Season 2 Episode 6

Final Curtain

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jul 27, 2010 on TNT

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  • I didn't like this episode very much.

    I didn't like this episode very much. There are three different lines in the episode. First, we see Camille and Marcus. Until the last episode, they seemed so nice together, young and intelligent, people involved at the hospital. In this particular episode we understand that Camille is also a woman, she's a young woman who want to live her relationship and she invite Marcus to her house for a night without Christina. Imagine Camille's mother great-woman-Hawthorne when she arrives home, after a very bad bad day and sees her daughter almost naked with a man, in her house?
    Second, we have two important cases at the hospital: an ex-doctor who's going to die and so came to the hospital to stay with the only family he had (and used to be a good Gail's friend). And then we have an Afghan couple, with the wife risking her life because of a complicated childbirth. Third, we have T&C, he's going to have the surgery in the afternoon and Christina doesn't seem very happy about going with him. He says that he needs her, but it seems that she's stuck and can't go with him. She has a panic attack and she's not very fine till the end of the episode. But when she sees the Afghan man praying for her wife, she probably understands how much she loves Tom. The great thing about this episode is the story about the darkness. The woman, who's going under surgery, needs to see her husband's eyes just before closing her eyes and get into the darkness, as well as when she wakes up and comes out of darkness. That was a sweet thing.
    And so we have Tom, needing a surgery, taken to the hospital by Erin (yes, you read well, Erin!!) and not Christina, busy at HER hospital. And so we have Tom having his surgery and when he opens his eyes...Well there's not Christina there, but Dr. Erin...
    And I guess this is probably going to be the end for T&C relationship...We'll see in the next episode, but I didn't really enjoy this one. I think it is totally nonsense the fact that a woman who takes care of her man is not going to his surgery, knowing that he needs her...I guess the authors want to make things difficult for T&C in the next episodes...