Hawaii Five-O

Season 1 Episode 16

Up Tight

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 1969 on CBS

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  • A drug dealing professor gets people addicted to speed with various results.

    Hawaii scenery/landmarks: The Makapuu Point area. Various other unidentifiable locations, probably because of later development.

    Notable stars: Ed Flanders plays professor Stone. In addition to many TV show appearances, he also played Dr. Morton on the 1979 TV cult classic movie Salem's Lot. Sadly, Flanders shot himself in 1995 due to depression.

    This is my least favorite in the series so far. David Stone is the professor/drug dealer who gets people hooked on speed, and then lets them run wild. Danno tries to talk a girl from jumping off the Makapuu Point cliff, but she leaps anyway because of her drugged out state. McGarrett questions the suicide victim's friend, a hot blonde swimming in the pool with a white bikini. She later gets drugged out and crashes her moped off the road into the sand, but survives. Lots of halucinatory special effects propaganda is used as the blonde is placed in a mental hospital with various kooky patients. "That's Lt. Hurwitz. Extreme shell shock - thinks he's Ethel Merman." Woops - wrong show. The dead girl's father tries to get back at Stone by forcing him to ingest a bunch of speeds at gunpoint. The professor then runs around like a goofball in a blurry haze.

    I tried speed at 2 different times in 1981, a pink heart and a black beauty. Both made my mind race and I hated the "amped out" feeling. They seemed harmless though, but maybe because I wasn't hooked. Football players used to take these in the 60's and 70's and I doubt they saw colorful kaleidescopic images and babbled out loud incoherently. This episode may be a little over the top as far as drug symptoms go - but then again I was never addicted and didn't know anyone in Hawaii who got to that point.

    I can see heroin having these extreme side effects, but not from personal experience! This was a little too much for just speed - or was it stronger stuff back then? It just seems far fetched, that's why I give it a "fair" rating.