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As a single mother and the Chief Nursing Officer at Richmond Trinity Hospital in Richmond, Virginia, Christina Hawthorne makes care-taking her life's work. TNT orders up another drama centering on a strong female lead in this project from Emmy-winning writer-producer John Masius.

Michael Vartan

Michael Vartan

Tom Wakefield

Hannah Hodson

Hannah Hodson

Camille Hawthorne

Vanessa Lengies

Vanessa Lengies

Kelly Epson (Season 2+, recurring previously)

David Julian Hirsh

David Julian Hirsh

Ray Stein

Suleka Mathew

Suleka Mathew

Bobbie Jackson

Adam Rayner

Adam Rayner

Dr. Steve Shaw (Season 2 Recurring Previously)

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  • why why why

    I really loved this show cant believe it got cancelled I wish I watched it on tv when it came on watched all three seasons on Netflix amazing job

    Love this show, finally a decent show on Tv that is awesome. Involves Love, Tragidy, God, mental battles we all face. You end it leaving us hanging and wondering if Nick shot himself or if Tom did it. What the heck please bring this AWESOME SHOW BACK
  • Itwas wrong to cancel

    My daughter is now in the medical field because of strong black roll model. Of course i am in love with Jada. I work all the time so i have to watch in on Netflix but heart broken to hear of the cancelation. Bring tje show back.
  • Please bring back Hawthorne

    This show was incredible !! Why are you guys taking off all the great shows this show needs at least a 4th season to clear up EVERYTHING !! it not fair to the fans & viewers that TNT did this n BRIBG IT BACK!!!

    I was so Pleases to find this Tv series on Netflix, as an RN I was Sooo Excited to watch this show. Finally a Tv Series about Nurses to show what they really do and what they go through, and I noticed that there are only 3 seasons, it was sad and depressing because WE NEED MORE NURSING VOICE AND VALUE OUT IN THE MEDIA TO THE WHOLE WORLD. However, After I watched the first couple of episodes I realized why this show failed to proceed, am not an expert but SERIOUSLY there was a lot of noticeable mistakes, misinterpretations, and going way too fast with the occurring events; for example the relationship between Tom and Christina was so vague for the whole first season we can notice that there might be something going to happen between these two but it came up just once when Christina did the romantic dinner set in Tom's office for his other date and he said that he liked her in french, it was nice but kinda sudden to the viewers, and another example is Ray and Candy OMG he is soo irritating the way he act around her is totally the oposite of what Tom is doing so its like they either show it to much that it looks and feels ridiculous and unreal or totally hide it.

    I dont know if anyone is going to read this, or if anyone will understand what am trying to say or agrees with me, but OMG I had to vent and express whats on my mind somewhere, because its so sad that this show is over, and I hope someone else will come up with a better version of the same idea. or they can have a 4th chance to continue this one. We will be more than happy to watch it and proud to tell ppl about it ;)


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    sarcastic characters, Medical, hospital backdrop, office politics, fighting doctors