Hawaii Five-O

Season 7 Episode 1

The Young Assassins

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 10, 1974 on CBS

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  • The following episode was the start of the show's seventh season on CBS Television -- the 1974-1975 Season.

    The opening act of the show involved two members -- or even more -- from the People's Attack Group mortally wounding a tourist on the beaches of Honolulu. Dan Williams investigated the deaths in a deliberate manner ... knowing these sinisters maimed innocent people at will. Members Army and Driver were implicated in three other killings in connection with armed robberies on earlier occasions. Professor Metzger ends up a target for a kidnapping -- like Dan Williams -- from the likes of the Peoples Attack Group after leaving the restaurant. They end up taken to an abandonned ammuniation building. Only later, one gal from the group ended up enduring futile vibes because of her implication to these killings. She drove off in a 1965 Ford Galaxie from a gasoline station; then later pursued to a car chase after firing a gun at an officer's car. The chase ended up at a construction site -- with the Galaxie 500 rammed sideways to the part of an excavator ... catching the car's engine on fire -- then blowing up to kingdom come after the fuel tank exploded instantaneously. Professor Metzger was eventually murdered from the result of this retaliation. McGarrett eventually nails the killers in the end. I would rate this a 12.0 out of 10.0. Any Questions?