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  • Hawkspeed_Episode 14

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    S 1 : Ep 14 - 6/27/05

    The end of the season has finally arrived as the Hawk Kawasaki team travel back to Brands Hatch, Kent for the thirteenth and final showdown of the 2005 championship. With the thirst for victory glowing in their eyes, the team prepare for the tense, emotional and most important race of the year; the last chance for them to steal some points and land a high finish. With a mixed result at Donington, the pressure is on and the mechanics waste no time rebuilding Glen's #1 bike after the devastating crash it suffered in the twelfth meeting. With representatives of the team's investors and sponsors watching on, the technicians send a brand new bike out with Glen in the seat, praying that another crash won't happen. But luck seems against them, and Glen slips off during tests, dooming the backroom staff to another night of frantic, frustrating rebuilds. Tension reaches an all-time high, but the team remain confident that, with another strong performance, they can secure another podium - a feeling boosted by second row starts for both Glen and Dean. With the team sitting seven points behind the leaders, the fight is far from over and the battle on the track as fierce as ever. Good starts keep spirits high, but another agonising hiccup from Glen threatens to put a high finish completely out of reach. As race two begins, all teams compete with everything to lose, and as the chequered flag draws an end to an emotional season, the Hawk team cling desperately on to their hopes and dreams, and celebrate the end of the tour with their eyes set firmly on the next season.moreless
  • Hawkspeed_Episode 13

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    S 1 : Ep 13 - 6/27/05

    Thrilled with the outcome at Oulton Park, where great performances from both riders secured much-needed points, the team prepare themselves for the season's penultimate showdown at Donington Park, Derbyshire. Chief technician Bruce Godfrey fondly recalls his journey to Hawk Kawasaki, from his days racing in New Zealand under the moniker 'Loose Bruce', to his first jobs in Europe, before heading back to the workshop for more tweaking and testing ahead of race twelve. With the season drawing to a close and every second on the track counting more so than ever, preparation is essential. Unfortunately, British weather once again plays its part, raining one minute and shining the next. This inconsistency means the team never know which set-up works best for the riders, and several crashes during practise sessions set the Donington leg off to a hairy start. Glen's spirits remain far from dampened, though, and with second row starts for both jockeys, he cannot wait to step up to the challenge on one of his all-time favourite circuits. Come raceday, the problems with Dean's bike seem to have disappeared and he sits with the eager Glen behind the front row. With the championship title still hanging in the balance, all teams are out for the same thing, and the meeting promises to be a fierce, entertaining one. With good performances in race one, the team are confident that they can once again bring some big points home. However, after another spell of rain, the track becomes increasingly dangerous and, with wet patches peppering the circuit in crucial places, upset is only a hairpin away as Glen and Dean run the gauntlet and risk crashing out and taking their championship dreams with them.moreless
  • Hawkspeed_Episode 12

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 12 - 6/27/05

    Despite a brush with one of its unforgiving twists, Glen still managed to scrape a good finish at Cadwell Park, while Dean rode well and secured more points for the team. Now the tour takes them back to Oulton Park - the bogey circuit where, earlier in the season, the team simply could not perform. But rather than dwelling on the past, the Hawk team look forward to the challenge and, with good practise sessions and great qualifying rounds, things look comparatively better. Whilst the forecast for the weather is far from pleasing, the forecast for the bikes is good as the mechanics fine-tune them to excellent standards. But with the curse of Oulton Park always looming, the team are on tenterhooks come the drop of the chequered flag. With a promising start to race one, both riders look to hold out for a podium spot, but while Glen breathes down the neck of the front-runners all race, Dean succumbs to a perplexing technical issue and slips back a few places into the smaller points, prompting a quick re-think and some unorthodox modifications to Dean's bike and race two commences. But as Glen and Dean struggle with the familiar problem of speed against their competitors, a podium finish slips further away and the heartbreaking curse of Oulton Park threatens to damage the team's championship bid once again.moreless
  • Hawkspeed_Episode 11

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 11 - 6/27/05

    With excellent tests with the bikes at Cadwell Park during the five-week hiatus, the team is confident upon their return for race ten. Yet, despite the good results at Silverstone Race Circuit, the need for a podium finish is as strong as ever. While the bikes are taken to a Dyno Testing centre to ensure they can perform to their maximum potential, Stuart discusses his ambitions for the future and where he can take Hawk Kawasaki, all the while in the knowledge that without sponsorship and funding, his plans won't come to fruition. The team travel back to Cadwell Park - the skinniest, most demanding track in the season. For a high finish, the riders need strong starts off the grid and, whilst Glen navigates the picturesque, hilly circuit and grabs a second row start, engine trouble during qualifiers lands Dean on the third row. With very few places to overtake, clenching a top spot will be tough. As the mechanics keep the wet tyres warm in preparation for a possible rainstorm, race one roars off to an intense start, with a crash on the first turn. As Dean is frustratingly held back, Glen battles it out at the front and takes advantage of a slip-up ahead of him to climb into the higher ranks, keeping Stuart and the rest of the Hawk team in high spirits. But as the skies continue to threaten with rain, race two proves tougher and, with another podium finish still within reach, it's down to the final lap where, as Dean looks desperately for a chance to overcome his rivals, a last gasp do or die gamble could propel Glen to the top or send him crashing and burning down the ranks.moreless
  • Hawkspeed_Episode 10

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 10 - 6/27/05

    After scraping only a few points at Snetterton, the team are happy to have a five week break, but while the competition stops, the training increases. Stuart Hicken enrols the riders on an intense fitness regime with athlete-specialists Stripes Gym, where everything from their heart rate to their evening meals will be meticulously monitored. Glen slips back into training comfortably after his mishap at Snetterton, while Dean strives to get his upper body flexibility to its maximum potential. Meanwhile, the technicians busy themselves readying the bikes for plenty of testing ahead of the world-famous Silverstone Circuit. The fitness regime and the new settings on his bike pay off as Dean clocks the second fastest time during tests, and Glen eases back into things after two and a half weeks of absence from the track. The five-week hiatus flies quickly by and the season picks up again for race nine, where Dean aims to continue his impressive streak and Glen plans to avoid crashing out for a third time. But while Dean secures a fifth place start, Glen suffers yet another nerve-wracking brush with the tarmac as a fault with his wheel sends his bike skittling across the circuit. Nevertheless, he keeps his cool and manages to scrape a tenth place start, and both riders approach the race knowing what they have to do to keep their dream alive. With optimism running high, the backroom staff look on as Glen and Dean take the winning spirit to the track. But frustrations set in as, after promising starts to both races, red-flags mean the competition grinds to an irksome halt. Yet with the strong support of the team behind them, and the bikes performing without any hiccups, Glen and Dean are confident that, as soon as the race resumes, they can battle on and fight for a podium finish.moreless
  • Hawkspeed_Episode 9

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 9 - 6/27/05

    With the technical hiccups dragging Glen and Dean back to seventh and tenth finishes at Knockhill, the team look to the faster track at Snetterton Circuit, Norfolk to claw some points back. But the nightmare continues as Glen suffers another agonising crash-out during test runs, shattering his collarbone and putting him out of the eight meeting entirely. With one rider down, Stuart desperately searches for a replacement in time for the qualifiers, eventually recruiting ex-Hawk rider Lee Jackson. Meanwhile, Glen's technicians try to salvage something out of the twisted metal of the freshly damaged #1 bike, and Dean's team continue to alter the settings ahead of the qualifiers, all the while worrying that their fuel supply is running low. With the pressure to perform mounting on his shoulders, Dean walks around the circuit discussing technique with Stuart, whilst Glen marvels at the amount of space he has at his disposal in his motorhome. Unfortunately, things get off to a shaky start on the track. The superior power and speed of the other teams means Dean can only scrape a third row start, whilst Lee's three-year hiatus from Hawk's bikes shows as he qualifies in twenty-third position. The lack of sponsorship and funds rears its head again as the faster, more tested bikes rip past Dean on the long stretches. With the odds stacked menacingly against them, things can surely only get better. Yet a wrongly-marked tyre distributed from Dunlop means Lee has to pull out of race one and, as Dean struggles for speed against the front-runners, things do not look good. Frustrated and angry, the team look forward to the coming five-week break, where a serious rethink and plenty more testing needs to be done in order to turn their championship bid around and realise their dreams.moreless
  • Hawkspeed_Episode 8

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 8 - 6/27/05

    Team spirit remains high after top ten finishes for both Glen and Dean at Croft Race Circuit, and the championship now travels to its north most point - Knockhill Race Park, Fife. All eyes are on the track as the qualifying rounds begin but, while Dean overcomes some technical hiccups to secure a second place start, Glen crashes out dramatically, plummeting down the list and sending his #1 bike barrel-rolling into the fence. And while Dean identifies his personal weaknesses and frustrations, the dedicated technicians work frantically in the pit garage, ploughing on into the night in an effort to ready the bikes for when race seven speeds off in the morning. The bar eventually beckons and, as work on the bikes draws to a close, the team retire and join the competing teams for a drink, where trackside rivalries are put temporarily on hold. As the first race kicks off under glorious weather, Glen rockets from tenth position to fourth, whilst familiar problems arise with Dean's bike - a jittery gearbox means he has to use his #2 bike for the second race. Stuart Hicken watches with bated breath as the second race commences and his riders fight for the top positions. However, Knockhill is one of the tightest circuits in the tour and the competition fast and ferocious, with everyone scrambling for a podium finish. As the season's pace quickens and Hawk's rivals keep snatching the points away, the time to turn things around and win the championship is quickly running out.moreless
  • Hawkspeed_Episode 7

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 7 - 6/27/05

    Despite the disappointing result at Mondello Park, team principal Stuart Hicken remains optimistic about the team's chances in the championship and, with the current leaders still within catching distance, the fight for glory in the 2005 season is far from over. After chasing the Mondello Park meeting with a relaxing night on the town in Dublin, the Hawk team now look to Croft, North Yorkshire, to rectify themselves for the woes suffered in Ireland. Having crashed out of the 2004 race at Thruxton and suffering injury setbacks, Croft is a relatively new circuit for Glen who, after inconsistent turns in pre-race tests, approaches the sixth meeting of the season with an air of anxiety. Dean, on the other hand, is just glad to be far away from Mondello Park, and shows that satisfaction on the track, securing a second place start and narrowly missing out on pole. With his performance on the bikes improving, not even his recurring arm-pump muscle strain can dampen his spirits. Front and second row starts for Dean and Glen put the team in good stead for Croft - another tight, fast circuit - but the sheer power of the leading competitors' bikes means the Hawk riders must battle fiercely to maintain their positions. A good first race is dampened by poor weather conditions and, just as Glen starts to climb the ranks, a red flag means his journey to the top of the leader board is put on hold. This, coupled with the team's struggle for sponsorship and the subsequent lack of testing, means frustrations once again run high and the fight for the championship grows evermore desperate.moreless
  • Hawkspeed_Episode 6

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 6 - 6/27/05

    Following the disappointing mixed result at their bogey circuit at Oulton Park, the championship leads the team across the water to Mondello Park, Kildare. Dean talks through his motorbike racing roots in Australia and how he came to race competitively in the UK, before voicing his growing concerns ahead of race five. Whilst Oulton Park suited his racing style well, Mondello Park does not and, with his bad track record in Kildare at the front of his mind, his anxiety ahead of the race climbs. The trouble with his bike continues and, while the team simply cannot find settings to suit Dean, his performance suffers as a result. His struggle during pre-race tests and qualifiers puts him tenth on the starting grid - a world away from the front row where, with his powerful bike, he should be. Glen, meanwhile, takes advantage of an impressive run during the qualifying round and claims a second place on the grid.The sun shines brightly and the first race gets off to a flying start, but with Dean stuck in mid-starting grid obscurity and Glen battling fiercely to defend his second place spot, it proves to be a far from easy ride. After a near-miss on the track for Glen and another frustrating finish for Dean, it's back to the drawing board where even more changes are made ahead of the second race - but will the changes allow Hawk to climb the leader board and grab the crucial points they desperately need to hold on to their position in the championship? If their luck holds out, it's party time, but if their string of misfortune continues, they will be drowning their sorrows at the bottom of a glass in Dublin.moreless
  • Hawkspeed_Episode 5

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 5 - 6/27/05

    Over the moon with the result at Mallory Park, Hawk Kawasaki leap forward to third in the championship, putting them in good stead for the rest of the 2005 season. Yet over the horizon comes Oulton Park, Cheshire - the bogey circuit for Hawk. The stakes are high as the team travel from their best circuit to their worst - a slip-up here could damage their position in the championship. A gratefully-received gap in the schedule allows chief technicians Paul Hallas and Bruce Godfrey to take some well-earned time off trial riding, whilst Paul talks through his career to date and tells how he initially jumped aboard the Hawk racing team. Then it's onto the dreaded Oulton Park where, after a surprisingly impressive qualifying round, Glen and Dean are both on the front-line of the starting grid. The first race gets off to a roaring start with both Hawk riders keeping up with the front-runners and, despite expecting a poor performance, both put themselves in a good position for the second race. However, nerves rise in the pit garage as rain fast approaches, and the technicians try to pre-empt the weather and take yet another gamble on Dean's tyres, whilst a breakdown in communication triggers an argument between team principal Stuart Hicken and the rest of the technical team. Emotions run high as the Hawk Kawasaki team desperately try to avoid succumbing to their fears of Oulton Park and losing their grip on their championship third place.moreless
  • Hawkspeed_Episode 4

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 4 - 6/27/05

    Ahead of race three, team principal Stuart Hicken talks through the origins of the Hawk Kawasaki team, from his own roots in motocross through to the gradual evolution into superbikes, and the team's constant search for riders who can do the bikes justice. The team travel to Oulton Park to continue the challenge of mastering the bikes ahead of the next competitive meeting. A new issue tyre means even more tests have to be done; a process eventually halted by typical British weather. Tensions rise as the tests are cut short and the team retire, instead focusing their thoughts on the coming race. Expectations for a good performance in race three are high - Mallory Park is Hawk Kawasaki's home circuit, and both their competitors and the team themselves expect Glen and Dean to finish high on the leader board. This expectation is unwelcome with Dean who, after race two, finds his forearm muscles continuing to give him hassle. Yet, as the qualifiers begin, the weather holds out and the Hawk team delightfully perform to expectations, snatching front-line positions on the starting grid. But while the weather holds out for the riders, the racetrack does not, and a barrage of red flags means the race keeps stopping. The constant restarts put strain on the tyres and, after several changes, the team's tyre stock is quickly running out, whilst Glen and Dean fear that the constant stopping and starting will lay waste to their great starting positions. With a string of bad luck at their home circuit, the Hawk team worry that they won't perform to expectations, but with the passion of the riders and their thirst for victory, a second podium finish may only be a strong lap away.moreless
  • Hawkspeed_Episode 3

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 3 - 6/27/05

    After a good start to the season at Brands Hatch - including a 3rd place podium finish for Glen Richards - the Hawk team look forward to the fast approaching second race of the season at Thruxton, Hampshire, with high hopes for the rest of the year. Yet despite a pleasing finish to the first meeting, it's back to the workshop for the technicians after the gamble on Dean Thomas' bike backfired. Trying to find the optimum configuration for the bikes is paramount as, with three days left before the second meeting, time is fast running out. Pre-race preparations continue, and as the technicians tweak the bikes, team physiotherapist Charlie Cash tweaks the riders, ensuring crucial muscles in their arms are kept well exercised. Meanwhile, a visit from Kawasaki Japan keeps the whole team on their best behaviour and adds to the mounting pressure ahead of tomorrow's race. Thruxston - a different circuit to Brands Hatch altogether - has a special resonance for Glen; the track's infamous chicane threw him off his bike and into hospital during the 2004 season, so a chance for retribution is at the front of his mind, and after qualifying for position six on the starting grid, things are looking good. Dean, however, remains concerned at the frantic preparation ahead of the meeting and, after inconsistent performances during the pre-race tests, worries that his performance will suffer. Yet with the risks at the twisting, turning Thruxton circuit running high, and the onlooking Kawasaki executives adding to the pressure, the desperation for a high finish and a repeat performance of race one intensifies, and the entire team are unanimous that they are there for one thing and one thing only - to win.moreless
  • Hawkspeed_Episode 2

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 2 - 6/27/05

    The countdown to race one ticks to a close as you rejoin the Hawk Kawasaki team in their last-gasp preparations before the start of the 2005 season in Brands Hatch, Kent. Team principal Stuart Hicken explains his struggle to gather any fresh sponsorship for the coming season, and how those disappointments and drawbacks have hindered Hawk's ability to test riders and their bikes as much as their competitors. Meanwhile, the team continues to test and tweak their new superbikes in an effort to perfect them, whilst hiccups in the pre-raceday qualifying sessions crank up the tension. Hawk's riders - Glen Richards and Dean Thomas - tear around the circuit at Brands Hatch, familiarising themselves with their bikes as the rest of the Hawk team, from principal to brolly-dolly, look nervously on. Glen and Dean's intimate video diaries capture the feelings of the whole team as the pre-raceday qualifiers draw to a tiring close, sharing their plans, anxieties and anticipations for the season's opening, where they will roar up to the starting grid as the underdogs. After a disappointing day of qualifiers, the team ready themselves as race one arrives. Nerves peak as the start nears and the fans arrive in droves, hassling riders Glen and Dean for autographs and photos - a temporary distraction from the first real competitive challenge of the season. The onlooking backstage team, including Hicken and the chief technicians, watch with nail-biting nervousness as Glen and Dean tear around the track with their eyes on the prize, where Dean takes a gamble that could make or break the opening race. The season has well and truly begun.moreless
  • Hawkspeed_Episode 1

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 1 - 6/27/05

    Go beyond VIP with the premiere episode of Hawk Speed, where the lives and times of the Hawk Kawasaki superbike team are showcased in unflinching detail. In this episode, superbike enthusiast and Hawk team principal Stuart Hicken introduces you to his hand-picked team; meet everyone from the riders and their wives to the race-day flag-wavers and the furry team mascot. From the top rung of the ladder to the bottom, the entire team are united by two things - a passion for superbikes and a thirst for victory. The no-holds-barred filming doesn't give you a glimpse into the world of the team; it gives you a guided tour. The opening episode sees the Hawk Kawasaki team prepare to jump-start their 2005 UK season, following all aspects including prepping the bikes to burning rubber on test day. Behind-the-scenes takes a leap forward as Hicken tells of his long-standing love affair with race bikes, explaining how he grew from a promising rider to team principal, meticulously crafting his team along the way. The baton is then passed to his back-stage crew of technicians, who guide you right through the workshop to the pit-lane garage. The fly-on-the-wall style gives backstage access to Hawk Kawasaki's world, as the tour takes you through the construction and fine-tuning of the team's new superbike models, to the International Motorcycle & Scooter Show in Birmingham where teams from around the world showcase their machines and their riders, all the while counting down to race one. Through video-diaries, the lives, emotions and desires of the team's riders are showcased in unrivalled intimacy and, as race one draws ever closer, the intense coverage means you will feel part of the team yourself, seeing the nerves rise fast and the thirst to win even faster.The team preparing themselves for the season's start mirrors the function of episode one - firing up the series and getting it ready for the chequered flag to drop.moreless