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Thrilled with the outcome at Oulton Park, where great performances from both riders secured much-needed points, the team prepare themselves for the season's penultimate showdown at Donington Park, Derbyshire. Chief technician Bruce Godfrey fondly recalls his journey to Hawk Kawasaki, from his days racing in New Zealand under the moniker 'Loose Bruce', to his first jobs in Europe, before heading back to the workshop for more tweaking and testing ahead of race twelve. With the season drawing to a close and every second on the track counting more so than ever, preparation is essential. Unfortunately, British weather once again plays its part, raining one minute and shining the next. This inconsistency means the team never know which set-up works best for the riders, and several crashes during practise sessions set the Donington leg off to a hairy start. Glen's spirits remain far from dampened, though, and with second row starts for both jockeys, he cannot wait to step up to the challenge on one of his all-time favourite circuits. Come raceday, the problems with Dean's bike seem to have disappeared and he sits with the eager Glen behind the front row. With the championship title still hanging in the balance, all teams are out for the same thing, and the meeting promises to be a fierce, entertaining one. With good performances in race one, the team are confident that they can once again bring some big points home. However, after another spell of rain, the track becomes increasingly dangerous and, with wet patches peppering the circuit in crucial places, upset is only a hairpin away as Glen and Dean run the gauntlet and risk crashing out and taking their championship dreams with them.moreless
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