Hawaii Five-O

Season 9 Episode 8

Heads, You're Dead

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 1976 on CBS

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  • Doesn't come off well, inferior writing and unlikely characterizations trip this episode up.

    Hawaii Five-O must stop hi-jackers who steal yachts and have no problem with murdering the owners.

    This episode rises but mostly falls on the strength of the character Officer Sandi Welles (a confident and "spunky" HPD officer that I liked in her first appearance). While Amanda McBroom is a decent enough actor (she's a much better singer), the writing and sense of her character is all over the map in this episode - almost baffling. As McGarrett calls her in on the case, she has odd lines about how she is unhappy with her life and its direction (out of no where), and upon being paired with Danny, she becomes flirtatious and a little silly. After showing heroism by ditching her badge and stowing away on a yacht with the hi-jackers, she deliberately antagonizes them by lacing their breakfast with hot sauce. It earns her a punch in the jaw, but even more strange is the scene goes (again) no where, other than showing once again that the criminals are bad hombres. Upon being stranded on a leaking life raft with other hostages, she falls to pieces, babbling, panicking, and yelling about her impending death. Not only does the writing seem destined for another character, whoever that character is would be an unlikely policewoman and one who is emotionally incompetent.

    The story line is very simple as well, and does nothing to elevate the drawbacks.