Hawaii Five-O

Season 1 Episode 1

Cocoon (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 1968 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Steve McGarrett, head of Hawaii Five-O, investigates the death of a close friend who appears to have drowned. Steve's knowledge about his friend and a mysterious white substance lead him into a high-level intelligence matter involving a foreign agent.

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  • Woulda Hooked Me Back so much now.

    Seems a bit far-fetched for a cop show pilot. Guess the network was going for a more "Spy" theme to get viewers in 1968 hooked. Acting was a bit hokey, but it was still entertaining,
  • This first episode is a fine example of the entire series.

    While many series change and grow old over time, Hawaii Five O stays true to its values and characters from the beginning to the end.

    This summary of this episode suprised me as I didn't realize it was the first episode. All the characters (event the bad guys) are in character from the beginning to the end of the series. This goes a long ways to show the value of putting time and thought into a show's bible.

    Most shocking was seeing Tim O'Kelly playing the role of Danny Williams. While Tim O'Kelly looks like a young Robert Kennedy (who was popular at the time), I'm more comfortable with Danny Williams in the number two role.

Philip Ahn

Philip Ahn

Attorney General

Guest Star

Mitzi Hoag

Mitzi Hoag


Guest Star

Tim O'Kelly

Tim O'Kelly

Danny "Danno" Williams

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (6)

    • Chin: And the great Chin Ho Kelly strikes again!
      McGarrett: (on the phone) Shut up and sit down, huh?

    • McGarrett: Kono?
      Kono: Blanksville.
      McGarrett: Danno?
      Danno: Double blanksville.
      Chin: Chin Ho Kelly strikes again!
      McGarrett: Shut up and sit down.

    • (McGarrett and HPD trap an intelligence agent who tailed McGarrett on Brent's orders)
      McGarrett: Book him.
      Agent: Wait a minute. You can't do that!
      McGarrett: Book him!
      (McGarrett drives off)
      Officer: (grinning) Mister, right now I'd hate to be your boss.

    • Attorney General: You have any idea of the red tape involved in getting an out-of-state body exhumed for autopsy?
      McGarrett: Yes, sir. That's why I came directly to the Attorney General.
      Attorney General: In that case, the difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes us a little longer.
      McGarrett: How much longer?
      Attorney General: McGarrett, at times I get the distinct impression you think I work for you.
      McGarrett: Oh no, sir.
      Attorney General: You're certain?
      McGarrett: Oh yes, sir.
      Attorney General: I'm glad one of us is.

    • McGarrett: You know, it's a funny thing. I'm used to Intelligence playing it cool. Really cool. But you seem more interested in a quiet funeral than in finding out who killed your man.
      Brent: You go ahead and think what you like, McGarrett.
      McGarrett: Thanks. I usually do.

    • Miller: Everybody knows that Steve McGarrett only takes orders from the Governor and God -- and occasionally even they have trouble.

  • NOTES (8)

    • Tim O'Kelly was mistakenly credited as Tim O'Kelley in the closing credits.

    • McGarrett's first words are spoken in Chinese to the tour guide who is aboard the bus in front of Iolani Palace.

    • The official syndication production number for this episode is 6824.

    • "Cocoon" was the first videotape in a ten-tape VHS release of the series by Columbia House in the late 1990s. Unlike other Columbia House Hawaii Five-O releases, "Cocoon" had footage that had long been missing in syndication broadcasts.

      The footage occurs after the teaser. McGarrett arrives at Iolani Palace, greets a tour bus driver, walks up the Iolani Palace stairs and greets his secretary with a birthday lei. McGarrett then enters his office and goes through the mail while downing a snack-pack box of Corn Flakes and coffee. Danno (Tim O'Kelly in the pilot) enters with news that a federal agent has been found dead. McGarrett races out of his office and down the Iolani stairs past some tourists. The syndication broadcast version resumes at this point.

      The 2007 DVD release includes this extra footage as well.

    • The pilot movie "Cocoon" included several elements found in the James Bond movie series. Among the similarities were the hidden identity of a main villain while speaking onscreen (like the Blofeld character in the Bond movies), the large-scale battle near the end of the story, a Chinese villain (like Dr. No), a tropical setting (like Jamaica from Dr. No and the Bahamas from Thunderball), and the steely, no-nonsense presence of Jack Lord. Lord appeared as CIA agent Felix Leiter in the first James Bond movie Dr. No. Lord's version of Felix Leiter was very similar to the character of Steve McGarrett.

    • The pilot movie introduced characters who would re-appear on a recurring basis in several seasons. Wo Fat, the arch-nemesis of McGarrett, would always be played by Khigh Dhiegh. However, the role of intelligence agent Jonathan Kaye would be played by several different actors throughout the series' 12-season run. James Gregory played the role only in the pilot, although he later appeared in the Season Two episode "All the King's Horses" as Mike Finney.

      The attorney general was played by Philip Ahn in the pilot. Morgan White and Glenn Cannon appeared as the attorney general in the regular episodes.

      McGarrett's secretary May was played by Mitzi Hoag in the pilot. Maggi Parker took over the role for the 1st season. Peggy Ryan and Laura Sode appeared in later seasons as secretaries or receptionists at the Five-O offices.

      The pinned guide in the forum provides a more complete list of seasons and episodes in which the various recurring actors appeared.

    • This story originally aired as a 2-hour television movie under the name of "Hawaii Five-O-Cocoon" on September 20, 1968, six days before the first regular episode was broadcast. According to the 2007 DVD set, this was an unusual practice at the time.

      "Cocoon" was later re-edited and split into two one-hour episodes. Part 1 aired on June 4, 1969. Part 2 aired on June 11, 1969.

    • Audiences disliked Tim O'Kelly in the Danny Williams role, so series creator Leonard Freeman replaced him with James MacArthur. Lew Ayres played the Governor but decided not to continue with the role in the series. Richard Denning took over the character once the series began. However, Ayres made two guest appearances, as Dr. Elias Haig in the Season 6 episode "Anybody Can Build a Bomb" and as Commander Reginald Blackwell in the Season 8 episode "Legacy of Terror."


    • Chin Ho: (to McGarrett) Some day you'll get Doc so steamed, he'll go out and discover the Lost Chord.

      Chin is referring to the famous song, "The Lost Chord," written by Arthur Sullivan in 1877 while at his dying brother's bedside. The lyrics are from the poem "A Lost Chord," written by Adelaide Anne Proctor in 1858. While playing on the keyboard of an organ, the narrator in the song struck a magnificent chord "Like the sound of a great Amen," but was unable to duplicate the sound again.