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The end of the season has finally arrived as the Hawk Kawasaki team travel back to Brands Hatch, Kent for the thirteenth and final showdown of the 2005 championship. With the thirst for victory glowing in their eyes, the team prepare for the tense, emotional and most important race of the year; the last chance for them to steal some points and land a high finish. With a mixed result at Donington, the pressure is on and the mechanics waste no time rebuilding Glen's #1 bike after the devastating crash it suffered in the twelfth meeting. With representatives of the team's investors and sponsors watching on, the technicians send a brand new bike out with Glen in the seat, praying that another crash won't happen. But luck seems against them, and Glen slips off during tests, dooming the backroom staff to another night of frantic, frustrating rebuilds. Tension reaches an all-time high, but the team remain confident that, with another strong performance, they can secure another podium - a feeling boosted by second row starts for both Glen and Dean. With the team sitting seven points behind the leaders, the fight is far from over and the battle on the track as fierce as ever. Good starts keep spirits high, but another agonising hiccup from Glen threatens to put a high finish completely out of reach. As race two begins, all teams compete with everything to lose, and as the chequered flag draws an end to an emotional season, the Hawk team cling desperately on to their hopes and dreams, and celebrate the end of the tour with their eyes set firmly on the next season.moreless
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