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Season 1 Episode 11

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With excellent tests with the bikes at Cadwell Park during the five-week hiatus, the team is confident upon their return for race ten. Yet, despite the good results at Silverstone Race Circuit, the need for a podium finish is as strong as ever. While the bikes are taken to a Dyno Testing centre to ensure they can perform to their maximum potential, Stuart discusses his ambitions for the future and where he can take Hawk Kawasaki, all the while in the knowledge that without sponsorship and funding, his plans won't come to fruition. The team travel back to Cadwell Park - the skinniest, most demanding track in the season. For a high finish, the riders need strong starts off the grid and, whilst Glen navigates the picturesque, hilly circuit and grabs a second row start, engine trouble during qualifiers lands Dean on the third row. With very few places to overtake, clenching a top spot will be tough. As the mechanics keep the wet tyres warm in preparation for a possible rainstorm, race one roars off to an intense start, with a crash on the first turn. As Dean is frustratingly held back, Glen battles it out at the front and takes advantage of a slip-up ahead of him to climb into the higher ranks, keeping Stuart and the rest of the Hawk team in high spirits. But as the skies continue to threaten with rain, race two proves tougher and, with another podium finish still within reach, it's down to the final lap where, as Dean looks desperately for a chance to overcome his rivals, a last gasp do or die gamble could propel Glen to the top or send him crashing and burning down the ranks.moreless
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