Hawaiian Eye

Season 1 Episode 8

Three Tickets to Lani

Aired Unknown Nov 25, 1959 on ABC



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    • This goof was mine. Sorry! The action at the old beachhut actually happened in episode 7 not episode 8. The thrills and chills of Hawaiian Eye at ye old beachhut are great in any episode.

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    • I really like it when the settings are real or natural. The beachhut by the large boulders is one of my favorite spots.In this episode two scenes were filmed here,one of which is the shootout with Steele and the bad guys. What is of notice is the way Steele uses his snubnose Colt pistol, he pulls the hammer and aims down the site. This the manner that is most effective because a short barrel limits the aim. Steels also displays the ablilty to shoot using either right or left handed. You're the man,Steel!

    • In Hawaiian,Lani means heaven or sky.

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