Hawaii Five-O

Season 2 Episode 4

Just Lucky, I Guess

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 1969 on CBS
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Episode Summary

A middle-aged mainland hardware salesman escorts a young prostitute to her apartment, and then witnesses her murder by a mobster.

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  • The death of a young prostitute, and a respected businessman who should have known better.

    Marty Sloane (wasn't Martin Sloan the name of a character in an episode of "The Twilight Zone"?) is a mainlander in the hardware business and is in Honolulu for a hardware convention (I wonder if Howard Cunningham was there). He goes into a beautiful room at the posh high-rise Ilikai Hotel with a prostitute who, unbeknownst to him, is only 18. The awkward church-going hardware man, married with two children, including a daughter who is one year younger than the prostitute, clumsily asks how she got into this business, and she responds, "Just lucky, I guess." There's a knock on the door, and it turns out to be big-time pimp and organized crime figure Charley Bombay, who wants his "merchandise", that is, heroin, that she's got and won't give him. He pushes her off the terrace to her death, all seen by Sloane, who is hiding on the terrace, and Five-0 moves in. McGarrett employs the services of a beautiful policewoman posing as the dead girl's sister to trap Bombay. Meanwhile Sloane spends the episode running from the police, his friends and family, Bombay and his thugs and, especially, himself and his shame. McGarrett sternly lectures and scolds him in an effort to convince him to testify to what he saw to help put Charley Bombay away for life for murdering a girl who had her whole life ahead of her, which she could have used to lead a respectable life if she had chosen. Sloane finds redemption, but will have to face the music back home.moreless
  • A witness to a murder refuses to admit to McGarrett who the killer was.

    Hawaii scenery/landmarks: The Ilikai Hotel, Ala Moana Center. (What - no filthy Hotel Street anymore? Give that territory to the regular beat cops, the 5-O gang is moving up!) Also, notice the old scripted Sears logo at the Ala Moana Center.

    Notable stars: 3 actors that appeared in numerous TV shows - Elaine Joyce also appeared several times on the gameshow called Match Game in the 70's, and was later in the 1980 slasher movie called Motel Hell. The lovely Ann Helm also played a crooked bar hostess in a season one Hawaii 5-O episode called By The Numbers. John Randolph later went on to play the Committee Chairman in Escape From The Planet of the Apes in 1971 and the first Los Angeles Ram's owner (before Pendleton bid him out!) in Heaven Can Wait in 1978.

    Sloane (Randolph) witnesses cute blonde Angela (Joyce) pushed off a hotel balcony by a big time crime lord. Helm's character goes undercover to pretend to be the murdered girl's sister to bust the crime boss on a murder and drug charge. A well written episode with outstanding acting.moreless
Jack Lord

Jack Lord

Steve McGarrett

James MacArthur

James MacArthur

Danny "Danno" Williams

Kam Fong

Kam Fong

Chin Ho Kelly



Kono Kalakaua

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  • QUOTES (5)

    • Sloane: I was just admiring your... ice cubes.

    • McGarrett: Danno, hold the fort. I gotta talk to a snake. (referring to Charlie Bombay)

    • (Danno opens the airport locker; pulls out a bag holding a teddy bear)
      Danno: Would you believe?
      Kono: Somebody putting us on?
      Danno: I dunno. (Notices powder on the back of the bear and tastes it)
      Kono: What is it?
      Danno: To think I stopped believing in him.
      Kono: Who?
      Danno: Santa Claus.

    • McGarrett: You know, when people like you get involved, really involved, wake up the rats, the snakes, like Bombay, they're dead. I read somewhere, "Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind." I admire you Mr. Sloane. I thank you.

    • McGarrett: Eighteen years old.
      Danno: Says so on her temporary driving permit.
      McGarrett: Eighteen, huh? Out brief candle.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind

      McGarrett is quoting a very famous work by English poet John Donne called "Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions" (1624). This line is from Meditation XVII, which also includes the more famous line, "No man is an island."

    • Out brief candle

      McGarrett quotes Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Macbeth. Macbeth speaks the line "Out, out, brief candle!" in Act 5, Scene 5, upon hearing of the death of the queen.