Hawaii Five-O

Season 12 Episode 20

Woe to Wo Fat

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 05, 1980 on CBS

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  • A lousy ending to the series for me. One point of this finale seems OK - the idea of satire. Unfortunately the episode fails to build on that and dies on the vine.

    McGarrett and Wo Fat have a final unlikely showdown on a "mysterious island".

    Since no one has reviewed this finale yet, I figured I should get an entry in. In many ways, its sort of obvious that since the series had run out of gas that this final entry should be tongue-in-cheek. I don't disagree with that approach. But the fun spy and sci-fi fantasy that is seen in the very first pilot TV movie is completely missing.

    It just doesn't work. There are many fan sites where you can read how this episode is lacking, and I won't repeat the many flaws they point out. Logistically, its most odd that McGarrett and the scientists are controlled by a mysterious "gas" that takes away their independence but otherwise leaves them unaffected. Totally strange as McGarrett is able to breathe the gas but still is aware enough to keep his disguised "secret identity" hidden. Forget the "star wars" laser that Wo Fat wants, this gas alone could enable him to take over the world. And of course that is the main point, world domination - but in this installment Wo Fat is not allied with communist China, nor is he seeking to overthrow whatever "fools" want to guide China in the "wrong" direction. After twelve years he is reduced to a comic book character that simply wants a deadly weapon for its own sake.

    This is why the episode is a disaster - its not light-hearted and at the same time its way too serious for the script - suddenly the idea of a Hawaiian police officer in mortal combat with an international criminal just becomes a cartoon. Sadly, there's nothing here of note other than the writers actually trying to close the series with continuity.