Hawaii Five-O

Season 5 Episode 13

I'm A Family Crook -- Don't Shoot!

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 19, 1972 on CBS

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  • Great twist on an old idea, good acting, and a story that flows very well.

    A family of visiting con artists accidentally becomes involved with some of Oahu's most brutal thugs.

    A very good episode, and a good example of why "Five-O" stayed on top for a number of years. The "old saw" of innocent people finding criminal loot is tired and done on numerous dramas and sitcoms - this story puts a twist on it and has one group of small-time criminals matching wits with a criminal protection racket. Andy Griffith does a great job as the head of a flim-flam family (the Lovejoys), both calculating and showing proper respect at the same time - as he, his wife, and daughter flee but still want to hang on to $100,000. He dons disguises and personalities with ease.

    There is a particularly harsh scene where the crime boss guns down his henchman with three shots when he doesn't believe his story of how the money was lost. The act is almost "Untouchables"-like in its cold-bloodedness. It makes for a stark contrast with the more light-hearted scenes of the Lovejoy family.

    Probably what I find most interesting is that even after the stern warning from McGarrett, the Lovejoys frankly tell him that ALL criminals (big and small) have a code of ethics that means "no cops". Exciting conclusion to this one. Good television.