Hawaiian Eye - Season 1

ABC (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • Assignment: Manila
    Assignment: Manila
    Episode 33
    In Manila, Lopaka poses as the brother of a dead nightclub owner to expose a gang smuggling U.S. funds to Red China.
  • Little Blalah
    Little Blalah
    Episode 32
    Hired to protect a spoiled playboy, Steele exposes the perpetrator of a payroll robbery and prevents a murder.
  • Dead Ringer
    Dead Ringer
    Episode 31
    Lopaka is hired to help a woman sneak an art object into Macao by impersonating her husband, not knowing that she murdered her husband and has the same plans for him.
  • Shadow of the Blade
    Shadow of the Blade
    Episode 30
    Steele flies to a French island near Tahiti, where an old army buddy is on the run from a murder charge and faces execution by guillotine.
  • Typhoon
    Episode 29
    A typhoon has struck and Cricket, Tracy and Tom take refuge in the island home of a retired Army Colonel. Soon, they are joined by a quartet of bank robbers on the lam.
  • Murder, Anyone
    Murder, Anyone
    Episode 28
    Lopaka suspects that tennis bum Barry Logan is responsible for the murder of his boss in a quarrel over the boss's wife, but Cricket comes up with an alibi for him and convinces Lopaka to find the real killer, which he does during the course of a tennis tourament.
  • The Lady's Not for Traveling
    A government agent wants Tracy to help cut some red tape for a lady scientist, but he finds that she is also the target of Red Chinese agents who want to kidnap her.
  • Kim Quixote
    Kim Quixote
    Episode 26
    A gambler kills a man in Kim's cab and steals the man's suitcase, which is full of money. Then a girl in whom Kim has taken an interest is kidnapped to prevent Kim from identifying the murderer for the police.
  • Second Fiddle
    Second Fiddle
    Episode 25
    A hotel violinst asks Tracy and Tom to guard his valuable instrument. But the fiddler himself needs guarding because his ex-wife and the former boyfriend of his current wife are out to murder him. They startle him into a heart attack, then remove his medication. When Steele manages to get him to the hospital in time to save his life, the killers make a second attempt on his life.moreless
  • Birthday Boy
    Birthday Boy
    Episode 24
    A beautiful girl is used as a lure in a plot to deprive a pineapple heir of the family fortune. Jim McLaren, slated to inherit a pineapple fortune, may fall heir to a murder charge instead. Tracy has his eye on the girl who figures in the frameup, orchestrated by the boy's uncle in order to gain control of the family's money.moreless
  • Bequest of Arthur Goodwin
    Tracy Steele is hired by Arthur Goodwin's widow to break her late husband's will. The bequest of Arthur Goodwin is the family business - left to a secretary who seems intent on destroying it.
  • Danger on Credit
    Danger on Credit
    Episode 22
    Handsome Somerset Jones takes a romantic interest in Cricket. Consequentially distracted, he pays no attention when he receives a credit card which belongs to man marked for death by a hired killer. Somerset and Cricket inadvertently become the targets of the hired killer and Tom must save their lives.
  • Fatal Cruise
    Fatal Cruise
    Episode 21
    Ginger Martin hires Tom to find her husband Johnny, who has been missing for two years. Tom locates Johnny, captaining a yacht for and having a forced affair with wealthy Verna Collins. When Verna is murdered, Johnny is accused and sent to jail. Tom works to uncover the real murderer.
  • Cut of Ice
    Cut of Ice
    Episode 20
    When an expensive diamond in their care is stolen, Tracy and Tom suspect a security leak inside their offices.
  • Hong Kong Passage
    Hong Kong Passage
    Episode 19
    Returning from Hong Kong, Tracy's plane is hijacked.
  • Sword of the Samurai
    Two young Japanese visitors, Hiroshi and Susumu, ask Tom to locate an old man named Noburu. Tom finds him but is reluctant to tell his clients until he knows the reasons for their search. Tom finds out that that the young Japanese men plan to kill Noburu in order to avenge their family's honor.moreless
  • Then There Were Three
    A vacationing Iowa girl inherits a small island, and then vanishes.
  • The Kikiki Kid
    The Kikiki Kid
    Episode 16
    Tom is suspicious of columnist Karen Ward's new boyfriend, an ambitious singer.
  • The Kamehameha Cloak
    Tom is hired to protect a woman's husband from an ancient death curse.
  • Stamped for Danger
    Stamped for Danger
    Episode 14
    Tracy has no idea what he's getting into when a dancer hires him to trace her old boyfriend, based on some letters he sent her about moving to Hawaii.
  • The Koa Man
    The Koa Man
    Episode 13
    A law firm in Los Angeles hires Tracy to locate Nancy Campbell, who is missing. Tracy qestions her friends, only to figure out that they are covering up for her. Nancy is being threatened by Harry Gulliver, a man with whom Tracy during the Korean War. Gulliver was the machine gunner on Tracy's plane and had been unable to pull the trigger when they were attacked by enemy planes. Now Gulliver plans to kill Nancy, but once again he cannot pull the trigger when Tracy recounts the Korean incident.moreless
  • A Dime a Dozen
    A Dime a Dozen
    Episode 12
    Tracy attempts to clear an army lieutenant who won't try to defend himself against robbery charges.
  • Shipment from Kihei
    Shipment from Kihei
    Episode 11
    Tracy is hired by a ranch owner to investigate the loss of several shipments of cattle.
  • Secret of the Second Door
    Following the trail of missing money puts Tom in the path of four killers.
  • The Quick Return
    The Quick Return
    Episode 9
    Wealthy businessman Victor Shaw, who asked Tracy Steele for protection, is found murdered. Tracy's reporter friend, Jerry Jackson, had a notebook full of damaging information about Shaw, but the notebook was stolen shortly before the murder, causing concern for all involved.
  • Three Tickets to Lani
    From the mainland, investigator Stu Bailey calls on Steele and Lopaka to track down an embezzler who's gone to Hawaii. The trail leads them to a travel bureau which turns out to be a front for illicit activities in which pretty native girls are used in a scheme to defraud and kill wealthy vacationers.moreless
  • Beach Boy
    Beach Boy
    Episode 7
    Peter, a beach boy, claims to be the son of wealthy Donna Lane and is arrested when he trespasses on her property. Donna claims her son died in a drowning accident nine years earlier while swimming with his stepfather Carleton. Steele decides to help the boy and prove he is Donna's son and also find out what really happened nine years ago.moreless
  • Cloud Over Koala
    Cloud Over Koala
    Episode 6
    Private eyes Steele and Lopaka are hired by a slick real estate operator to locate a missing man, a released felon whom he needs to complete the deal in a land swindle.
  • Dangerous Eden
    Dangerous Eden
    Episode 5
    A movie star accidentally kills a man in a hit-and-run and flees the scene of the crime, but not before the assistant director of the movie company spots sees her doing so, resulting in a blackmailing scheme that Tracy eventually exposes.
  • All Expenses Paid
    All Expenses Paid
    Episode 4
    When a lovely guest named Marian Summers checks in at the Hawaiian Village Hotel, she attracts the attention of Tom Lopaka, and coincidentally a string of burglaries plague the hotel. Marian is the girlfriend of a gangster facing a grand jury in Chicago and has been sent to Hawaii to keep her from testifying. The gangsters have also sent a hit man to make sure she never speaks again.moreless
  • Second Day of Infamy
    Former Japanese military officer Yato Mitsuki escapes from a mental hospital in Hawaii, and Steele and Lopaka are hired to find him, but time is running out - Mitsuki has amnesia so he does not remember that World War II is over and he may cause a second Pearl Harbor disaster.moreless
  • Waikiki Widow
    Waikiki Widow
    Episode 2
    When Tracy and Tom are hired to find the killer of a skin diver, Tracy finds out that a young widow named Lady Blanche Carleton is involved and that a string of black pearls worth a fortune are the reason behind the murder, but the question is whether or not the pearls are real.moreless
  • Malihini Holiday
    Malihini Holiday
    Episode 1
    While on vacation in Hawaii, Mavis Purcell is nearly killed in two suspicious accidents and suspects her artist husband is behind them, so she asks Tracy Steele to protect her.