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  • sad as it never got a chance

    i have to admit i never got a chance to watch - would love too, just looking at the cast they had some great actors, so why can it, that lest bring it out on dvd so fan can watch pretty please some one any one its only 7-8 episodes
  • Loved it!

    OMG I loved this show. I was so pissed off when they pulled it. I was forced to watch Lost. I do wish they would bring it back. There are too many reality shows. To me it was the new Miami vice. All the actors were great and fit their chacters.I seems to me they always like pulling the plug on all the good shows a little to early. They didn't even get it a whole season. Then replaced it with a program that got the plug pulled on it also. Guess if they would have waited it may have been a hit. Sucks they will never know.
  • Such a good show...why the axe?

    I still don't understand why Hawaii was given the axe. It was SO GOOD! Gah, it still upsets me because this show was one of the first I watched on prime time because I had just about reached the age where I started liking more of what was on TV. Hawaii was one of the hottest and visually stunning shows I have have ever seen, and it just baffles me as to why NBC never gave it a decent chance. It's just shameful. Tsk Tsk Tsk, NBC.

    It was so much better than CSI because the mysteries were actually interesting and unique. It's just so sad...
  • Another good Michael Biehn show that didn't last.

    Another good Michael Biehn show that didn't last. He was playing a good guy (and a cop) in it. It had a great cast and was set in Hawaii. Good looking men and beautiful scenary - what more can a girl ask for. And - like I said - Michael Biehn. One of those shows that should still be on the air (or at least lasted longer than 6 or 7 episodes). Was glad to see Cary on a new show after his one season on Nash Bridges - he was a great asset to the show also. Loved seeing that Michael's character Sean wasn't a completely 'by the book' cop. Nice to see he had a heart and would bend the rules if needed. A waste to see it go.
  • Hello? Why the hell was this show cancelled?

    I've watched this show from the day it aired, and I was completely heated when they took this show off the air. This was one of the best cop shows filmed in Hawaii, and you had to cancell it? C'mon now... the storylines were good, the actors were FREAKIN HOT, the locale... oh now, you can't beat the location of the show... Hawaii??? Hot locals, hot girls, hot places... I miss this show. I loved the way the precinct was ran... had to take risks with his detectives, stood by them whenever anything went wrong. This show was a great show had the network/producers... whoever gave it a chance... 1 month was all it had? Pahleeze!
  • lost in a sea of other shows

    here is an exaple of another cop show that got lost in the shuffle. the only difference is this one is based in hawaii. now this was no hawaii five o, but it was not that bad. i never figured it would last that long. and after a few episodes i was proved right.
  • Hot guys. Paradise... and a HOTTiE female detective. What more can you ask for!?

    I can\'t believe that they pulled it before its entire 10-episode pilot was even completed. It wasnt given a fair chance. I agree that a lot of the low rating had to do with the whole stupid election. (i hate bush) but also it was up against 2 other hawaiian themed shows on bigger networks. (LOST and North Shore) I was extremely sad that they pulled my FAVORITE show. I will never forget it. I hope it's given another chance on another network. I know its been well over a year but I have to keep my hope alive lol. It was a great show. I regret that I lost the episodes that I recorded during my recent move. If anyone has the episoded recorded I'm willing to pay a reasonable price for any of them.
  • I dont get it at all!!

    Now..over almost one year ago, I watch that show..I thought that it was good. But I expect more from them something, I mean..their story were good. I'm such big fan of alot of cops shows. But still..I dont understand why this show has to be cancelled right after everything has happened last year with election and of course..alot of us didnt watch "hawaii" because of election, we were so busy focus on election!! I think "hawaii" has pick wrong time and wrong year to watch. I think "hawaii" should have choose right time and right year..like..this fall! That's what I think, If "hawaii" on nbc by this fall, I think it would be good time to watch and "hawaii" would get renewed! It's truly sad that they're gone..where no people will ever get their chance to see this amazing show. I indeedly feel bad for this show. I hope there'll be another great cop shows like "hawaii" on nbc as well.
  • Okay, here is yet another example of a show that wasn't given enough time to fine tune itself.

    Yes, it was just another cop show and it was set in Hawaii (very beautiful). Which should have been enough by itself for more of a change to fix the problems. How can that possibly be enough episodes for anyone to know that the show won't work. If the network dogs thought it was that bad then why did they even let it on the air. I like Micheal Biehn, and I am sure a lot of people like Sharif Atkins from ER. So, why wasn't that enough to let the show go a little longer and for the network to make suggestions on how to improve it and give them a chance to try their suggestions out?
  • Take 5 or 6 cop characters from movies and television. Add one beautiful tropical setting. Mix on low until well blended.

    Last year when reviewing new shows I remarked of a new cop program that it didn't do much to distinguish itself from the many, many other cop programs. I don't remember which program that was but it doesn't much matter since I think the general public agreed and it was canceled. This year there are still lots of cop shows on the air. And the networks are still giving us new ones.

    This particular new one comes to us from NBC and is set in Hawaii. The network apparently thinks that the setting is important enough that they even named the show Hawaii (hey it worked for Las Vegas right). The show of course features (a little bit) the magnificent scenery of the island and (a bit more) the unique local culture. Still it comes down to a cop show. Detectives work to solve cases.

    Most of those detectives seem to be borrowed from other movies and shows. There's the black guy from Chicago who can't swim and the out of control guys who are always in trouble with the chief (or whoever the boss is) for being insensitive or blowing something up. Add in the cop who has a bit of a mysterious past with a criminal (all too quickly cleared up in the first episode) and the attractive female officer looking to become a detective and you have the major players.

    The plot and dialog of the opening episode at least are workable. There's little to complain about and little that stands out. You do have to give the writers credit for injecting just the write amount of "Hawaiian" into the mix (culture and language wise). The show moves along the various crimes are solved and it all comes to a satisfactory conclusion.

    Satisfactory is a pretty good word to describe the show overall. You know, kind of like that B- you got for that paper in school. Not your best work but nothing overwhelmingly wrong with it. Hawaii will likely satisfy people who really want yet another cop show. Perhaps it'll be able to develop its characters into interesting people and go beyond the ordinary. Perhaps not. At any rate it's not in the most competitive timeslot around so it should at least hang around for a while.

    Hawaii debuts on NBC on September 1 at 8pm.