Hawaii Five-O

Season 2 Episode 1

A Thousand Pardons -- You're Dead!

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 1969 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • In the final moments, as Simms is shot from several angles, you can see that the back of his uniform jacket is all wet--before he falls to the wet pavement.

  • Quotes

    • (Sgt. Simms blames his late sister-in-law for the death of his brother Andy)
      McGarrett: He died in a [Viet Cong] attack.
      Simms: Yeah, sure. Shot in the back while running away. That's how Andy got it. Some Charlie sniper pulled the trigger. But if it wasn't for that tramp with her soft body, if Andy wasn't thinking about her... Andy never ran away! We've been through a lot of battles together. He loved combat. He wasn't afraid until she taught him fear!
      McGarrett: Or gave him something to live for.

    • (Danno is hung over after going undercover at Betsy's nightclub)
      McGarrett: You know, you didn't really have to drink that booze, Danno.
      Danno: What do you do with it?
      McGarrett: You pour it in the plant.
      Danno: Steve, do you really expect me to go around killing plants?
      McGarrett: Better than killing yourself.

    • McGarrett: Death always bugs me.

  • Notes

    • The official syndication number for this episode is 6901.

    • For his work on this episode, composer Morton Stevens won an Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Music Composition for a Series or a Single Program in a Series (in its First Year).

    • Starting with this first episode of Season 2 and throughout the remainder of the series, the closing credits are shown over footage of Polynesian men paddling on an outrigger canoe in the open water. The opening in-episode credits and closing credits are both in a yellow font color, but the closing credits are in a smaller font size.

  • Allusions

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