Hawaii Five-O

Season 1 Episode 10

No Blue Skies

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 05, 1968 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Singer Joey Rand turns to dramatic high-rise hotel break-ins in order to cover his gambling debts. His girlfriend Val has doubts about the scheme. Joey convinces her that a big record deal is on the way. According to him, the future is bright.

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  • The user.

    One of the down sides to this episode is the fact that there no scenes in the Five-O office. On the positive side, it explores the consequences of compulsive gambling. I liked the scene where McGarrett tells Joey's girlfriend "As soon as he is through using you, he'll make another big hit and can run away faster without you, then comes the kiss
  • McGarrett tries to catch a cat burglar who moonlights as a lounge act. Or is it the other way around? The burglar is played by real-life singer Tommy Sands.

    If you're looking for an episode to skip, this is the one. Great episodes are timeless. This one is horribly dated with Tommy Sands and his TERRIBLE wig. You know this episode is going to be bad right from the opening scenes when we hear way too much of Sands crooning on stage. Hey, this is Hawaii Five-O, not the Ed Sullivan Show. Can we get back to the story instead of hearing this lounge act ruin some decent songs? You also know it's a bad episode when you start asking yourself, "hmm, have I stayed at that hotel on Waikiki? It looks familiar." Do yourself a favor and skip down the DVD menu to "Yesterday Died and Tomorrow Won't Be Born."moreless
  • A lounge singer moonlights as a burglar.

    Hawaii scenery/landmarks: The Ilikai. I stood at that same aqua painted railing down by the fountain area with many different girls back in the day!

    Notable stars: Tommy Sands has been a long time entertainer in Hawaii. I think they named the Sands Hotel after him. Or did he take his stage name from the hotel? Ain't no big thing. The gorgeous Carole Kai has also been a long time Hawaii entertainer. I was in one of her charitable bed races in 1986. I saw her every two weeks in 1988 when I delivered a 5 gallon bottle of Menehune Water to her mansion in Diamond Head. When I walked into her office with the big bottle she was usually on the phone making business deals, but one day she told me to be careful while I was changing the water bottle on the cooler. "I don't want the bugs to crawl inside!" What bugs, Carole? It's almost air tight. Give me a hit of that awesome local weed you've been smoking! That french kissing comment she says on Emme's Island Moments in the back of the CD - typical silly Carole Kai! Joey's girlfriend also played a character on the Star Trek episode that I hate the most - Turnabout Intruder, where she tries to switch places with Kirk and be the man. She cries out "I wanna be the captain!" Yikes, how extremely bad. Is that how Janeway later got her start?

    Joey is a down on his luck lounge singer who burglarizes Ilikai hotel rooms on the side. Joey's girlfriend sets it up by checking in the guests at her tourist travel job and takes down their room numbers. Joey's stage manager generates the most sympathy from me in the show. He's a totally nice guy throughout the episode, but later gets shot by a hotel resident while trying to steal for Joey and faces dire consequences. For those who make fun of Joey's singing style - he's a lounge singer, they're supposed to sing off key! Bill Murray also played the part of Tommy Sands on SNL.

    Much is said about Joey's greasy hairstyle on other web sites, but I could swear it was a wig. He more than likely burglarized Chekhov's wardrobe department on the Star Trek set. Aint no big thing.moreless
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Jack Lord

Steve McGarrett

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James MacArthur

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Kam Fong

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Kono Kalakaua

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When Linkoa is walking down the street, followed by Kono, he passes "Blackburn's Cafe." The sign outside has what looks like a black sheet of paper covering part of the sign, possibly a product logo.

    • Hawaiian words:

      --McGarrett uses the Hawaiian word "lanai" to describe the balcony.
      --Danno uses the Hawaiian word "mauka," which means "toward the mountains," or "inland."

    • Joey sings the first and third verses of "This Land Is Your Land," but he slightly alters Woody Guthrie's original lyrics for the third verse.

      The original version

      I've roamed and rambled and I followed my footsteps
      To the sparkling sands of her diamond deserts;
      And all around me a voice was sounding:
      This land was made for you and me

      Joey's version

      I roamed and rambled and I spread my footsteps
      To the sparkling sands of her diamond deserts;
      And all around me a voice was singing:
      "Hey, this land was made for you and me"

    • The cat burglar in the final act has brown eyes, but the actor who played Paul (who was revealed as the cat burglar from that scene) has blue eyes.

    • Joey (played by Tommy Sands) says "baby" eighteen times in this episode -- seven times in the first act, four in the second, and seven in the last act. The word is directed at his girlfriend Val every time except for one.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • McGarrett: I don't think you've been listening, Miss Michaels. I've known a hundred Joeys. As soon as he's finished using you, as soon as he makes that one big hit or he gets in a tight spot and he can run faster without you, then comes the kiss-off. But you know that better than I do. Think about it, huh?

    • (to Chin, as a witness refuses to look at a line-up)
      McGarrett: Talk to him some more. Maybe he'll develop a public conscience, huh?

    • McGarrett: He also claims he never saw the cat burglar, doesn't even know his name.
      Lt. Wilson: You believe that?
      McGarrett: Sure. I believe everything.

  • NOTES (6)

    • Tommy Sands, a former popular teen-idol singer, plays a desperate down-on-his luck singer (Joey Rand) in this episode. This situation is similar to the "Tiger By The Tail" episode, in which former popular teen-idol singer Sal Mineo played a desperate down-on-his luck singer (Bobby George). Both episodes included musical performances from the featured guest star.

    • The five songs that Joey sings:

      1) "It Only Takes A Moment" from the 1964 Tony Award-winner for Best Musical Hello, Dolly!, later a 1969 Academy Award-nominated movie
      2) "This Land Is Your Land" -- words and music by Woody Guthrie
      3) "Goin' Out of My Head" from the R&B/soul group Little Anthony & The Imperials (1964)
      4) "Ain't No Big Thing" by Kui Lee
      5) "I'll Remember You" -- music and lyrics by Kui Lee (1964); Lee's signature song was recorded by Tony Bennett, Andy Williams, Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass, Roger Williams, Elvis Presley and many others.

    • "Ain't No Big Thing" was almost an unofficial second theme song for the first season. It was written by Kui Lee and recorded by many performers, including Don Ho, the Brothers Cazimero and Kawika Crowley.

      Sal Mineo sang the song as Bobby George in "Tiger By The Tail." Tommy Sands sang the song as Joey Rand in this episode. Finally, Gavin MacLeod sang the song in the shower as the character Big Chicken in the episode "The Box."

      McGarrett alludes to the song in "....And They Painted Daisies On His Coffin" when he tells Big Chicken, "Ain't no big thing, brother."

    • Joey refers to McGarrett as "the man." Series creator Leonard Freeman had considered naming the entire series "The Man" before changing it to the eventual title of "Hawaii Five-O."

    • Additional credits:

      Automobiles furnished by Ford Motor Company
      Filmed entirely on location in Hawaii
      A Leonard Freeman Production
      In Association With
      The CBS Television Network

    • The official syndication number for this episode is 6808.