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  • A story about the first frontier and the adventure of the amazing woodsman Hawkeye and his friend Chingachkook and his love interest Elizabeth Shields. Played by Lee Horseley, Rodney Grant and Lynda Carter.

    I have very fond memories of this wonderful series. One of my all time favorite show. I never knew it lasted only one season. I cant understand how they keep cancelling great shows like this. It started out so well only to be axed along with my other favorite series. Lee Horseley is the best for his role as hawkeye and Lynda Carter is so beautiful that he cant get his hands off her subconsciously. I love the glances the male female tension and innuendos. They have great chemistry. I dont think a lot of people knows about Hawkeye. Its not so popular that it wasnt given the chance to reach its full potential. Sugh what a waste of a gem! Ive waited all these years to watch this again and to find out what hapened to Hawkeye and Elizabeth. The season finale was what I want it to be. I would want more but hey I shouldnt complain since Ive got my own copy. Its a wonderful sense of nostalgia. The actors are wonderful. The characters well written and played well by all the cast. From Chingachkook, Peevy, Mc Kinney, Taylor shields, William shields up to the extras. I dont think there is enough people out there to have a petition to bring this back but hey I can dream cant I. LOL!
  • If this show never returns to syndication, then it is a great loss, and I would want to purchase all the episodes.

    Hawkeye brings a unique quality show of historic backround ; quality actors and storylines that relive history with passion, emotion and substance that keeps your attention throughout each episode. Important values and lessons are woven into storylines, as history is being displayed. I would say this show was underrated and its value never appreciated.