Hawaiian Eye

Season 4 Episode 20

Two Million Too Much

Aired Unknown Feb 26, 1963 on ABC

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  • Entertaining but slightly empty. A lot of fun to watch for a sense of TV drama of the time.

    Tom is held up for information about the route of a bank delivery.

    Spare production values typify this episode, little music but some nice touches, like clips of Hawaiian Eye and the criminals discussing the armored car route interwoven with each other. The plot itself is a little out there, but not unusual for the time, the purpose of the robbery being to grab cash to pay for expensive heart surgery for the wife of a robber. There is the wonderful (and over-used at the time) trick of "truth serum" being administered to force facts out of a person without a memory the next day. The tear gas attack of the armored car is pretty amazing in broad daylight.

    What I enjoy the most is the historical value. Conrad is fine, Van Williams and Barbara Bain get guest starring roles, Moki is a likeable character, and Connie Stevens gets to sing a song in this episode. EVERYONE smokes. What doesn't hold up is the sense of place. A southern California "turn-of-the-century city" studio lot just doesn't look anything like Honolulu, the "Hilton Hawaiian Club" is all bamboo, tiki torches, plastic plants and no panache. But I still found this installment enjoyable overall.