Hawaii Five-O

Season 2 Episode 10

All the King's Horses

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 1969 on CBS

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  • McGarrett deals with dirty politics as he tries to stop a hitman targeting a politician and a man with a crooked past.

    Hawaii scenery/landmarks: Moanalua Road in Aiea near the Aiea shopping center intersection. I know the area very well and was last there in November 2007 as my dad parked up the street and the family walked to a Hawaii Warrior football game at Aloha Stadium. (Go Bows! Ummm... Warriors!)

    Notable stars: James Gregory plays Mike Finney, a former mobster who is targeted for murder. Listen carefully to his voice, then watch Beneath the Planet of the Apes again. "The only good human...is a dead human!" Gregory played Urko, the militant Gorilla captain. Key Luke plays Senator Oishi in this episode. Before 5-O Luke played Governor Cory on a Star Trek episode called Whom Gods Destroy, which featured a jail break led by Lord Garth and his green skinned alien female assistant. Luke later went on to play blind Master Po in the 1974-75 Kung Fu TV series. Jim Demarest plays Senator Colt. Demarest is famous in Hawaii for playing Mr. Checkers in a children's television program. Morgan White, who often plays the attorney general in the 5-O series (not in this episode), is actually Mr. Checkers' foil named Pogo in the same kid's TV show.

    A mysterious hitman targets a few politicians, including former racketeer Mike Finney, who McGarrett protects from political wrath because he feels Finney's past is behind him. Finney doesn't care much for McGarrett's protection, but later begins to appreciate 5-O's support after a close call. McGarrett has his palm read by a lovely lady at poolside. She predicts that McGarrett will live 30 more years which turns out to be prophetic because Jack Lord passes away in 1998. Wow, that scene gave me the chills. The title of the episode is explained when Finney complains that "All the King's horses" can't protect him from the persistant hitman. Will Finney have a great fall? Be there, Aloha.