Hawaii Five-O

CBS (ended 1980)





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  • Best crime data from theh 70's

    There were many reasons this was a top 10 show during its run in the late 60's to 1980. Most fans will tell you it had to do with the beautiful scenery the 50th state provied and the presence of its main charactor Jack Lord but to me it was the well written stories that captured my interest. Sure they were more than a few duds throughout its 12 year run and by season 10 it had declined consideralbly in overall quality but the stories were original and varied and usually always captured my interst. In terms of seasons I would highly recommend seasons 3 and season 6 but this is more a matter of personal choice and any one of the first 9 seasons are of high quality. My favourite episode is from season 6 called One big happily family, a truly creepy episode with a equally disturbing musical score.