Hawaii Five-O

Season 1 Episode 7

.... And They Painted Daisies On His Coffin

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 1968 on CBS
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While off-duty, Danno chases down a young teenager who was trying to break into a car. Danno is stunned when he accidentally kills the boy. When investigators can't locate the boy's gun, Danno is indicted for first-degree murder. Only McGarrett can clear him, by locating the gun and the young woman who may have removed it from the scene of the shooting.moreless

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  • Well written and great acting and directing add up to a great episode.

    This was the first outstanding episode of the series. The guest stars do excellent work here & Gavin MacLeod in particular is brilliant as Big Chicken. Highlights are many but include the McGarrett-Danny argument in McGarrett's office, the beach fight, the jail scene with Danny & Kono, the confrontations between McGarrett and Big Chicken, and the closing scene with Steve & Danny walking out into the sunlight.

    I really liked the way Big Chicken was portrayed in the script- as soon as he learns McGarrett is looking for him, he shows up in McGarrett's office saying "All you had to do is call". And his decision to help McGarrett find Ann makes perfect sense. He knows that McGarrett won't stop until

    the girl is found. And since she's a junkie- anything she says is unrealiable. Plus he thinks that if he helps out, McGarrett will owe him one, and not bother him in the future- he doesnt know Steve McGarrett very well, does he? I really enjoyed his comeuppance in the end.moreless
  • This episode is an early example of the willness of Steve and Danny to defend each other with their lives (but not by the violation of the law).

    This episode explores Danny William's mantle and by doing so gives us a look into his and McGarrett's character. The main plot revolves around Danny seeing a young guy break into a car, Danny finding him in his apartment, and subsequently shooting him by accident through a door. The only witness takes off scared and hides out.

    Their version of IAB thinks Danny killed the guy in cold blood. We learn through this episode how close Danny and Steve are in protecting each other. The development of these two characters doesn't include their personal lives (that comes later). Instead the episode develops their professional relationship and cements in the viewer how they will defend each other with their lives but not enough to break the law (bend yes, break no).

    This episode shows a very good close-up of the Men's White Keds surfer (in-laid logo) sneaker very popular during the 1960s.moreless
  • Excellent focus on Dan Williams, and proves that a good cop is a cop 24/7. Wish they'd shown that obnoxious T.V. reporter being forced to retract his commentary.

    It's a situation every police officer knows he might face, and prays that he won't. This episode did a great job showing Dan's reactions, made all the worse because it was just a young kid. I loved McGarrett's solioquy on the policeman's lot where guns are concerned, although I was surprised that neither he nor anyone else made the comment that the situation would never have arisen if the young man had not made the decision to commit crimes and carry a gun while doing so.

    A couple things didn't make sense to me. Charging Dan with first degree murder was one of them. Murder in the First Degree sounds fearfully ominous (which is probably why they used it), but it implies a deliberate, planned killing. Dan Williams fired one shot through the lock. He could not possibly have intended killing anyone with a shot like that; it was obviously an accident. It should have been written off as involuntary homicide, but if they had to charge him, it should have been with a lesser degree. The other oddity was the killing itself. Dan found it incredible that his shot had been fatal, and I agree. Unless the bullet richocheted (and, infuriatingly, they never did come out with an explanation) the boy must have either been standing right at the door, nearly at a right angle, and squatting down somewhat--or else he simply lay down right at the threshold (in which case Dan couldn't have gotten the door open). If he'd darted inside the door and stood with his back to it (which would be plausible) he would have been hit in the rump or the leg, not his back.

    A well-paced show, with the officers coming up against one frustration after another. It would be nice if all cases unrolled nice and smooth, but that seldom happens in real life. It was also realistic that Dan, badly stunned, could not remember the girl running away, although we saw him react to the sound. It would have been nice, though, if the memory had returned during the course of the show.moreless
  • Danno chases a car thief through Hotel street. When Danno shoots him the thief's gun goes missing and Danno is blamed for killing an unarmed man.

    Hawaii scenery/landmarks: The Hotel Street, or Chinatown district. Club Hubba Hubba was an actual strip bar located on Hotel Street. Hubba Hubba always ran small ads in the Hawaii newspaper's movie section (along with Deep Throat!). I had kinda figured what it was as a child as I often opened the movie section and laid it on the family room carpet to look at the Dracula, Godzilla and Planet of the Apes movie ads. (Rated GP?) One evening in the early 70's my Mom and Step-dad announced they were going there, and I panicked because I thought my mom was going to actually strip! (She didn't, to my knowledge) Back to more scenery, the thief's girlfriend takes his gun to the Ilikai and sits sobbing near the fountain.

    Notable stars: Gavin MacLeod as Big Chicken, who later plays the same character in The Box. I go into his acting depth on that review. Morgan White had a recurring role as the attorney general. In contrast, White also played the bungling Popo Poge in the local children's TV show called Checkers & Pogo that aired in the late 60's and 70's.

    Great suspense as Danno chases the car thief - Notice I don't say SUSPECT! He was caught in the act! Stop protecting criminals with silly euphemisms. It's like referring to retarded children as "special." They aren't special, something is wrong with them! Okay where was I - he chases the thief through Hotel Street. The thief pulls a gun and shoots back but keeps running. When the thief gets to his apartment and "tags home base" he is still "out" as Danno accidently shoots him (through the doorknob? Must've been an awfully tiny bullet!) and kills him. The thief (yes I said he was a thief!) has a girlfriend standing in a corner who panics and picks up his gun and runs off with it through the front door as Danno examines his body. Danno - work on your perepheral cop vison - it's awful! Everyone but McGarrett wants to prosecute Danno, until he is finally vindicated by the recovered evidence.moreless
  • An off-duty Danny spots a young punk trying to break into a car. A chase ensues and ends with the punk holed up in his place. Danny shoots at the door knob to break in..but whoops, he shot and killed a supposed un-armed man. Danny winds up in the cooler.moreless

    I echo what others have said about this episode. What strikes me is the care McGarrett has for Danny. Kono also shows his cool side delivering chow mein to Danny in the clinker. Where did McGarrett learn to fight like that? I like the way Kono corrals two baddies in the beach fight. Really cool daddy-o. And man, did Gavin McLeod look chubby in these episdoes or what? Great villain and looking forward to seeing him later in Season 1. And listen for the great diologue when McGarrett enters the hippies' lair and a blonde dude with glasses keeps on twirling a chain.moreless
Jack Lord

Jack Lord

Steve McGarrett

James MacArthur

James MacArthur

Danny "Danno" Williams

Kam Fong

Kam Fong

Chin Ho Kelly



Kono Kalakaua

Gavin MacLeod

Gavin MacLeod

Big Chicken

Guest Star

Jeff Kennedy

Jeff Kennedy

Nat Schneider

Guest Star

James Lloyd Land

James Lloyd Land

Thad Vaughn

Guest Star

Maggi Parker

Maggi Parker


Recurring Role

Morgan White

Morgan White

Attorney General Walter Stewart

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (5)

    • McGarrett: Don't bleed, Danno, think!

    • McGarrett: (to Danno) Well, if there is anything else, you better remember it. A cop pulls his gun, he better remember every single detail. There's always trouble when you pull a gun, more if you fire it. You hit somebody, and you're up to your hip pockets in it. And if a cop kills somebody, every single fact better jive or he gets nailed to the wall. He's guilty until he proves himself innocent. Now that's backwards, ugly and unfair but that's the way it is.

    • Danno: A small blonde who might've been there? Not much to go on.
      McGarrett: Well, it eliminates all the tall redheads.

    • Danno: It's a stinking job.
      McGarrett: Who told you it was anything else?
      Danno: He was just a boy, Steve. A boy. Probably never even had to shave.
      McGarrett: You think it's easier to kill a grown man? You think the next one'll be easier than this one? God help you if you do. (pauses) It better hurt every time. It better tear your guts out every time you pull that gun, whether you use it or not. You learn to live with it, but don't get used to it.

    • McGarrett: (to Big Chicken) Ain't no big thing, brother.

  • NOTES (6)

    • This is Gavin MacLeod's first appearance as Big Chicken. He would reprise the role in the Season One episode "The Box."

    • Though Edward Tom appears as Che Fong in this episode, he would appear in the following episode, "Twenty-Four Karat Kill," as a mobile crime laboratory technician named Tom. He was uncredited for that role as well, but McGarrett addresses him as Tom in the first scene after the opening credits.

      Both Che Fong and Tom are forensic laboratory technicians or specialists. Both work with the Honolulu Police. Both characters were played by the same actor and yet one was Che Fong and the other was Tom (last name or first name unknown).

    • Che Fong

      Edward Tom makes an uncredited appearance as Che Fong. This is the first episode to feature the recurring Che Fong character.

      Recurring actor Danny Kamekona also made his first appearance in this episode (as Sgt. Ishi). Kamekona would make his next appearance in the Season One episode "Pray Love Remember, Pray Love Remember"... as Che Fong. He would be credited as Che Fong in the Season One episode "Not That Much Different" although he did not appear. He played Che Fong in the Season Two episode "A Bullet for McGarrett," his last appearance as Che Fong.

      Harry Endo would take over the role of Che Fong, beginning with the Season Two episode "Blind Tiger" even though he made his series debut in the previous episode "Which Way Did They Go?" as a different character. Endo would go on to play Che Fong on a regular basis for several seasons, until Season Ten.

    • McGarrett entered the Club Hubba Hubba during the search for a gun and the young woman who took it. At the time of filming, the Club Hubba Hubba was a real-life strip club located on 25 N. Hotel St. in Honolulu. It opened in the 1940s and closed down in 1997. As of May 2006, the vacant building was still shuttered and dilapidated.

    • Additional credits:

      Automobiles furnished by Ford Motor Company
      Production assistance and consideration provided by United Airlines
      Filmed entirely on location in Hawaii
      A Leonard Freeman Production
      In Association With The CBS Television Network

    • The official syndication number for this episode is 6806.


    • McGarrett: (to Big Chicken) Ain't no big thing, brother.

      "Ain't No Big Thing" was almost an unofficial second theme song for the first season. It was written by Kui Lee and recorded by many performers, including Don Ho, the Brothers Cazimero and Kawika Crowley.

      Sal Mineo sang the song as Bobby George in "Tiger By The Tail." Tommy Sands sang the song as Joey Rand in the "No Blue Skies" episode. Finally, Gavin MacLeod sang the song in the shower as the character Big Chicken in the episode "The Box."