Hawaii Five-O

Season 6 Episode 6

Murder is a Taxing Affair

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 1973 on CBS

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  • You'll have an easier time finding Waldo than an honest soul in this episode.

    Are the men at Five-O the only honest people on this show? You might get that impression watching this episode, in which $600,000 stolen from the . government the American taxpayer) is in turn stolen by a corrupt . agent after he murders the thief, then the loot accidentally winds up in the hands of a middle-aged couple (one of whom is Howard Sprague) who then promptly notify the authorities. NOT! Nope, they decide they deserve to have it all to themselves, or at least Howie does. Then a stewardess, who seems innocent at first, tricks the couple into handing it over to her, or so she thinks. She then gets offed by the tax creep, who begins an all-out search for the couple, who still have the money. We hear all the time about honest people of modest means who find large amounts of money and don't hesitate to turn it over to the police. They make good human interest stories, but not drama and adventure, which is what you get here, along with a tax collector who really deserves your contempt.