Season 1 Episode 22

The Return

Aired Unknown May 14, 1995 on

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  • Finally William Shields return from captivity with him is a shaman. Elizabeth and Hawkeye is both in dilemma. But will they accept the fact that this will be the end of their friendships and their growing feelings for each other?

    After months of captivity where everyone thinks he might be dead, William Shields appeared out of the blue. When Elizabeth and Hawkeye saw him again for the first time after months of his disappearance, it seemed their world crashed before their eyes. Elizabeth is in dilemma. She is torn between her obligations as a wife and her strong feelings for Hawkeye. She knew that William will decide to go back to Virginia and as a wife she is obligated to go back with him. But deep in her heart she doesnt want to leave the Fort anymore.Hawkeye noble and gentleman as he is despite his undeniable feelings for Elizabeth tried not to influence Elizabeth with her decisions. William with his shaman friend figured out that there is something going on with his wife and Hawkeye. On the other hand his brother tried to kill him again and failed for the second time around. William discovered this and tried to stabbed Taylor in his sleep. It seemed that William has become a different man as Elizabeth suspected as the shaman have influence him of the black magic. He finally revealed the effects of the torture and tried to kill Elizabeth by offering her heart to the shaman's gods. Hawkeye tried to save Elizabeth. Just as William was about to stabbed Hawkeye after a duel. Elizabeth shot him and Hawkeye was saved. Now they must igure out what lies ahead for both of them together. The end!