Hawaii Five-O

CBS (ended 1980)





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  • Hawaii Five-O was such a great series but then they come up with this new series that makes no sense at all I mean you have Steve's kid in this one but you have Danny anf Kon and they are younger now than they were in the original and the new people suck.

    Hawaii Five-O was such a great police drama I use to watch it and then I also liked the streets of San Francisco then of course they come out with the new hawaii Five-O they have a person playing Steve's son then they have Danny and Kono and they are younger now than they originally was it's pretty amazing I love how they take a classic and ruin it later on down the road well enough said they just need to leave the classics alone and quit screwing them up. They remind me of Disney remaking every descent old movie that was made and messing them up it just kills me that they are not smart enough to come up with anything new.