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After scraping only a few points at Snetterton, the team are happy to have a five week break, but while the competition stops, the training increases. Stuart Hicken enrols the riders on an intense fitness regime with athlete-specialists Stripes Gym, where everything from their heart rate to their evening meals will be meticulously monitored. Glen slips back into training comfortably after his mishap at Snetterton, while Dean strives to get his upper body flexibility to its maximum potential. Meanwhile, the technicians busy themselves readying the bikes for plenty of testing ahead of the world-famous Silverstone Circuit. The fitness regime and the new settings on his bike pay off as Dean clocks the second fastest time during tests, and Glen eases back into things after two and a half weeks of absence from the track. The five-week hiatus flies quickly by and the season picks up again for race nine, where Dean aims to continue his impressive streak and Glen plans to avoid crashing out for a third time. But while Dean secures a fifth place start, Glen suffers yet another nerve-wracking brush with the tarmac as a fault with his wheel sends his bike skittling across the circuit. Nevertheless, he keeps his cool and manages to scrape a tenth place start, and both riders approach the race knowing what they have to do to keep their dream alive. With optimism running high, the backroom staff look on as Glen and Dean take the winning spirit to the track. But frustrations set in as, after promising starts to both races, red-flags mean the competition grinds to an irksome halt. Yet with the strong support of the team behind them, and the bikes performing without any hiccups, Glen and Dean are confident that, as soon as the race resumes, they can battle on and fight for a podium finish.moreless
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