with a cliffhanger! Will Kono survive? Will Malia survive? I like Kono and Adam together! If she survives I would like to see more of their relationship next season. As always we had many great Steve and Danny moments!

    I did enjoy this whole season even though I really did miss Alex when he was away for those couple episodes!
  • Can't believe it

    Can't believe they killed off Fryer. I kinda liked him, he and Steve could have been frenemies. In the beginning Steve didn't like what Fryer did to Kono but when they met again, they managed to make a good team. Maybe this is how Lori Weston can return to the islands. She could replace Fryer. I really like her but a thing between her and Steve while working together is difficult but if they're not...who knows. And I can't believe Kono is at the center of the cliffhanger.
  • LOL ending

    So Chin has to make a choice and we find out Malia is shot, yet somehow she is still alive when Chine gets there. SO FAKE, it takes him 15 minutes to get to her and she is shot in the lower abdomen and loses a lot of blood, only in a TV show would this be possible.
  • 'Like'

    looking forward to what Adam would do to Frank..

    was thinking shelburne was Steve's dad but thenm they burried him. never thought about his mom though.. haha..

    great season ender! fast forward to september please!!
  • Ua Hala - Oh Em Geeeeeeeee

    That was EPIC!! loved every second! I figured it was going to be Fryer as someone was credited to play his wife and why would we see her for the first time in the finale?

    The rest of it was shock after shock! Poor Max, but like Joe said, he's a fighter. I didn't see the twist with Chin having to choose, I was a bit confused at first why he was talking to Delano, it felt like we had missed a scene.....

    Poor Danno, I'm glad he's taking a stand though, Rachel has screwed him over enough.

    That last scene..... HOLY CRAP!!!!!! did not see that coming at all and seriously cannot believe that we have to wait til September for the new season....this wait is going to kill me!

    Overall it was an awesome finale and executed perfectly, we are all hooked until next season!