Hawaii Five-0

Season 4 Episode 7

Ua Nalohia

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 2013 on CBS

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  • An interesting mix

    Unlike most others, I thought the baby added a nice touch of humanity and a distraction to a light storyline. It was a strange counterbalance to a kid who lost his father and the series has been getting a bit too serious with those recently. I found it strange that McGarrett was more protective and knew more about looking after the baby than Danny. I know that this is his adopted nephew, but when has he had to look after babies before. Danny has had a baby girl.

    It was great to see Cat doing some proper detective work and kicking some arse. It's about time she joined the Five-O team. McGarrett should have offered her a job there instead of joining Billy.

    The numbers of bullets put into that house without anyone dying was ridiculous.

    The tension between McGarrett and Grover is also getting out of hand and soon to be irretrievable, no matter what contrived situation they come up with to reconcile the two.
  • Baby storyline was silly

    Good enough episode, but the baby storyline was silly and didn't really give anything to the episode.
  • Average

    Am I the only one who thinks McGarrett acted like a total jerk the entire episode? I get that he likes doing things his way but he could've been a little more supportive of Mary right from the start. Also it was high time that someone called him on his bs, liked that it was Captain Grover! Average episode with some cute baby moments and some nice action from Cat!
  • Five-0 investigates the murder of a man who was working undercover for ATF. Meanwhile, McGarrett's sister Mary has a surprise for her brother.

    Did I just watch "Hawaii Five-0" or "Three Men and a Baby"? That aside this episode was pretty good. There are better episides and worse ones, but "Ua Nalohia" seems to hold its own. The story is well written. It certainly did a good job at holding my interest up until the end. My biggest problem was the storyline concerning Mary and her newly adopted daughter. It screamed contrivance. There was no doubt by the end of the episode that Steve would flip flop like a politican on his feelings about Mary's decision and fully support her. The very well staged action sequences were another positive aspect of this episode. It almost seemed inevitable that Catherine would join Five-0. Still, I hope there is still a place for Kono when she makes her inevitable return. Now where the hell is Sato!
  • haters of this episode must be dead inside..

    ok so we have michelle in a sexy outfit and stockings and then wuppin

    one of the cutest babies in

    the chemistry of the cast with said baby... inspiring!

    chi macbride... nuff said..

  • Fell asleep on this one

    Cat Rollins shows she can take a punch with the best of them. McGarrett's sister shows up with a newly-adopted baby. Yet another shootout with bad guys where thousands of bullets fly and nary a one hits anybody. I'm sorry, but the writing gets worse and worse for Hawaii Five-0. For example, how does an unmarried dingbat like McGarrett's sister come to adopt a baby? And Danny is worried that if Steve doesn't support his sister's adoption decision the poor little tyke will have to go back to an orphanage? Ridiculous stuff. Love the characters, but poor writing will doom this series.